Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mail Preparation Software: 3 Leading Platforms for Greater Efficiency

There are many businesses that require the use of their own postage and mailing systems. There are many mail preparation software platforms that can help organize your business' mailing needs, helping to automate and streamline otherwise cumbersome processes. Combined with mailing machines and postage meters to help handle the tangible operations of a business mailing system, mail preparation software can be the ultimate solution to take a company to the next level.

mail preparation softwareUsing mail preparation software and mailing machines can significantly reduce the amount you spend on your business mailing procedures. This article gives some information on the three best mail preparation software platforms available on the market today: the A-Qua Mailer from Lorton Data, EasyTrack from Satori, and Anchor mail software. These software systems are designed to ensure your business mailing needs are fulfilled in a timely manner and at a price lower than what you would normally pay at your local post office or other postal agencies.

A-Qua Mailer

The A-Qua Mailer from Lorton Data is a piece of software that boasts many time saving mailing features. It gives you the option to concurrently submit multiple jobs and at the same time request multiple services. It can allow you to make profiles for jobs to be repeated of specifications.

This is an easily-maintained  mail preparation software platform that is unlike most software of this type. You won’t need to worry about your software going obsolete as it automatically updates its directory and installs new and available versions. A-Qua Mailer can in turn free up resources that may be valuable to you and your mailing needs.


The EasyTrack from Satori is software that does the same basic job but with minor differences in the features it offers and the processes in which it operates. As the name suggest this software is designed with tracking your mail as top priority. This software can create and provide graphical reports about your mail and tracking information.

The USPS Confirm/IMb Tracking system is used by the program to display in maps, charts and reports, your mailing information. With EasyTrack software you can more accurately predict the time your mails can reach their destination and also allows you to easily trace and track the process and progress of your mail.


The final software that we can discuss is the Anchor mail preparation software. This software uses also uses the USPS program to ensure the mailers provide quality, deliverability and the lowest possible rates for postage. The highest level of address standardization, portal presorts and other processes can easily be obtained by using this software with mailing machines. It also provides many other solutions certified by USPS. With this software you can accurately and more efficiently prepare and mail all your postages.

You can get the lowest rates for postage by leveraging the USPS CASS, NCOALink and PAVE of the Anchor software for address validation. With this software businesses can have access to lowered mailing cost while keeping in compliance with the requirements of the USPS.

These software can provide the ease of the postage process along with lowering the amount you spend to get your postages mailed. They are perfect software for any business can use to maximize the effect in terms of mailing and postages to and from customers. If you have a business that relies greatly on mailing and postages, these software are perfect to help you achieve your goals.

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