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Neopost IM-5000 Postage Meter: A Role Model Among Mailing Machines

Having a postage meter machine that's capable of meeting your expectations and delivering incredible mailroom performance is is one of the greatest ways of taking your business or job to the next level.

In many cases, competitors leave late adopters behind because these reluctant business stick to old technologies when they are on the other side embracing new mailing technologies that offer greater efficiency and productivity. If you own or operate a business that depends on a fully-functional mailing systems, then ensuring your mailroom is equipped with a quality postage meter machine is vital for success.
neopost im-5000

The Neopost IM-5000 postage meter is a role model among mailing machines. This advanced postage meter offers an incredible display of features and capabilities that will ensure your mailing systems is fully optimized and ready for anything you need sent. Below are a few reasons why the IM-5000 postage meter from Neopost USA is a win for most business mailing operations.

Cost Saving & Investment Protection

The Neopost IM-5000 postage meter has an advanced modular design that allows you to make purchases of its components, apps, and your other preferred options, so you do not overspend but instead, protect your investment. Its print head is designed specially to last for as long as your machine lives.

As a result, you do not have top spend more money replacing the print head as is the case with some other systems. Also, its IBI Lite Indicia is highly efficient in ink usage. So do not be worried of wastage or buying of a lot of ink.

Comfortable Ergonomic Operations

With this impressive machine, you do not need special training or a wizard to operate. All you need to do is follow the operation manual, and you'll do whatever you want without any issue or difficulty. Its screen is intuitive and flexible as it moves forward, backward and swivels left and right thus providing the awesome working environment.

As one of the leading postage meter systems on the market today, the IM-5000 is very easy to read as menu prompts and shortcut keys are just wow, and errors are minimal since the Rate Wizard helps eliminate them. Indeed, with this, you'll have an efficient work-space.

Reliable Production

Weighing over 200lbs, this durable and rugged system is a giant one that's perfect for high volume production. For mail processing centers, this is no doubt a perfect solution. Processing speed is also incredible. A processing speed of 300 letters/minute isn't a joke. It's the best for any mail related job.

Whether you want to process non-nest or nested envelopes, this postage meter system does everything with a lot of ease and minimizes the number of starts and stops while operating the system. All you have to do is feed it and rest assured of a well-done job within minutes.

Cost Control & Management of Mailing System

neopost usa im-5000 postage meter
Internet-connected Neopost IM-5000 postage meter makes it possible for Apps to deliver amazing capabilities that are far beyond those of the traditional meter. Reports on usage and trends by each department, postal class and periods are possible with this system. You can also save, confirm and track when processing mail. With all these, you'll save a lot and in fact, control all your costs, so you increase your profit margin.

There is no doubt that Neopost IM-5000 postage meter is a role model for mailing machines. Features and functionality are great, and this is a system that every business and company must have.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

3 Series of Befco Mowers & Rotary Cutters Making Epic Strides on the Market

Befco mowers rotary cutters
When looking for mowers or rotary cutters, most individuals consider price, features, model, or even the dealer. However, the main factor you should consider is the quality and efficiency of the machine in question. The shape, topography and size of the field will influence which type of mower suits you best.

To make the right choice, you have to narrow your search to guide toward incredible rotary cutter for your needs. With Befo rotary cutters making epic strides on the market, there's a reason why so many are opting for these reliable machines. Below are three series of Befco mowers and rotary cutters that are making a big name in the industry.

Befco Tornado Rotary Cutters

The Tornado Rotary Cutters from Befco are reliable, durable, and solid. They are suitable for parks, farms, sports fields, industrial complexes and other areas. Rotary cutters can handle the toughest assignments, including tall grass, bushes and more. In addition, they are used for chopping sunflowers, potatoes, artichokes, corn stalks, and wheat into a fine product for easy incorporation.

Befco rotary cutter
Under this category, there are three different models available. these models comprise of RSD, which are ideal for tractors from 20 to 60 HP. RSD is one of the standard duty appliances with mowing widths of 72”.60” and 48”. The RMD is another notable model with working widths of 60” and 72”. This model is suitable for tractors with HP range of 40 to 100 at 540 rpm. Finally, RHD is regarded as heavy duty unit appropriate for tractors with 50 to 100 HP.

Befco Tornado Rotary Cutter Features

  • Standard slip clutch
  • Heavy duty gearbox
  • Free swing steel blades
  • Floating top link
  • The tail wheel for adjusting the cutting or mowing height

Befco Hurricane Flail Mowers

If you are looking for a mower that can give you a perfect finish, then Hurricane Flail Mowers can be the ideal option for you. With these flail mowers, you can cut large areas effectively with a small number of workers. This way, you will be able to save on costs as well as time. Made with superior Befco flail mower parts and componentry, these mowers come with quality engineered features, which make them run for several hours without requiring regular repair and maintenance.

Befco flail mowerSome of the models found in this group include H40, H70, and 80. H40 series are available in mowing widths of 48”, 60” and 72”and ideal for tractors with 15 to 40HP at 540 rpm. H70 are perfect match for tractors with 30 to 70 HP. Lastly, H80 works well with tractors featuring 40 to 80 HP and has working widths of 72”, 88”, and 100”.

Befco Hurricane Flail Mower Features

  • Grease fitting extension
  • Two heavy duty enforced belts
  • Adjustable cutting roller
  • Moving blades
  • 3 choices of blades
  • Highly engineered gearbox

Befco Cyclone Finishing Mowers 
Befco finishing mower

Befco Cyclone finishing mowers are some of the best mowing tools designed to provide outstanding mowing service that cannot be matched by other tools. Made with some of the best Befco finishing mower parts, these machines are ideal for keeping lawns and golf courses in good shape. Finishing mowers offer a variety of models to choose from, depending on your needs and budget. These models include C24, C25, C24, C50, C30-CE5 and more.The working width for these models range from 48” and 84” , and are suitable for tractors with 16 to 70 HP.

Befco Cyclone Finishing Mower Features

  • Cutting heights from 1 to 5 inches
  • 4 rubber swivel bearing wheels
  • High blade tip speed
  • Perfect blade overlap
  • Safety kill switch
For more information about these products from Befco, visit

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Seico Security: Providing More Than Just Security Systems in Peoria

Since 1972, SEICO Security has been on the front line in provision of security systems products and services in Illinois. They provide the best banking security products in the US and for this, they have garnered lots of customers. Their unique approach in deploying their security systems sets them apart from other security company.

Seico security systemsEach of the systems SEICO Security offers is tailor-made to meet the needs of their customers. Whether yours is a single house with a few rooms or a large bank serving thousands of customers, they offer you the perfect solution. They have a variety of security products as shown below.

Bank Security Systems

SEICO Security bring to the market technologically advanced ATM security systems to outdo the craft of criminals. The bank ATM security systems from SEICO are offered with intrusion and hold-up systems to safeguard the users. Besides, each system has a digital video feature.

bank vault security systemsBanks Safes & Vaults

SEICO allows their customers to customize their bank safes and vaults just the way they need them. A client may opt to have pre-existing facilities upgraded such as installing new locks, replacing safe deposit boxes and changing vaults and cabinet doors to more secure ones.

As a client, you may also choose to have SEICO install new facilities. To this end, SEICO deploys modular pre-formed Hamilton vault. The vault has to be UL fire rated. Their installation costs are affordable.

Audio/Video Systems

To up the security of banks even more, the company offers Data Capture with video to minimize identity theft; license plate capture system with the aim of mitigating drive-up transactions fraud; under-counter cabinetry; mechanical walk or drive-up depositories; audio/video systems and CCTV systems among others.

Fire Alarm Systems

True to their word, SEICO Security is a one-stop shop for all your security products and services. The company has partnered with renowned stand-alone fire alarm systems providers such as Vigilant and EST to bring you integrated fire alarm systems that swiftly work with access control and intrusion to ease operation.

SEICO Security also offers all types of fire alarm systems for all applications. You can check the status of your multiple-unit fire alarm system as long as you have access to the internet and you have a System Link Software. Besides installation services, they offer annual fire alarm inspection services on all brands of fire alarms.

Home Security Systems

home security systemsSEICO Security offers a variety of home security systems including access control systems to protect entrances, 24/7 security monitoring services (for homes and businesses), digital surveillance systems, alarm systems and finally CCTV surveillance systems. A constant worry for most home and business owners is unauthorized persons gaining entry to their homes or businesses with bad intents. SEICO gives you the assurance of security by having someone constantly monitor your business or your home around the clock.

Other Security Systems

Seico security system company Whenever there is a new innovation in the security industry, SEICO is always the first one to bring it to you. They have systems including FLIR thermal cameras to measure temperature, data server security systems, tube diverters and currency drawer organizer for banks among others.

To learn more about Seico Security at:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

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3 Suppliers of Cubing Systems & Dimensional Weighing Equipment

Dimensional weighing systems are essential for distribution and shipping industries. These cubing and dimensioning systems are also known as volumetric weighing scales as they calculate the overall weight of a package, as well as volume and dimensional metrics from its length, width and height.

Today, there are many suppliers of cubing systems and dimensional weighing equipment, and each of them offers its own unique products and capabilities.

1. has a splendid reputation when it comes to dimensional weighing and scanning systems. The company designs and manufactures the most dynamic equipment which come with in-motion cubing technology. This enables operators to obtain real-time information about packages on conveyor belts. Rather than offering pocket friendly cubic weighing systems, ensures that their products have/are:
  • Real-time parcel dimension measurements.
  • Parcel weighing and real-time dimensioning.
  • The capability to integrate into your current shipping system.
  • Compatible with Windows OS.

In-motion Cubing Systems offers an IMPS cubing system which comes with all automation required for advanced shipping and warehousing operations. Unlike other volumetric weighing equipment, this system is capable of operating at high speed operations requiring accurate measurements.

Pallet & Large Freight Dimensioning Systems

These systems are suitable for operators demanding not only precise scanning and weighing measurements for pallets but also for large freight.’s systems are capable of operating under extreme conditions and still deliver accurate measurements.

Package Dimensional Weighing & Scanning

The Static Package Scanner (SPS) is an innovative cubic scanning and weighing equipment ideal for POS desk, warehouse operations, shipping or any industry looking for an affordable yet accurate weighing system. It comes with state of the art sensors for better accuracy in tough industrial operations.

2. Walz Scale 

Walz Scale has dominated the weighing system industry for a long time. The company has recently unveiled its line of cubing and dimensioning technology to penetrate a new market with it's incredible product development capacity. Walz Scale offers a full-line of cubing systems and dimensional systems, notably the:

Walz Static Package Scanner (SPS) 

It’s designed to provide precise weight and dimensional data for packages. In addition, this equipment is very easy to use and affordable for shipping operations and related industrial activities.

Walz Scale boasts PC software-integrated cubing systems and dimensioning technology. Walz Scale produce allows operators to integrate cubing and dimensioning systems to TNT and DHL requirements. This makes it easier for users to monitor and backup collected data online. FedEX and UPS compatibility gives users the pleasure of transferring data with a press of a button hence minimizing any room for errors.

3. is focused at nothing else rather than increasing productivity and efficiency of warehousing, freight and distributing operations. Its equipment generates accurate weighing and volumetric data on any item found in warehouses or shipping industries. The company offers:

In-motion Cubing Systems's in-motion dimensioning systems allow you to weigh and measure parcels as they move at high speed on conveyor lines. They can take measurements of parcels moving at speeds of up to 600 ft per minute. Models available include; Cubiscan 225, Cubiscan 200-TS, Cubiscan 210-SS (Single Sensor) and Cubiscan 210-DS (dual sensor).

Static Dimensioning Systems

These equipment are designed to take measurements of stationary items. They can operate on both small work stations and large pelleting dimensioning systems. has the following static cubing models – 25, 75, 100, 125, 150 and 1200-AKL.

Dimensioning and cubing weighing systems will definitely increase efficiency and productivity of any warehouse, shipping or transport industry. Visit websites for the mentioned suppliers for more information.

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5 Premier Home Audio Systems Ready to Take 2016 By Storm

When it comes to entertainment, home audio systems play a dominant role in almost all homes. With major advancements in sound engineering, you can easily find many classy and sophisticated home audio systems on the market.

With a huge choice based on acoustics, features, portability and appearance, it can be bit confusing to choose the best one for your entertainment. Let’s have a close look at 5 premier home audio systems for 2016.
Sony Home Audio Systems

Sony BDV-N7100W

The Sony BDV-N7100W s a latest all-in-one system that includes 5.1 channel speakers and 3D-ready Blu-ray receiver with 1000W amplification. It’s a best option for all those who want a home cinema but are daunted by the prospects of shopping for separates, as everything you needs comes in one single box. The BDV-N7100W comes packed with nifty tricks like on-demand internet content, the Bluetooth, and 4K upscaling.

The system comes with a wireless rear speaker kit. The receiver is a nice black box with terminals on its back for surround speakers. You’ll have to plug in the supplied cards into the receiver and the main unit. There is also a horizontal speaker in the package and a passive subwoofer. Both are styled to match other speakers.

There are generous range of sockets, including two HDMI inputs, and an HDMI output that supports ARC, 3D, BRAVIA Sync and 4 K upscaling. You’ll also find analogue and optical digital stereo inputs, FM aerial input a minijack input, and an Ethernet port. On front, there is an USB port for media playback from external HDDs and pen drives.

Monitor Audio R90HT1

The Monitor Audio R90HT1 is a 5.1 speaker package that features an updated version of Monitor Audio Radius 90 compact speakers, a subwoofer and a brand new center speaker. Its USP is a unique mix of audiophile sound quality and stunning looks.
Monitor Home Audio Systems

You can buy speakers separately should you wish to expand your R90HT1 home audio system. Each box feels substantial and solid, which delivers excellent sound quality.

The Radius R90s that are used as the surround and front speakers, sport elegant curved corners and rounded speaker gently mesh those bulges forward from its front surface. Each of them stands 200mm tall and can swiftly perch on a TV stand.

On its back is Monitor Audio’s HiVe II port that makes its Radius debut. Its grooves accelerate the flow of air and also reduce turbulence, which ensures dynamic bass response. All controls that you need to integrate sub with other speakers are on its back, including crossover frequency and volume dials. You can select three bass modes using the switch at the back. There is Movie mode, Impact mode and Music mode.

Sonos Whole Home Audio System

If you’re interested in a home audio system that covers your entire house and plays your music, no matter where it is stored, Sonos Whole Home audio system is the best choice for you. Sonos Whole Home easy and flexible to use and quickly integrates with your current system and works with huge array of content providers and services.
Sonos Home Audio Systems

It’s Sonos Bridge separates wireless mesh network that your music streams over without interfering with home’s Wi-Fi network. You can no stream music through speakers through your local Wi-Fi and no Bridge is necessary.

Sonos also lets you access more content and music and supports all streaming services from MOG to Spotify to Amazon Cloud player to many far less common ones. It also supports wide audio formats, such as AAC, WMA, MP3, FLAC, OGG, AIFF, ALAC, and WAV.

Quad L-ite Plus Home Audio System

It’s a home cinema speaker package that brings together center, satellites, and subwoofer from Quad’s new L-ite Plus range. These stylish sats won’t hog your living room space, as you easily perch them on furniture and shelves.
Quad Home Audio Systems

The box has four identical satellites for the fronts and rears, an all-new 200W subwoofer and a center speaker. For added flexibility, all speakers are available separately, allowing you to add extra satellite to your 7.1 system or even create a 2.1 setup. All these components come in high gloss finishes.

Bose Lifestyle T20 Home Audio System

The Bose Lifestyle T20 home audio system is middle to high end in price and comes with lot of useful features. It’s a 5.1 channel system that includes four satellite speakers and a receiver. Like other home theater systems, it also includes ADATiQ auto speaker calibration and onscreen menu and navigation. It delivers a crystal clear sound with strong bass output. You can easily link to other devices using its 19 connections, including analog audio, HDMI, and composite video.
Bose Home Audio Systems

Bose Lifestyle T20 also allows for analog to HDMI switching for superior quality sound, as well as upscaling movies and easily shows up to 1080 pixels. It is also 3D compatible for all those who want to enjoy 3D movies and games.

Peoria area customers can find Sonos, Sony, and Bose home audio systems at Nerds on Call. They offer home audio in Peoria, IL, and have three other active locations throughout central Illinois located in Bloomington, Pekin, and Peru. There you can find an extensive selection of custom home audio systems.

Nerds on Call
4906 N. University
Peoria, IL 61614
Phone: (309) 689-3900

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Before You Invest in Portable Scales to Weigh Trucks

Businesses in transport, mining, excavation, construction, and farming might not appear to be related. However, one key area that these types of companies find common ground is need to weigh heavy-duty trucks and their loads.

Whether to ensure a truck doesn't exceed the legal highway limits, or to weigh loads to measure profitability, truck scales are a vital component to many types of businesses. Particularly of interest to these business models are portable scales to weigh trucks.

portable scales to weigh trucksThere are many more benefits of using portable truck scales. Most systems can be set-up, taken-down, and moved from one location to another in a matter of minutes. Some more advanced portable truck scales offer weigh-in-motion capabilities. In short, weigh-in-motion truck scales can measure load and truck axle weight while the vehicle passes over the scale at speeds of about 3-5 MPH.

Advantages of Using Portable Scales to Weigh Trucks

Portable scales to weigh trucks also help in reducing fuel consumption, improving safety, revenues and increased operational savings. All those who’ve installed these scales are already experiencing increased revenues and impressive savings in operational costs.

portable truck scale systemWhen you know your exact weight at the point of loading, its possible to reduce costs. With diesel fuel prices shooting through the roof, operators are now looking for ways to be more efficient. Investing in a on-board portable scale will boost efficiency. Whey leave over loaded or under loaded by several thousand pounds and not collect added revenue?

These scales can also reduce the risk of leaving overloaded and risk the cost of overload fine, or still worse, increasing the chances of accident resulting in grievous injuries or even death. Operating savings aside, avoiding one accident or overload fine justifies the cost of having a portable truck scale fitted on your trailer or truck.

This innovative technology is accurate and reliable and has been proven to save lot of money. Weight is everything in this trucking business. There’s simply no reason, with easy to use, reasonably priced and easy to install, accurate and reliable portable truck weighing scales available today, that this type of scale shouldn’t be a standard equipment for your trailer or truck.

Where to Invest in Portable Truck Scales?

walz portable truck scales
Walz Scale has been a global supplier of high quality precision weighing scales around the world. The company is now offering portable truck scales that are not only accurate but are also reasonably priced. Their portable truck scale systems deliver incredible advantage to wide range of users. Considered a gold standard among portable truck scales, they offer you the following benefits.
  • Steel and aluminum portable scales
  • Choice of various designs
  • Portable truck axle scales
  • Portable wheel weigher units
  • Software-integrated portable truck weigh scales
  • Fully portable weighbridge truck scales

Walz Scale Systems Are Durable & Lightweight

The Walz Scale's portable truck scales are actually extremely durable scales that can be used to weight off-road or over-the-road vehicles. These weighing systems are best for demolition, construction, mining, farming, logging, and numerous other operations that quickly move from one job site to another. Unlike other scales on the market, these scales are factory assembled and are very easy to install or move. Walz Scale also offers portable truck scales for rent, so customers can use these scales on a short-term rental basis.

The fact that it’s easy to use these portable scales anywhere makes them a invaluable and flexible tool for transporters. These scales have improved considerably over time and now it is possible to get highly accurate readings.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

4 Leading StraPack Strapping Machines for Sale

strapack strapping machinesStrapping machines are an essential investment for any business involved in bundling items together for shipment and handling, reinforcing crates, wooden boxes and corrugated boxes, holding bales of textiles or agricultural products and securing coils of paper or steel.

Also referred to banding machines or strappers, strapping machines come in different specifications, with StraPack products standing as some of the most reliable in the market today. Below are four of the most reliable StraPack strapping machines for sale that you can use for all your packaging needs.

StraPack JK-2 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

StraPack JK-2 strapping machine
The JK-2 strapping machine has been designed to work in different applications and environments, guaranteeing that users get complete satisfaction at all times. This strapping machine has some great innovative features which makes it an ideal choice for any business seeking effective including adjustable table height, feed length memory, soft tension capability, and easy strap width alteration.

StraPack JK-2 strapping machine specifications:
  • Dimensions of 34-1/4" (width), 29-1/2" to 33-1/2" (height) and 21-5/8" depth.
  • Package size of 3-1/2" width by 1-1/8" height minimum and free maximum.
  • The machine uses heat sealing method and comes with 29.4 - 343N tension.
  • Operates with power supply of 240v, 230v, 220v, 120v, 110v, and 100v single phase 50/60Hz 0.56KVA.

StraPack D-53 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

D-52 is a belt-less tabletop banding machine designed to use 2DC direct drives. The second generation StraPack strapping machine design has an upgraded microprocessor that offers improved tension control thus enhancing its flexibility. This strapping machine has steel wheel that makes it possible for the application to handle high tension without eroding the strap. You can easily adjust the tension from 4.4lbs to 100lbs which makes this a multipurpose strapping machine.
StraPack D-53 strapping machine

StraPack D-53 strapping machine specifications:
  • The strapping machine has dimensions of 30-11/16"w by 30-1/2"H by 21-3/4" D and a table height of .29-9/16".
  • Have a package size of 3-5/16" width to FREE and a height of 1-1/4" to FREE.
  • Have a strap width of ¼ inch and a power supply of 240v, 22v and 100v with single phase 50/60Hz 0.4KVA.

StraPack JK-5000 Automatic Strapping Machine

 StraPack JK-5000 strapping machine
This automatic strapping machine can do 37 straps per minute thus making it a suitable machine for any business involved in extensive operations. It operates with a power supply of 110 Volt. The strapping machine model also comes with self-diagnostic programmable microprocessors for continuous monitoring of significant electrical functions.

StraPack JK-5000 strapping machine specifications:
  • StraPack JK-5000 has dimensions of 34-1/4" width by 52-1/2" height by 23-5/8" depth.
  • It has a table height of 32-1/2 inches.
  • A tension of 17 lbs f 3, 6, 12 in. stroke.
  • StraPack JK-5000 strapping machine weighs 255 lbs and operates on a power supply of 220-24 volts and 100-120 volts and a single Phase 50/60Hz 0.65KVA.

StraPack RQ-8 Automatic Strapping Machine

If you are looking for reliable automatic strapping machines, then the StraPack RQ-8 will be the option to consider. It is a general-purpose strapping machine with innovative design which include features such as easy strap loading, loop ejection and auto re-feed. It also offers safe dual tensioning and lubrication free operation.

StraPack RQ-8 strapping machine specifications:
    StraPack RQ-8 strapping machine
  • Dimensions of 49-1/4 inches width by 55-1/4 inches height by 24" depth.
  • RQ-8 has a package size of 3-1/8"W by 1-1/4" height minimum and 24-1/2"W by 18-7/8" height maximum.
  • It has a tension of up to 176 77lbs. 6 in stroke.
  • The strapping machine has strap/joint/coil sealing for polypropylene/heat seal/ 24-1/2" width by 18-7/8" height.
  • It weighs 353 lbs. with a power supply of 240v, 230v, 220v, 200v, 120v, and 100 v. with a single phase 50/60Hz 0.65KVA.

These four strapping machines from StraPack are ideal for special or high volume applications and they offer great value for money with minimal maintenance required.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Walz Scale Introduces Cubing Systems & Dimensional Weighing Equipment

Walz Scale Dimensioning Cubing Systems
Walz Scale, the leading manufacturer of cutting-edge truck scales and weighing systems, has launched a new line of dimensional weighing, scanning and cubing systems. These cubing systems and dimensioning products provide real-time, effective, and efficient automated handling of shipping and manifest systems.

These systems enable reliable and accurate capture of production and shipment data (which includes parcel or cargo weight,dimensions and identity). The automated cubing systems and dimensional weighing equipment by Walz Scale are built to handle virtually every aspect of package dimensioning, and therefore significantly reduce the overhead costs of the users.

Each system is designed to facilitate both turn-key cubing and a simplified scanning procedure which will provide efficiency and cost-savings for customers. Three primary systems among the line-up of dimensional weighing equipment by Walz comprises of the Static Package Scanner, In-motion Package Scanner, and the Large Freight & Pallet Dimensioning System.

Static Package Scanner
Static Package Scanner Walz Cube

The static package scanner system, formally known as the Walz Cube is made with the advanced engineering and the latest static cubing technology. The Walz Cube provides a reliable, accurate, and cost-effective weighing and scanning solution for warehouses, shipping/receiving operations, and point-of-sale desk applications.

The scanner utilizes industrial-grade sensors to give extremely accurate measurements of packages, and the system as a whole is immensely robust and can be used in busy shipping stations and harsh conditions.

The Walz Cube is a cutting-edge cubing system that offers a radically innovative and effective method of managing the weighing and dimensional scanning of shipments. It comes in two models-the Walz Cube (which weighs 62 pounds, and is 27 x 27 x 45 inches) and the larger Walz Cube XL (weighing 75 pounds with dimensions of 35 x 35 x 45 inches).

As turn-key unit, the static package dimensional scanning system can be easily integrated with personal computer software and also applications run by package companies like UPS and TNT. Users can also use internet to transfer the weight data which can be saved in popular file formats such as csv.

In-motion Package Scanner

This is an advanced, dynamic scanner that gives instantaneous in-motion dimensioning and cubing solutions. It is especially suited for conveyor belt systems due to its high technology that renders it easily integrable with shipping and logistics operations which utilize such systems. The system uses state-of-the-art laser technology to generate exceptionally accurate dimension data while the conveyor belts are still in high speed motion.
In-motion Package Scanner

The in-motion package scanner system is in compliance with the weight standards applied by prominent package firms such as USPS, UPS, FedEx and TNT. It can be incorporated in other conveyor belt systems or used as stand-alone.For organizations focusing on efficient, optimal and cost-effective operations, this system provides turn-key systems that guarantee total automation of all shipping and manifest systems.

Large Freight & Pallet Dimensioning System

This is an ultra-modern dimensional weighing and scanning systems that utilizes scanners to generate exceedingly accurate dimension data. It is suitable for palletized cargo and large packages that are in a moving conveyor system. The scanner provides dimensional weighing data even while the pallet is in motion.

The scanners can be operated in both indoor and outdoor locations. The system includes a data management capability that makes it effectively integrable with a variety of warehouse management applications and systems. The scanners give quick and accurate measurements even when operated under rugged conditions.
Large Freight & Pallet Dimensioning System

These dimensioning and cubing systems developed by Walz can be effective solutions for all shipping and warehousing activities of both organizations and individuals. They are highly advanced systems that are save time and money for users. They feature intuitive interfaces and are flexible enough to integrate with many warehousing and supply chain management systems. They are easily calibrated and have low maintenance costs.They also come with remote access support.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Illinois' Source for Industrial-Grade Barcode Printers & Scanners

The world is getting more and more digitized every day. The manufacturing world is trying to keep up with this digitization and using barcode technology is an essential component to survival in this sector.

As a supply chain or inventory manager, one of your main targets is to make sure that you are reducing human errors as much as you can in your warehouse and afterwards. Research showed that barcodes can reduce human error by 85%. Scanning a barcode doesn’t take more than a second; it is fast and reliable at the same time. This is the reason that more and more companies are going for machines like industrial grade barcode printers and scanners.

If your business is based in Illinois and you are looking for products and equipment like barcode printers or barcode scanners in Illinois, then a good option to look into is Walz Label & Mailing Systems. Walz offers all of the products and systems that a manufacturer needs in different phases of production and they offer good value with these machines.

If you are looking for barcode printers or scanners that are exceptional quality, industrial-grade products, then Walz is your place. They are the biggest seller of industrial grade manufacturing, labeling, and business automation systems in Illinois.

For some who ar not familiar with barcode technology, you have to understand that barcode readers and barcode scanners are the same thing and these are powerful machines unlike a mobile scanner which will take time to show results. There are different types of barcode scanners available in places like Walz.

The initial system that came into market was the handheld barcode scanner which is still the most common type of scanners that are found in manufacturing companies. These are easy to operate as you simply point the scanner to the code and the system shows you everything about the product.

There is another type of scanner for more robust applications known as the industrial barcode reader. This is a better option if you want to do quality control of your warehouse. These barcode scanners are not pretty to look at but they perform brilliantly in every condition. These readers can read all types of codes which makes the quality control process easier.

Apart from these, there are other types of barcode scanners and you can choose your desired one checking the benefits of each type.

When you are dealing with barcodes, you will also need a barcode printer and labeler to make your end packaging look brilliant. Fortunately, Walz Label & Mailing Systems have these machines too. The place has basically two types of machines. One type is sophisticated and for careful usage, the other type is for rugged usage in manufacturing area.

Make sure that you check the power of motor, printer, scanner and everything related before you buy barcode scanners, printers or other manufacturing machines from anywhere.

Monday, October 26, 2015

3 Trusted Online Dealers for Land Pride Parts & Mower Blades

Are you looking for the best online dealers that sell Land Pride parts and replacement blades for mowers and rotary cutters? If so, then this Consumer Savvy Reviews post is for you.

Land Pride is a popular manufacturer of turf equipment that range from grooming mowers, rotary tillers, rotary cutters, landscape rakes, zero turn mowers and rotary blowers among others. The popularity of Land Pride's products make the brand a must stock for most online dealers that offer replacement parts and lawn mower blades.

Unfortunately when it comes to equipment parts, most online stores have a tedious ordering processes while others take eons to ship your order. This makes buying the right Land Pride parts for your model a challenge for most buyers. Luckily, there are some trusted online dealers for Land Pride parts and mower blades that take pride in customer satisfaction.

German-Bliss Equipment

German-Bliss Equipment is a premier online dealer of replacement components and parts for a wide range of equipment that includes excavators, lawn mowers, rotary cutters, skid steers and utility vehicles, among other equipment. The online store parts is renowned for affordable prices and timely delivery. The other unique feature about German Bliss' online store is the short period it takes to buy a replacement part or component that is out of stock. The site also offers an easy to navigate online Land Pride parts lookup page that makes finding the exact part you need a breeze.

While it may take weeks for an out of stock to be delivered from most online stores, German-Bliss Equipment usually takes about one business day to request most missing parts and components. In addition to fast shipping and affordable prices, the store also helps buyers take advantage of factory financing offers to help support their needs.

German-Bliss Equipment also has a vibrant customer care support service that ensures all your enquiries are answered within the shortest time possible. The store also provides safe and secure web-based ordering, which is essential for every online buyer.

Tractor Parts Central

Tractor Parts Central has grown over the years from 2 car garage in 1999 to a popular fully stocked 14,000 square foot warehouse in North Central Texas. The central location of the store ensures that orders are quickly shipped to all over the US. Most orders usually take 1 to 3 days, but addresses at the edges of the US may take a bit longer. The major highlight of this store is quick shipping of orders. Orders placed before 2pm central time are shipped the same day.

The other highlight of this store is that a buyer will not be charged restocking fees for a return that can be put directly back on the shelf for resale and is returned within 30 days of purchase. However, if the return cannot be put directly back to the shelf, you will be charged a 10 percent restocking fee.


Messicks store has a long history that dates back to 1952. Since then, the store has witnessed tremendous growth to a remarkable 40,000 sq/ft shop that allows it to serve multiple large equipment. The company deals with over 250 brands of equipment in lawn and garden, construction and agricultural. The major highlight of Messicks spare parts and components store is the expedited shipping.

Orders placed before 2PM EST are shipped the same day while orders placed after 2pm are shipped the following day. If the part is not in the store, it may take up to 5 days before it can be shipped. Furthermore, the store does not charge restock fee for stocked parts and components, but special order parts will be subject to a 20 percent restock charge if they are returned within 90 days.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Leading Banks in Peoria, IL for Mortgage & Home Equity Loans

One of the most common forms of lending by most local and national banks are mortgages and home loans. Although a mortgage loan is a common type of loan that most individuals seek in their life, there can be a lot of gray areas and questionable lending practices that can result in people borrowing from less than ideal lenders.

Often times working with local banks and mortgage lenders (for both mortgages and home equity loans) offers level of trust and professionalism borrowers. Fortunately, the Peoria area hosts several quality banks that specialize in mortgage loans and lending. Below we profile three of these financial institutions and what makes them trusted sources in Illinois for mortgages and home equity loans.

Morton Community Bank

The first bank on our list is the reputable Morton Community Bank. Morton Community Bank offers some of the most rewarding programs right now for a number of different credit programs, new checking accounts, as well as personalized lending services. The bank is very popular among residents and businesses of central Illinois with more than 30 branches in the area.

Also known as Hometown Community Banks (which is a division of Morton Community Bank), many new homeowners trust this local lender for various types of loans, particularly mortgages. The bank offers several different mortgage options for different individuals, and they can offer you a pre-qualification letter which will allow you to buy a house with borrowed money you need to purchase the home.

The interest rates for mortgage loans are competitive and the mortgage specialists of Morton Community Bank are always eager to guide you throughout all the steps that you need to take to have your own home. They also have a special loan program which will allow you to buy a home in rural community. This is a good option as you don’t have to pay down payment to get a home in rural community. Learn more about the this Peoria Area mortgage loan lender for more information.

Illinois National Bank

The second bank that we will discuss is Illinois National Bank which is one of the oldest and most popular banks in Illinois. This government run bank has a wealth of experience in dealing with mortgage and home equity loans which makes them a good choice for residents throughout the state.

This bank firmly stands by their mission of helping individuals and families find and afford a sweet home and they are happy to help you in this process. Their website has a financial calculator which will help you to finalize your decision. There are different mortgage loan rates depending on the time you apply.

All the information is easy to find in the Illinois National Bank website and you will definitely have a satisfied loan if you go with this bank. You can go to their website and apply immediately. The bank authority will contact you to guide throughout the whole process.

Brimfield Bank

The last bank that you can rely on is Brimfield Bank. The bank started operation back in 1913 and is running successfully till then. The bank is known for great mortgage deals as they do not offer rental restriction. Getting a loan is comparatively easier with this bank than others.

Brimfield Bank has a dedicated office for mortgage purposes and the office is located in West Lake Street. They also offer great add-ons including pre-approval within 15 minutes, bridge loans, VA loans, FHA loans and many more. If you are looking for an easy solution, this is one great bank that you can try for home mortgage loan.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

5 Professional Address Printers for Businesses & Postage

Running a business is not an easy job. It requires a lot of hard work, zest, dedication and in a majority of cases, the proper manpower and technology. Nowadays, with the advancement of intelligence and technology, a lot of tasks that were previously performed by man have now been taken over by machine.

In the cases of mailing and address printers, a single piece of equipment can perform many tasks that would have otherwise been done manually. Address printers run endlessly day in and day out to execute mailing business operations smoothly and efficiently. In doing so, a business not only progresses but it can also expand to new dimensions using less manpower and more machine power.

There are several high-quality address printers out on the market, however, there are a number of address printer products are worth mentioning. Below are some of the leading address printers as acclaimed by many mailing divisions.

Secap SA-3100

The Secap SA-3100 personalizes your day-to-day mail by generating envelopes and other mail pieces that hold appeal visually by utilizing graphics and personally tailored messages maximizing the chances of you're visually appealing mail actually unsealed and read.

The best part about this address printer is that it is extremely user-friendly and comes with a secure connection and setup options such as USB or Ethernet connection for faster processing, downloads, and trouble-free connection. The body of the Secap SA-3100 address printer is state-of-the-art while light mode functions (printing) calibrate proper resolution while saving ink and speedier drying time.

Rena Mach 5

If your business is on the outlook for a smart and cost-efficient printing equipment, then Rena Mach 5 is just that. It has five ink tanks and each hold 250 mL of ink for extended print jobs runs and low cost per piece. The Rena Mach 5 digital color printer incorporates the innovative inkjet technology from Memjet®.

Rena Imager 1.5

The Rena Imager 1.5 is ornamented by many new improvements in the address printer series. This little printer can bring on the challenge with some serious productivity. While offering in the exact time all the fantastic features of an address printer. Its professional grade color scheme and smooth control panel give you the impression that this printer means business.

Rena Imager 2.5 

Rena USA has done it again with an upgraded model known as the Imager 2.5. It is a real marvelous piece of equipment while bidding, this production printer starts what as a price tag that befits gives quite a competition that asa feed that encases three ranks of elevated grip rollers which can have any job. The main key of the Rena Imager 2.5 features head alignment that imprints and indicia all in the exact time needed.

Neopost USA AS-710

If you are a mid-size business, then the AS-710 addressing system from Neopost USA is perfect for your organization and will aid in all the mailing communications that will in turn create a long lasting impression on your customers. The Neopost USA AS-710 is a high speed and high capacity printer that will complete your mail processing operations faster, thereby decreasing your turnaround time.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

5 Kubota Tractors Leading The Ag Industry

Without a doubt, every good farmer out there will tell you that the to succeed in agriculture demands on the quality of the equipment and tractors that are being used. For more than a century now, Kubota tractors have continued to gain more and more reputation in the ag equipment market as the unconquerable machinery when it comes to agricultural industry. Kubota tractors are not just any ordinary tractors. Every model behind these remarkable machines is specifically targeted to offer nothing less but top most performance and dependability.

Kubota sets out to offer a wider variety of tractors to choose from compared to its competitors in the tractor market. This consumer savvy review is pretty much focused on reviewing five of the best Kubota tractors that will definitely leave you happy with your investment.

L-Series Kubota Tractors

The L-Series Kubota tractors are outstandingly powerful. In real sense, they are utterly ideal for commercial landscaping, estate maintenance and even small farming. The L-Series from Kubota normally comes in four models (i.e. the Grand L60, new L2501, L3301/l3901/l4701 and L3200/l3800/l4600.) Generally, all these models have the same superior power to handle a very wide range of tasks.

When it comes to engine and the horse power, the L-Series does not disappoint. All the four models are fuel efficient and feature the latest EPA tier that ensures conformance to emissions regulations. So what makes the L-Series tractors unique in this field?

The (mechanical synchro shuttle) transmission is one of the reasons why. This transmission features an amazing inline forward and also reverses shifting for quicker and easier directional changes. In addition, it features two range shift speeds and four main shift speeds that ensures you have just the perfect maneuverability. Additionally, the L-Series Kubota tractors are easy to operate pedals, larger capacity fuel tank, comfortable deck and a continuous running PTO among others are additional features that make this track exceptional.

BX-Series Kubota Tractors 

The 4WD BX-Series Kubota tractors are just incredibly strong and versatile. These types of Kubota tractors are ideal for even tight spaces due to their compact size. The engine is perfectly customized to ensure maximum power despite their compact size. And did we forget to mention that the 4WD ensures powerful traction for operating heavy duty front loader works?

Often available in premium Kubota package deals, other features of BX-Series Kubota tractor include an ideal ground clearance of up to 9 inches, an incredible reverse air flow mechanism that prevents the grass from blocking the radiator grill, perfect steering wheel position for maximum comfort, effortless hydraulic power steering and large fuel tank among others.

B-Series Kubota tractors

The B-Series Kubota tractors are absolutely powerful, efficient and comfortable to use. The models under this category include: new B 2650/B3350, new 2301/B2801, new B3350SU and B2320/B2620/B2920. The diesel engine is built perfectly to offer utmost strength, reduce emissions and noise as well as keeping the vibration low.

The unique hydro static transmission system guarantees smooth and effortless shifting in addition to facilitating powerful operations for heavy duty works. This category of B-Series Kubota tractors, offered by many tractor package suppliers, is where you are likely to find telescopic stabilizers, (rear remote) control valves, level guides among other incredible features.

M-Series Kubota Tractors

The class of M-Series Kubota tractors features a wide variety of models all built to exceptionally give you high performance. In fact, the M-Series is considered the ultimate modern and advanced technology that combines all the tractor’s features to give you a perfectly powerful machine.

Whether you are looking for a hydraulic system that increases the pedals responsiveness, an easy to engage gear and shift system, an easy to change reverse and forward direction, less vibration and noise, 4-speed/2-speed shift systems, comfort, ideal maneuverability; I mean just name it all, you will find them all in these type of spectacular trucks. The M-Series is indubitably the “king” of all the agricultural tractors.

TLB-Series Kubota Tractors

When it comes to landscaping, backhoe, trenching and handling materials, no other tractor beats the TLB-Series of Kubota tractors. In fact, these tractors combine power and versatility to offer you exceptional performance. The main models under this category include: L45, 39, M59 and B26.

These tractors literally take productivity and efficiency to the next level. What makes them even more unique is their diesel engine which is capable of tackling the toughest jobs and can even start in very cold weather, ability to engage a 4 wheel drive, spark arrestors for maximum safety, lifting point hitch of up to 1,676 lbs 24", hydraulic independent “PTO” and the incredible FOPS/ROPS protectors that ensures you work under any weather condition.

All in all, Kubota tractors have literally taken agricultural industry to unbelievable heights; in fact this was just a tip on the ice bag. If you are looking for maximum performance and looking for just the perfect machinery for that, then get yourself busy in searching for more information on the internet for concerning these remarkable machinery. At least, you have a good head start.