Friday, January 22, 2016

5 Companies That Specialize in Pediatric Billing Services

Whenever a patient visits a pediatrician and they possess health care coverage of any kind, the pediatrician is required to submit the bill to the insurer for payment. It would be logical to suggest that the health care provider simply send out invoices by themselves to save on the expense.
Pediatric Billing Services

However, insurance companies don’t like paying bills unless they absolutely have to. As a consequence, the companies have set up stringent rules and guidelines for pay outs. This is where pediatric billing services come into play. They have devised specialized software and can easily maneuver the provisions to ensure the doctors get paid as fast as possible.

Electronic billing may not be a forte for a pediatrician or the pediatric clinic staff, thus, it may be wise to seek professional help. For example, claims submitted via invoice may take up to thirty days to process as opposed to ten days via electronic submissions. This when specialized companies that provide pediatric billing services can offer much needed assistance.

Practice Management (

Practice Management boast a highly trained team of specialists to ensure the highest levels of service rendering. The specialists promptly provide unique pediatric billing for a range of pediatric services including hearing screening, laboratory, vision screening, new-born care, behavioral screening among others.

Practice Management tentatively follows up on claims to ensure payments are accelerated and denied claims avoided. As a result, clients experience faster payments, higher revenues, increased cash flow, lower overhead, thus affording more time on patient care.

Medical Billers and Coders (

Medical Billers and Coders (MBC) has assembled certified professional coders who are proficient in using latest complex billing software and advanced coding software to provide expert, competent and satisfactory pediatric billing services.

MBC delivers competent and precise billing service to a variety of pediatric services such as pediatric endocrinology, pediatric diabetes, pediatric cardiology, pediatric nephrology, pediatric pulmonology, behavioral psychology, nutrition services, pediatric diabetes, child life program, among others.

MBC professionals incorporate modifiers in their codes to allay delays, denials, audit checks and re-submission of claims. Subsequently, MBC’s clients enjoy increased revenues, reduced audit risks, a significant reduction in operational costs, faster payments, and efficient and accurate billing practices.

Billing Paradise (

Billing Paradise consolidates complex, error-less medical billing procedures to effect seamless service to its clients.

Billing Paradise promises its clientele of highly specialized professionals with superior knowledge of pediatric codes, pediatric billing guidelines, and the patient persistence to pursue each and every claim.

Billing Paradise cites a number of reasons why they’re the ideal option for pediatricians such as: providing precise and accurate pediatric codes, billing in accordance to the pediatric care provided, providing reduced operational costs (up to 30% less), and the ability to handle online billing software used by the clientele.

5 Star Billing Service (

5 Star Billing Service is a company provides the experience and expertise necessary to tackle the numerous complexities of pediatric billing. 5 Star Billing pride themselves to a gamut of benefits including accelerated payments, 24/7 access to financial info and patient data, transparency, increased revenue, full practice management reporting, excellent customer service, reduced expenses, among others.

5 Star Billing generates precisely coded claims for processing whereby hassle-free payments may be received in as little as ten days.

Capture Billing (

Capture Billing boasts national acclaim for flawless pediatric billing services that eventually translates into higher revenue for pediatrics’ practices.

They provide a free consultation to potential clients and dispense necessary advice on how they can improve the billing service. They also possess a high conversion rate of up to 98% of claims paid the first time submitted.

All in all, it’s important to note that delegating tasks to professionals will work miracles for your practice over the long run. Hence, it’s vital for pediatricians to find a competent billing service company that complements their practice.


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