Monday, July 30, 2018

3 Fire Pit Kit Reviews to Inspire Your Backyard Renovation

When it comes to backyard renovation, fire pit kits are an easy way to transform your outdoor living space while adding both functionality and comfort during cooler months. With an outdoor patio fire pit, not only are you adding an essential hardscape feature to your outdoor living, but also the entire landscape comes into play. You want your home garden to be in perfect harmony with your inspiration ideas.

Apart from the design of the fire pit kit, you need to consider the available space in your garden. This will guide you in getting the most suitable one for you. Here's a review of three paver fire pit kit designs that can inspire your outdoor renovation.

Weston Stone Fire Pit Kit

Weston Stone Fire Pit Kit

The Weston Stone fire pit kit is designed from Belgard, a reputable hardscape and landscape products provider. The Weston Stone fire pit kit comes in two different shapes, square and circle.

The components made of paver concrete material, hence durable. The fire pit kits are available in more natural colors that blend well with most landscape features in your home. Bella, Torcana and Victorian colors will most certainly complement your paver or your hardscape look.

The dimensions of the square type is 44" while the round one has an external diameter of 57¼". Both have a fitting metal insert. It's easy to set up and affordable. Only a couple of hours and your fireplace is ready. The pieces are made ready in the factory, ensuring high quality standards are maintained.

The great thing with a outdoor stone kitchens and fireplaces from Belgard is that they last longer than most other styles. In terms of fireplaces and fire pits, they basically give you that much needed warm evening and a comfortable garden as you unwind. The color coordination makes the entire landscape so beautiful, without sharp color contrasts. It adds a modern look and feel to your backyard. The Weston Stone fire pit kit from Belgard comes with a grill giving you the possibility of turning your fireplace into a BBQ in your garden.
  • Highly durable
  • Availability of color variations to choose from
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for outdoor fireplace
  • Square and round shaped fire pit designs provide an option depending on the shape of your garden landscape.
  • Most suitable for medium to large spaces and accommodate many guests.
  • Once installed, it's not possible to move it. To solve this, make sure you've the larger picture of your garden layout at the back of your mind before installing it.

Rivercrest Fire Pit

Preassembled by Unilock, this fire pit kit is made of stylish stone designs. They're available in round and square shapes. It consists of Rivercrest wall blocks and Ledgestone copy layer on outer surface.

Rivercrest Fire Pit Kit

You can choose from a number of stone pavers to suit your inspiration for the kind of hardscape look you desire. The color beautifully matches with your green garden. The rustic modern look is breathtaking and simply makes an enjoyable sight as you gather to recollect old memories while keeping warm.

Rivercrest Fire Pit Unilock

The natural color of Ledgestone coping makes it ideal for use on other landscaping features like pavements, pool edges, and even incorporate in permanent seats around the fire pit. This raises the harmony of your backyard look to an entirely new level. You can easily create a coastal themed beautiful look with Ledgestone lined Rivercrest fire pit. With a grill, you can turn your fireplace into a BBQ.
  • Easy to set up and install.
  • A fitting fireplace grill is available as well.
  • It adds a great aesthetic value to your garden.
  • It's durable.
  • Immovable after installation; plan your landscape well in advance, or position it where you're not likely to add any feature.
  • Space may become a constraint if you expect to seat many people at the fireplace.

Cambridge Olde English Fire Pit

Made from Olde English stone pieces, they come in square and round shapes. The square one comes with 48 pieces of Olde English wall blocks, 12 renaissance caps and a metal insert. It measures 48 inches and 19" high on the outside.

Cambridge Olde English Fire Pit

The round version comes with 52 pieces of the English olde wallstones, a deep metal insert and two cooking grates. It has an external diameter of 48" and height of 16". Sandstone blends and toffee/onyx variations offers a sweet and more natural look perfect match for the walkways and any exterior appearance.

The round version of the fire pit is highly versatile as it can be used for cooking. The grill turns the fire pit into a BBQ right inside your backyard. An optional BBQ and fire pit screen makes it more enjoyable and safer.
Olde English Fire Pit Cambridge Pavers
  • Highly durable and versatile.
  • Screen shield from fire sparks makes the fireplace safer.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Like all paver fire pits, permanent installation makes it impossible to move it around.
The three paver fire pit kits above are useful in adding natural looking hardscape features to your backyard. What's more is that they bring in more aesthetic value and great style to your landscaping works. With growing trend in modern outdoor fireplace designs shifting towards backyard fire pit kits, get inspirational ideas from these paver fire pit designs.