Friday, May 15, 2015

The Highly-Versatile RCR-Series of Rotary Cutters by Land Pride

Land Pride rotary cutters come in many different models, each offering unique performance and capabilities. Whether you're in need of something highly powerful for farming and landscaping, or something simple for the home's lawn, here are a number of Land Pride rotary cutter options highlighted below.

The nice thing about Land Pride mowers and rotary cutters is that they last a long time and they are easy to maintain. Finding Land Pride rotary cutter parts online is a breeze, and pinpointing a professional to do the repairs is usually a breeze. So without further introduction, here are some of the top Land Pride rotary cutters in the RCR-Series.

RCR12-Series of Land Pride Rotary Cutters

Under the RCR12-Series of Land Pride rotary cutters, the primary models include the RCR1248, RCR1260 and RCR1272. These all feature common features and characteristics worth mentioning below:

Land Pride Rotary Cutter Features:

  • Tractor HP range of 20-50HP.
  • Three year gearbox warranty.
  • CAT.3 driveline with shear bolt.
  • CAT.3 driveline with double plate slip-clutch.
  • Round back designs.

Land Pride Rotary Cutter Benefits:

  • Land Pride cutters undergo testing as required by ANSI so as to ensure the quality of the designs is up to standard.
  • Have metal guarding and rubber guarding for protection against debris that fly during cutting.
  • This rotary cutter has a 1 1/4" to 10" cutting height which I favorable for many conditions.
  • They have a 10 gauge stump jumper which allows the cutter to slide over obstructions protecting the gearbox.
  • Skid shoes which come as an accessory provide sidewall reinforcement.

RCR15-Series of Land Pride Rotary Cutters

Land Pride's RCR15-Series of rotary cutters are efficient for clearing light brush, weeds and grass. The available models include RCR1542 and RCR1548.

Land Pride Rotary Cutter Features:

  • 5 year gearbox warranty.
  • Floating top link.
  • Fully welded deck.
  • Round back design.
  • Full length skid shoes.

Land Pride Rotary Cutter Benefits:

  • They have solid rubber tailwheel which cannot go flat.
  • Heavy duty spindle on tailwheel of 1 ¼" spindle gives the strength to protect the tail wheel assembly.
  • The standard start jumper prevents material such as rocks from being thrown from below the deck.
  • Land Pride Rotary Cutters have been tested to ensure quality and safety.
  • Splined blade bar allows for tight positive fit of start jumper and blade.

RCR18-Series of Land Pride Rotary Cutters

These Land Pride Rotary Cutters are available in widths of 60" and 72" to allow for easier maintenance as it is lesser in weight.

Land Pride Rotary Cutter Features:

  • Dual position Clevis type 3-point hitch
  • Lower clevis type 3-point hitch
  • Box-tubing deck support
  • Spindled blade bar hub
  • Extended clutter front

Land Pride Rotary Cutter Benefits:

  • They have fully welded deck which adds more strength to the rotary cutter and its functions.
  • These rotary cutters have a cutting height ranging from 1" -13" up to 1"-11 " which is a wide range for various conditions.
  • They have a 4" x 16" solid rubber tail wheel which can’t go flat.
  • The RCR18-Series have guarding for protection against debris.

RCR1884 Land Pride Rotary Cutter

As individual design these Land Pride rotary cutters offer an 84" cutting width and 2" in diameter. It is convenient for light farm work and pond maintenance.

Land Pride Rotary Cutter Features:

  • 90 HP gear box
  • 5 year gearbox warranty
  • Box tubing deck supports
  • Fully welded deck
  • Heavy duty spindle on tail wheel

Land Pride Rotary Cutter Benefits:

  • They come with either single or dual tail wheels. Dual tail wheels offer great stability even in tough conditions such as rugged terrain.
  • This particular model is designed to have 2" width cutting capacity which aids in clearing bushes.
  • They have extended cutter fronts for increased material flow and added protection.
  • Splined blade bar hub which allow for tight positive fit of stump jumper and blade bar up to the gearbox output shaft.
  • This Land Pride rotary cutter has a heavy 10 gauge deck construction which can withstand much pressure as compared to lighter decks.

RCF2084 Land Pride Rotary Cutter

This Land Pride single rotary cutter design is good for handling pastures and light brush.

Land Pride Rotary Cutter Features:

  • High blade tip speed
  • Swinging blades
  • High blade tip speed
  • Laminated tail wheels
  • Extended cutter front

Land Pride Rotary Cutter Benefits:

  • This rotary cutter has bottom seals for gear boxes to ensure protection.
  • They have 3 1/6" x 27" oval stump jumper which easily slides over stumps, rocks and other debris.
  • The rotary cutter offers optional front guarding to also protect against flying debris and the purchaser can choose.
  • They have optional rear guarding to also protect against debris.
  • This model has full length skid shoes to provide side wall reinforcement.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Top Security Products Redefining The Market for Surveillance & Protection

One of the notable advancements in the current world is the evolution of technology. Every year, and basically any time, the technology is enhancing from one level to another. The advancement of technology has been used in several areas in the common daily living, such as the security.

Security is a major aspect that determines the comfort of an individual. Other than the comfort, a reliable security helps to protect assets and valuables. When security and surveillance technology was becoming more advanced, CCTV cameras were used to aid in surveillance. This proved to be reliable as many people were able to keep vandalism away from their property. This has changed over time and new products are now used for protection and surveillance.

3 Leading Security & Surveillance Products on the Market

There are many products that are used for surveillance and protection. Among some of the most common products, below are three of the leading market drivers.

Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras are basically cameras that are linked to a monitor, but without the chords and other cables. They are connected using a system, which will pick up the images and videos from the camera and send them to the monitor.

With wireless video security systems monitor or LCD display can be portable, or it can be fitted in a surveillance room. This helps to make the surveillance more discreet. This also limits the accidents that can be caused when the cord is cut.

Under the wireless systems are WiFi cameras, which are controlled over the internet and the user can receive the signals from any location they are in. This requires one to have a user account, provided by the company. When online, they can view all the videos recorded, or live feeds.

Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are among the most popular types of security products. Newer and more advanced baby monitors are often connected to the mobile device, especially the mobile phones.

This will entail a camera, which is set up in a room, especially where the baby is at most times, then the feeds are displayed on the mobile device, either at a distant location or around. WiFi baby monitors can be two-way or one-way.

IP Surveillance

IP surveillance is among the most recent and the most preferred in big companies and organizations. This is a networked CCTV that has also been digitized. Technically, it is an advance version of the CCTV that was the first video surveillance system.

With this type of security system, it has digital IP surveillance cameras that will record the video footage, then the feeds will be displayed over an Internet Protocol Network. This system will show the video, including the exact location as well as when it was recorded.

These systems can also search the person, who has been recorded. You will not need to transfer the video to a different machine. They can also record and play at the same time. You can view the videos from anywhere. As long as you are connected to the IP address, you will easily view all the videos. They can also be linked to the email address, which will alert the user, according to whatever they set it to.

These are among the top products that are used in the successful surveillance and protection of an area, with less effort.