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Mailing Machines & Postage Meter Supplies: Walz Label & Mailing Systems for the Win

Walz Label & Mailing SystemsWalz Label & Mailing Systems is a leading supplier of some of the best mailing machines, business mailroom equipment, postage meters supplies and consumables. Walz provides complete support for a wide range of companies from mailing houses and large printers to small organizations and corporations that use their own in-house mailing systems.

The mailing machines and postage meters offered at Walz save customers both money and time by making mailing processes efficient and easy. Their products range from label and envelope printers, postage meters, poly wrapping systems, folding and inserting machines and direct mailing services.

The company provides a comprehensive range of mailing solutions from the top manufacturers in the industry. Walz' support team can also help you pinpoint the right mailing products that are best suited for your needs. The company pride themselves in having a strong customer support department capable of offering bespoke solutions, advice and an after-service follow up.
Mailing Machines & Postage Meter Supplies

All their mailing products are accompanied by an onsite warranty although users have an option to purchase a maintenance package afterwards. Their products can be leased or purchased to fit into your budget.

The company's address printing systems and tabbing machines can save you postage costs as they allow you to take full advantage of shape based pricing postal discounts. Their labeling machines automate the entire process of delivering your messages on a variety of media and affixing addresses.Their postage machines affix standard and permit stamps, leading to higher open rates.

Secap SA-3100 Address PrinterTo give you an idea of some of the leading systems the company offers, below are are some of the top mailing products available at Walz Label & Mailing Systems:

Secap SA-3100 Address Printer 

The Secap SA-3100 address printer is the perfect choice for small to middle volume mailers. It provides high quality printing combined with graphic capability and versatility in a simple to use desktop setting. It offers supper fast printing with superior print qualities.

The address printing system can address up to 10,000 papers an hour. It prints barcodes, logos, graphics and addresses in just a single pass. It is equipped with a unique light mode technology that reduces ink consumption while still providing fast drying times.

Formax FD-314 Folder Machine 
Formax FD-314 Folder Machine

This is a recent folding machine ideal for low volume projects and applications. The Formax FD-314 folding machine has high tech folding settings and state-of-the-art applications that make it perfect for small businesses, churches and schools.

The Formax FD-314 folding machine folds 11 and 14 inch papers at an outstanding speed of 128 papers per minute. It can accommodate both custom and standard applications.

Accufast FT Tabbing Machine

Accufast FT Tabbing Machine
Short dimension feeds through the machine increases its production rates at all speeds. It can tab up to 16,000 papers per hour. The Accufast FT tabbing machine is also known for its simplicity as it has a short paper path without skewing adjustments. It guarantees accuracy as it does not drift papers from right to left. It is highly portable as it weighs only 46 pounds.

Formax FD-342 Folding Machine

The Formax FD-342 folding machine will enhance the efficiency and productivity of your document processing with its leading industry performance. It is fast, easy to use and reliable for almost all folding applications. It has a speed of 15,000 papers per hour and folds 18" and 11" papers.

Accufast FP Labeling Machine

The FB labeling machine from Accufast is a pressure sensitive labeling machine that is equipped with the recent ID technology. For more than 20 years, beverage, food, pharmaceutical and other industries have been relying on this robust labeler for consistent, quality performance on around the clock production environments.

Rena Imager CSIts direct modular design allows for easy products changeover and packaging line integration. Its commitment to engineering and excellent manufacturing has earned it a reputation of being the best in the industry.

Rena Imager CS

The Rena Imager CS is a low cost, high productivity address printer capable of printing photo-quality colors for medium volume, high-impact mailings. With this machine, managers can produce envelops whose mailing costs they can afford. The Rena Imager CS utilizes the unique photosmart software and recent print technology in producing accurate colors. The machine can print envelopes, postcard, documents and flats all in one pass.

Postage Meter Supplies

Walz has a great selection of postage meter supplies that you need to keep your meter running perfectly. The company has a great collection of meter ink and ink cartridges that are ordered directly from trusted manufacturers.
postage meter supplies

The company also offers high quality postage meter tapes from leading manufacturers. These tapes are available in both single and double strips. They stand with all their tapes with a 100% money back guarantee.

You can also get sealing solution compatible with all models of mailing machine from the company. The solution is available online or from their offices in central Illinois. It is available in half gallon, quart and concentrated.

All the above discussed postage meter and mailing machine supplies are available at a competitive price at Walz Label & Mailing Systems. Discounts are available for both retail and wholesale purchases. Contact them now and place your order.

Walz Mailing & Mailing Systems
624 High Point Ln,
East Peoria, IL 61611

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