Monday, June 8, 2015

The Leading Toro Dealers in Peoria, Illinois

As one of the most reputable and well-known manufacturers of zero-turn mowers and lawn care equipment, Toro is among the essential equipment that you cannot afford to miss if you consider yourself a high-end landscaper.

In an area that's rich with luscious lawns and farmers that demand constant upkeep, Peoria, Illinois is a high-demand haven for Toro mowers, particularly zero-turn mowers. However, finding the right Toro mower dealer is not always easy. So in this post, we feature a few of the leading Toro dealers in Peoria, IL. Many of them offer great product selections, as well as service and financing.

Nord Outdoor Power

Address/Directions: For your Toro needs, you can contact the Nord Outdoor Power through (309) 663-5151. Besides, you can physically visit their premises at 1716 E Hamilton Rd, Illinois 61704. Apart from that, you can still visit their website or simply send an email voicing your concerns.

Features: With its branches spread through Central Illinois, Peoria included, this equipment store brings you service at your doorstep. Also, Nord Outdoor Power boasts various designations including Toro Master Service, Stihl MasterWrench Certified, Echo-Shindaiwa-Bear Cat Signature Elite, and Kohler expert among others.

Benefits: One of the benefits you will be able to enjoy with the Nord Outdoor Power is the presence of a variety of Toro brands for your choice. Moreover, they avail 0% financing that makes payments more affordable.

Product Specialty: Apart from several just selling the Toro, Nord Outdoor Power specializes in a range of other services like Toro spare parts, servicing, and maintenance.

German Bliss Equipment

Address/Directions: German Bliss has three locations in central Illinois, but only their Springfield store (just south of Peoria) stocks Toro mowers and equipment. This store is located at: 4151 W. Jefferson St, Springfield, IL 62707. The phone number is 217-546-2286.

Features: Perhaps known as the area's leader in all things lawn mowers, tractors, landscaping equipment and other machinery of the like, German Bliss provides an outstanding line-up of mower products, combined with impeccable customer service and repair solutions. They have other locations in Springfield as well as Princeville, Illinois.

Benefits: German Bliss offers many different benefits and value-added incentives to work with their team. You can get financing on almost any equipment purchase. And if you're not ready to pull the trigger on buying a Toro mower, you can also take advantages of the company's rental options, too.

Product Specialty: German Bliss stocks a number of different zero-turn Toro mowers, as well as many other leading brands like Land Pride, Bush Hog, and much more.

Double Y Sales & Services

Address/Directions: To get your concerns addressed, you can pop in at the Double Y Sales & Services station located at Cissna Park, IL. Additionally, you call them through 800-891-3916 or 815-457-2845.

Features: This equipment dealer is firmly established having been incepted in 1981. Double Y Sales & Services also offers services to both professional users and consumers throughout central Illinois.

Benefits: Choosing this dealer comes with a whole lot of advantages. First, you will receive free Toro demonstrations at a location of your choice including your home. This happens at your convenient time. Moreover, they do home deliveries, and you just need to make an order and have your Toro delivered to your home or working place. These adds to a list of financial benefits included in your purchase package.

Product Specialty: Likewise, Double Y Sales & Services not only sell the Toro but also offers you a complete service package of the same. Repairs, maintenance, and even replacements are part of the package.

Mid Valley Power Equipment

Address/Directions: Besides their website at, you can also contact their customer service through (217)-590-0223. Better yet, your questions can be answered at their offices in 406 E. Oak St, Illinois.

Features: This equipment dealer is a family owned business that since establishment, has won various awards for their services. Save for Monday and Sunday, the office operates from 8:30am to 5:00pm. On Saturday, however, the offices close at 2pm.

Benefits: In its basket of goodies, the sales center boasts one of the most efficient and ??ever-present’ customer care services that will attend to your needs whenever you need them. On the same note, they do free lifetime delivery and pick-up on all the equipment they sell despite the distance from their physical location.

Product Specialty: Rather than just conducting the Toro sales, Mid Valley Power Equipment also does maintenance of the product. They deal with a list of brands and manufacturers offering spare parts as well as maintenance services.

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Most Advanced Farm Truck Scale Systems in 2015

Most agricultural-based businesses understand the value of dependable truck scales. A lot of high-volume weight measurements are needed in the farming businesses and mostly during the peak of the harvest season.

Truck scale manufacturers understand this and therefore they provide efficient and portable solutions that meet the needs of many different farmers. Below we delve into some of the most popular and advanced farm truck scale systems in 2015.

Portable Truck Scales

A farmer who has to do a harvesting in numerous farms may find the need of going to a scale station stressful and especially each time a truck is full. It is more stressful if the fields are scattered across a very large piece of land. By using a portable truck scale, a farmer can easily save a lot of time and grieve from the harvest season. A harvesting season is usually very stressful.

Portable truck scales are very easy to use. You can install them on any firm foundation to facilitate its use on the farm production management. Contrary to the many industrial products that will take lots of abuse, portable truck scale are reliable and tough and can last for years. You can work with them in any intense work. After all, you will be driving a very heavy truck over it day in and day out. Even after a hard usage, the scale will continue to provide accurate measurements.

The major reason as to why the scales will last for long is that they are made of heavy duty aluminum, which is lightweight and also extremely durable. After you are through with the weighing process, the truck scale will fold up easily and you will therefore transport it to another location within a short time. Furthermore, its lightweight facilitates easier transporting. Below are two popular forms of portable truck scales. Or you can see a complete display of portable truck scales by clicking here.

In-motion Portable Axle Scales

In-motion axle scales provide you with accurate measurements but with greater efficiency. You only need to drive the truck over the scale. This is appealing as it will save you time, and you will be in your weigh loads without any parking need. If you have a weighing operation that demands high volume throughput and constant use, then in-motion axle scales should be your best. See the video below to get an idea of how these portable in-motion truck scales work from

Static Portable Truck Scales

Most people are used to static truck scales. This is a scale that requires you to drive your truck on it, park it and then read the measurement. This means that to attain the right measurements, you have to drive and park the truck right on the scale. The operation is not hard. However, some people may consider it to be tedious considering all the other options of in-motion truck scales.

On-board Truck Scales

An on-board truck scale can assist you to efficiently utilize your time. If you are unable to take the product to the scale, then you can take the scale to the product. An on-board truck scale features a straightforward load cell technology and in-cab digital weight display. You can find custom-integrated on-board truck scales at

Heavy-Duty Steel-Deck Truck Scales

Lastly, and most certainly not obsolete are steel-deck truck scales (which are also commonly referred to as "weighbridges" or "weighbridge truck scales") The concrete foundation of these steel-deck truck scales (which are often dug into the ground) provide a low-profile design and a top access to the load cells with a benefit of sturdy construction structure.

Weighbridge truck scales can function both as the pit-type and above ground and features unique self setting connectors, which facilitate easier installation and expansion. Although these truck scales are large and cumbersome, they still serve an important purpose for many applications, ranging from farming to logistics and warehousing.