Truck Scales for Sale

Purchasing a truck scale for sale is quite a huge decision. Most truck scales for sale don’t come at a cheap price, and depending upon the option you choose, you can have a truck scale that lasts decades, provided you buy a durable and reliable quality truck scales for sale. In this article, we’ve listed out some important consideration that you must keep in mind when purchasing the truck scale.

Weighbridge Configuration

The first consideration should be the weighbridge configuration. This can be different based on the type of truck scales' intended for use and preference of the customer. The weighbridge is basically composed of one or more modules or truck scale platforms. There are truck scale three configurations types for the weighbridge.

Truck axle scales - In this type of configuration, the truck scale weighs a single axle. It only accommodates tires of the axle group, and not the whole truck. In fact, axle scales verify load of axle and make sure they are not over the legal requirements.

Full-length truck scales - This is the second configuration. The full-length truck scales have multiple modules that are placed end to end. These weighs the entire vehicle. The full-length scale configuration is a bit challenging for some, however, it meets weight requirements for vehicles in commercial areas.

Multi-axle truck scale - This is the last configuration. The multi-axle scale captures the weight of the entire vehicle and each axle group. It captures the weights of the truck and axles, simultaneously. This is acceptable for commercial use, but tends to be of a higher cost.

Some companies that offer truck scales for sale offer a wide variety of these weighbridge configurations. However, most truck scale manufacturers specialize in one or two different types of truck scales for sale.

Truck Scale Foundation Style

Another consideration to keep in mind is the foundation style of the scale. You get two options to consider: pit style and above ground.

Pit-style truck scale foundations need excavation at the site. This foundation is flushed with the surrounding ground, which means only minimal space is used by the truck’s scale without any need of ramps. However, with pit style foundation, the scale is dug in the ground. It can accumulate debris, as well as standing water.

However, the above-ground foundation require ramps, which takes more space. These are commonly named "truck axle scales" and "portable truck scales" and they can be found in many different styles and sizes from companies like Walz Scale

Truck Scale Reliability

Reliability of the truck scale design and manufacturing is also an important component to look for when considering truck scales for sale. Everyone should be aware of factors that can create reliability problems. Load-cell system problems can cause downtime. Cables are another component causing downtime as they connect various components into the systems. Stainless protects against rodents and abrasion.

Junction boxes are also an important component to look for in trucks scales sale. Junction boxes are basically a part of load cell system. Cables from all load cell connect to the junction box, which is then connected to another junction box, followed by the connection to scale terminal. These boxes are, however, frequently compromised by corrosion and moisture. To help eliminate such kind of exposure, look for load cell system without junction boxes.

There is a lot of thought that goes into deciding the kind of truck scales sale one should be buying. The above given considerations are just to help you begin your search. Look out detailed overview on things that you should be considering when looking for truck scales for sale.


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