Thursday, August 28, 2014

Neon Tank Tops Define Summer Fashion

Tank tops are fine and flashy but today things have changed; no ordinary color is good enough. Something that is flashy and can easily draw anyone's attention is required when making a good look work for your plans.

Neon tank tops can fit the bill when it comes to finding something that is truly amazing for your summer fashion needs. It's a great thing to have for many important reasons with many of them involving the beauty of the top and how it can all mix in quite well.

Neon Tanks are Bright Like the Sun

The neon colors that come from such tank tops can include some vibrant tones that will stand out and be very different from what you might normally expect. Neon colors may include tones that feature vibrant shades of orange, blue, pink, green and yellow just to name a few. These colors will light up any space well and will be easy to spot even when a room is a little darker.

Customize Your Neon Tank Tops

The recent rave is being able to customize your neon tank tops with exact color scheme, logo or graphic on the front. This offers the ultimate creative outlet for savvy fashionistas who are interested in designing their own custom tank tops. There are many online for custom tank tops, but if custom neon tank tops is your style, then check out Featured on the site before, is the leading source for customizable neon tank tops and pocket tanks on the web.

Tanks Can be Adjusted

The adjustments that can be made on neon tank tops can make them all the more enticing. Some of these tank tops will feature printed designs that are fascinating and fun to wear. In many cases you might find a series of black graphics that may be added onto the body of your tank top. In other instance the tank may be black with neon printing added onto its body to create an even more intense look.

Neon Tank Tops Look Good on Men and Women

Unlike many other types of fashions, tank tops are an ideal outfit to have whether you're a man or woman. The tank top is a handsome outfit that is different as it features a slim tone and a sleeveless design that works for any body but does not reveal more of one's body than necessary.

Meanwhile, the neck line is a little lower than that of what you'd get on a traditional shirt. This is enough to show off a bit of one's chest without being far too revealing. It has to be made carefully enough to create a more appropriate look for anyone to use.

Tank Tops Aren't Bulky

Many people have issues with some shirts in that they are made with fabrics that might be much thicker than what one is normally used to. It is an annoying issue but this can be avoided when neon tank tops are worn.

These tanks are typically designed with lighter polyester materials. These will not bog down the body and will do rather well with handling moisture. This includes moisture from the water near a pool or other body of water and moisture from all the sweating that one might do during such a hot time in the season.

It's no wonder why so many people buy these outfits for the summer season. They want things that they know will be relaxing and easy to wear during the summer. Besides, if a traditional shirt was to be worn then it would be rather easy for sweat spots to show. A neon tank at least keeps sweat from being prevalent or easily visible while wearing the fashion.

Neon tank tops are more than just fine things to wear. They are also iconic tops that can be great for the summer.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Pettibon Chiropractic System for Posture & Spinal Correction

The structure of our spine, and ultimately posture, is important for maintaining healthy and normal physical function. Abnormal posture can lead to alterations in some of our basic physiological processes, such as blood pressure, headaches, lung capacity, emotions, and even hormonal production.

There's no doubt that it’s difficult to maintain an erect sitting position because postural control is mainly involuntary and reflexive. And although we can temporarily change our posture with the help of voluntary muscular actions, our conscious control ultimately bows to our reflexive neurological control and subconscious behavioral patterns.

From this, you can conclude that best way to achieve a lasting change to spinal structure, or your posture is to somehow correct posture from involuntary, reflexive standpoint. So this logic forms the foundation for a chiropractic-based treatment protocol referred to as The Pettibon System. This chiropractic system was developed by Burl Pettibon for correcting the posture and spine through gradual adaption of postural and spinal reflexes.

The Premise Behind The Pettibon System

The main difference in the overall medical education of any chiropractor is the amount of significance placed on restoring and maintaining the integrity of one’s nervous system. It’s the nervous system that effectively regulates and controls other body functions, so it’s logical to control postural and spinal position and movement. However, it has been observed that chiropractic treatment is not as effective in making gross sand postural changes.

In contrast, the procedures used in The Pettibon Chiropractic System, heavily emphasize on the significance of paravertebral and postural soft tissues in making structural changes. Although some chiropractors incorporate physical exercises in their treatment regimens, many of these exercises of the Pettibon System attempt to change postural through various voluntary neuromotor pathways.

They also include many mirrorimage type workouts, where some postural isotonic exercises are performed by the effected person in mirror-image fashion to correct posture. However, as posture is under reflexive control, it’s much more difficult to change posture through involuntary means alone.

A Biomechanical Approach to Chiropractic Care

Seen from biomechanical perspective, most chiropractors view spines as a series of 24 movable segments. Therefore, chiropractic care and spine manipulation is usually delivered on a segmental basis, using various types of exams performed to ascertain singular misaligned vertebra. In contrast, The Pettibon System aims to treat the skull in humans as a vertebra.

Skull is regarded as one of the most important vertebra, given that most reflexes that ultimately govern the postural controls in the body are housed within the skull, such as the vestibular apparatus and visual system. Therefore, with these neurophysiologic capabilities, the skull appears to be the only vertebra that can easily orient itself to space and time.

Many of the postural reflexes, such as the cervicocollic reflex, vestibulocollic reflex, pelvo-ocular reflex, vestibuloocular reflex, cervical somatosensory input, and cervico-ocular reflex all serve to maintain a level head position in relation to neck and trunk or to the visual field.

Therefore, correction of the static structure of the cervical spine is important for correcting overall spinal and postural position and movement, because the rest of the spine will then orient itself in a top-down fashion. Once this is successfully achieved, the rest of the spine will be corrected according to the normalized reference point.

Pettibon Manipulative Procedures

In The Pettibon Chiropractic System various manipulative techniques are performed both by adjustive mechanical instruments or hands, and rehabilitative exercises in this procedure are not known to the typical physiotherapeutic arsenal. The rehabilitative and manipulative chiropractic procedures are applied on an individual basis, so every treatment plan can be easily designed according to each patient’s needs.

In The Pettibon Chiropractic System, spinal manipulation is carried out in order to provide some temporary increase in joint mobility. This enables patient to carry out rehabilitative exercises due to his/her increased range of motion. In this system, instead of corrective procedures, the rehabilitative exercises becomes the corrective procedure.

If you're interested in learning more about the Pettibon System, or would like to find a provider near you, click here.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tips to Find the Ideal Massage Therapist

If you are looking for a quality massage therapist that can give you a relaxing massage that eases your tensions and alleviates pains from many conditions, then you should be aware of who you're looking into.

This is especially important if you're an athlete who needs a little extra help with taking care of some of the many stresses and pressures that you might experience from all that physical activity that you can easily get into.

Whether you living in San Francisco, CA or Bloomington, IL, below we share some ideas on how you can go about finding the ideal massage therapists in your area.

See If the Therapist Works With Intensive Massages

If you are an athlete then you might find that other more intensive forms of massage therapy may be the key to your health. This is especially as excess wear on your muscles might cause the motions of joints and other parts of the body to become rather limited over time. It can cause nerves to become compressed in some of the worst cases.

Quality massage therapists provide you with access to those who are trained in deep tissue massage treatments to take care of some of the deepest pains in your body. They may also work with ART or Active Release Techniques.

The hands will review the textures of the muscles and break up the adhesion of fibers in the muscles so muscles will become longer and capable of moving as needed. It can create a strong outcome when used well and with enough care as needed.

Is a Myofascial Release Available?

A myofascial release technique is a special type of massage that often goes much deeper and is more therapeutic. This advanced massage treatment option will relax muscles and enhance the flow of blood around your tissues.

A myofascial release is only offered by a few select massage therapists, however is highly sought after by athletes. A talented massage therapist can give your body the support it requires by giving you a massage that relaxes your tissues and enhances the flow of blood in the area so it will not suffer from any serious backups. N8 Touch Massage in Bloomington, IL ( is a perfect example of how their Bloomington, IL massage therapists are able to provide this advanced form of massage if requested.

How Are the Muscles Reviewed?

You might want to talk with a massage therapist about what that person does for reviewing your muscles. Some therapists use MRIs to find trouble spots while others work with special rubbing methods or touching practices to find tense spots. Anyone who has the ability to find the exact trouble spots one has can get to work as quickly as possible no matter what types of treatments have to be utilized at a given time.

How Is the Massage Therapist Experienced and Professionally Trained?

A quality massage therapist particularly needs plenty of experience for one to be approved for any purpose. A good therapist can work after being certified by an organization like the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Anyone who is properly certified will be easy to work with as that person will have received an appropriate education needed for taking care of different parts of the body in a massage process.

Exploring the the best among local massage therapists in Peoria or wherever you're located can really work wonders for your body. Be sure to look for one that is capable of taking care of your general massage needs so you will have the support you deserve for keeping your body active.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Could a Remote Virus Removal Service Help Fix Your Slow Computer?

Do you have a slow computer? Have you been getting warning signals that a virus or malware is present on your platform, and thus needs removal? If so, then this short read is for you. There are many solutions out there, but one of the most convenient and lesser known is remote virus removal services, which can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Sound like a plausible plan of action to fix and optimize your computer? Learn more below about the value and effectiveness of a remote virus removal service below.

Viruses, Malware, Spyware, Oh My!

An unfortunate reality that affects practically every PC and Mac owner is the risk of contracting a virus. Malicious users are constantly finding new ways of spreading their malware and viruses throughout the Internet in hopes of infecting innocent users' computers with harmful intents in mind.

The worst part is that you can never be 100% secure and protected from viruses, even with the best antivirus software that money can buy, since those malicious users are constantly finding new ways for their viruses to bypass detection and successfully infiltrate even the most protected Macs and PCs.

If you happen to become the unlucky victim of a virus or other type of malware, you do have a few options for computer virus removal. You can opt to try removing the virus yourself with antivirus and other types of software, or by wiping your computer's hard drive and starting fresh (of course, after having backed up your valuable data first).

While this would certainly be the most cost-effective method for most people, it can also be the most strenuous and frustrating, particularly when you do not have a backup of your data and when every option that you try doesn't manage to get rid of the malware.

Options for Computer Virus Removal

Thankfully, when all else fails or when you simply don't have the time or skills to fix the problem yourself, you can easily seek out a virus removal professional to get the job done for you.

In this regard, you have two options: bring the computer into a place of business that offers virus removal services, or opt for a remote virus removal service over the Internet. As the former can be a hassle to someone with a busy schedule, many victims of malware have started opting for the remote option simply for its speed and convenience.

Although there are many companies that offer remote virus removal services, one of the best options we found was at Based in Peoria, IL, this team of computer professionals offer affordable and fast remote virus removal services for all types of customers, both residential and commercial.

Thanks to an abundance of available software allowing for remote connections between two computers, the whole process of remote virus removal is easy and cost effective for both parties. The customer benefits from relatively low-cost service, repair speed, and typically a no-cost guarantee unless the malware is effectively removed, making these remote services particularly attractive in comparison to other options.

Why Opt for a Remote Virus Removal Service?

Better yet, opting for a professional removal option such as through remote removal services ensures that any and all problems with your Mac or PC are effectively removed in their entirety, and that your computer will perform at its best once again. Malware can have an enormous impact on the performance and functionality of your computer, in addition to potentially stealing your valuable personal information, which is why simply leaving your infected computer alone should certainly not be an option.

Should you decide to choose a remote malware removal service, be sure to conduct some research into your available options before committing to any one service. It would likely prove helpful to read some customer reviews online and look into each service's offerings, including pricing which can vary quite greatly across different malware removal businesses, in order to make an informed purchase and ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

3 Premier Home Automation Systems for 2014

Good home automation systems are seamless IT/computer-based solutions that connect various aspects of your home (e.g. entertainment, temperature control, lighting, etc.) into one controllable interface.

Most home automation systems are designed to allow you to automate (or make convenient) watching your favorite T.V. programs, listening to music for certain occasions, dimming your lights to match the mood, and safeguarding your home - all from the touch of a button.

There are several home automation systems available in the market currently. Here is a brief review of three of the most popular home automation systems worth giving a second look:

Total Control from URC

Total Control is in essence a family of very innovative products which not only work together, but do so quite flawlessly; in the process they deliver security, comfort and convenience. URC's Total Control home automation system allows users to consolidate all electronics in the home into a menu that’s easy to navigate and allows the user to easily control the internal home climate, lighting and entertainment amongst a variety of options.

The URC Total Control system is also quite versatile and affordable, providing users with both the most complex system to the very basic system that encompasses just the control of your Blu-ray, TV and cable box. The Accelerator software used does save a lot of programming time as it can easily generate all the layouts required by users during the installation process.

This advanced home automation system from URC also comes with a great user interface that’s easy to understand and use. It is also worth noting that the product has a very strong and well versed technical support team that’s always willing and ready to assist.

Finding this home automation system is not easy, but of Peoria, IL offers URC Total Control home automation system for area residents throughout central Illinois.

CLIQ.lite ClareOS Controller Module from Clare Controls

This particular product is designed for use in very cost effective deployments at home. The CLIQ.lite ClareOS Controller Module does feature support for up to eight zones of security, four music zones, two IP cameras, two TV entertainment areas, two thermostats, door locks and ten lighting zones.

Because it integrates a very broad range of interface elements into one unit, it does provide a relatively low entry point for the complete home automation systems from Clare controls, lowering the overall cost of the system, reducing the installation time and drastically simplifying the overall configuration of the entire project.

Because the CLIQ.lite ClareOS Module does use a similar hardware platform as the highly popular; it can be easily be expanded using the software licensing key using the cloud based licensing technology which allows for easy unlocking of the system to the full capacity offered by the All-in-one software.

This will allow for upward scalability with almost no configuration at all. It also receives automatic updates so as to ensure that the product is always up to date with the latest fixes and features without any interruption to other running applications.

HC – 800 Controller from Control4

This home automation system has been developed as the core foundation of basically each and every Control4 project. As a result, the HC – 800 Controller from Control4 packs exceptional horsepower and capabilities, enabling it to run the most demanding control system with ease.

With a 1.8GHz dual core processor, the HC - 800 Controller has enough power to connect and control virtually everything in a typical home set up. It provides Internet audio content through the embedded Tuneln (which requires control4 OS 2.4 or any other later version to run,) as well as audio and video intercom capabilities.

This system also has the MyHome functionality which allows users to utilize their PCs, tablets or even Smartphones to control the system once installed. The user interface is also quite intuitive and easy to use.

Do you know of any excellent home automation systems that making a big appearance this year? Let us know in the comments below.

Truck Weight Scales: Tech Review & Types of Truck Scale Systems

Purchasing truck weight scales is a very costly investment. However, like other investments and acquisitions, even something like truck weight scales require contemplation and examination to make sure you get the best return on your investment.

Most people are confused about where to start when seeking truck scales for sale. In this post, we have discussed some important information that can help you choose the best truck weight scales in the market.

Primary Considerations When Buying Truck Scales

When it comes to truck weight scales, you just need to choose the one that perfectly fits your industrial needs. It’s important to understand that truck scales are very accommodating. They can be used to accurately weigh the load conceded by the truck. In the industry, truck scales are also called weighbridges.

These truck scales are quite huge in size. As mentioned earlier, they are used to weight the load inside the truck. These scales are used by many cargo companies to keep a check on cargo weight, and meet certain requirements set in the industry. The vehicle is weighed with the load, and even without it. This allows the company to accurately calculate the weight of the cargo.

Such types of truck scales, like those offered at are mostly truck scales used for charging by pounds when the truck travels over a bridge. In addition to this, these scales are used to check the gross vehicle weight, and the axle weight. Truck weight scales are employed in many different industries.

Basic Types of Truck Weight Scales

While purchasing weight scales, you will have to consider the different types. In general terms, there are two kinds of weight scales - Full length scales and Axle load scales. Axle load scales are used to measure either one or two axles at a time. On the other hand, full length scales can weigh the entire truck at a time. There are also digital scales easily available in the market. They promise floor scales with a low altitude. The primary reason is that electronic load cells are very slim.

Due to the introduction of heavy duty truck scales in the market, the consistency, precision and accuracy of these weight scales have considerably improved. In addition to this, digital scales also make it easier to measure the load. There’s a lot more potential for advancement in the industry. For instance, a digital scale can be combined with a pallet truck scale to offer more benefits.

Right in the middle of some popular weighing applications, bench weight scales are considered very important. They are specifically designed with high end technology to possess innovative and unique features.

There are many different types of truck weight scales available in the market. In order to make the best choice, you should seek help from an experienced trucking scale professional. He will help you find out the specific truck scales that work best for your specific industrial needs and requirements.

There are many brands and manufacturers offering high quality and affordable truck weight scales. While choosing one, you should conduct an extensive research. These days, you can also look for information on the Internet.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Why Opting for "Retirement Communities" Wins Over "Retirement Homes"

A retirement community is typically a uniquely designed assisted living facility for older adults who are often physically incapable to care for their personal needs. However, some retirement communities host residents who are indeed self-sustainable, yet desire more community-based living.

Nevertheless, almost all retirement communities encourage socialization and provide various recreational activities to keep residents happy and healthy. Most retirement communities share similar characteristics such as: The communities admit only older adults, one must be retired from active employment or business and sharing of services and amenities is encouraged.

There are different types of retirement communities that older adults can choose to live in. They include: Independent living communities which do not offer any personal needs assistance; low cost housing for lower income older adults, mobile homes for working older adults and congregate housing where residents interact and share at least one meal per day.

On the contrary, retirement homes are often housing facilities for older adults who are allocated rooms that resemble apartments within one building block. Facilities for socialization, meals, recreation, and healthcare are also commonly offered to the residents. A retirement home differs from retirement community in that the later offers separate and independent homes for the community’s residents.

Weighing the Advantages of Retirement Communities vs. Homes

If you're searching for information about retirement living options, below we help ou weigh the advantages of retirement communities over retirement homes.


Retirement communities allow residents to live in their own autonomous homes without sharing basic amenities. It is like an extension of your former home where you lived independent of your neighbor. On the other hand residents of retirement homes live in one building complex where independence is limited.

Cost of living

Retirement communities are either government subsidized houses or privately funded luxurious complexes. Thus both low income and high income older adults can dwell in retirement communities that are within their budget. On the contrary, many retirement homes are beyond the means of low income earners.

Care givers

Retirement communities do not emphasize on the need of standby caregivers though they can be called in when required. However, retirement homes can not function without the support and supervision of caregivers.


Retirement communities allow their residents to interact at their own will and at the time they choose. However, retirement homes insist on interaction of their residents leaving little room for privacy.

Prime Example: Retirement Community Snyder Village of Peoria, IL

Located near Peoria, Illinois; Snyder Village is a model retirement community for older adults established in 1988. It is a forty acre facility with apartments, cottage, caregivers and a health center. At the well-known retirement community in Peoria IL, all residents are guaranteed all the amenities, conveniences and the healthcare services they need.

The Snyder Health Center is a modern facility with skilled nursing care and Dementia Special Care Unit. We also have readily available nurses and staff for In-Home Services. Snyder Village provides all rounded care, beautiful and secure facilities and a loving Christian environment. We encourage you to visit our facilities and interact with the residents who love the experience of calling Snyder Village their home. You can also visit the website for more information.

Lastly, having evaluated the exceptional services offered by Snyder Village, one can safely conclude that retirement communities easily win over retirement homes. Visit a few local retirement communities yourself and weigh the advantages for yourself.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Best Massage Bloomington, IL Has to Offer

N8 Touch Massage in Bloomington, IL has been providing massage and wellness therapy for quite a while. At the company's elegant massage center in Bloomington, the massage therapists of N8 Touch Massage strive to offer the clients quality services at affordable rates. To address the ever growing demand for top notch and personalized services, the Bloomington, IL massage center offers the following services:

Swedish Massage

Also known as relaxation massage, Swedish massage therapy is among the most popular therapies. It is offered to all kinds of people whether singles or couples. N8 Touch Massage's therapists apply light and medium touch to the affected regions. This brings relief to various tissues, nerves, joints and other regions. After the activity, a client will leave feeling more relaxed and invigorated.

Deep Tissue

When pain, stress or fatigue is lodged deep inside the body tissues, the best massage that brings quick relief is deep tissue massage. It involves applying pressure deep into the muscles and tissues gradually and slowly. Besides dealing with deep rooted problems, this form of therapy lasts for a longer time. It is effective on people who are going through a lot of stress or are seeking long-term solutions.

Sports Massage

Just as the name suggests, this form of massage therapy is geared towards bringing relief to athletes. The therapy is provided before and also after an event. It targets regions that are used a lot in a given sporting activity, such as legs and thighs, arms and biceps, the neck muscles, more. Apart from bringing relief to various parts, it also strengthens and adds flexibility to the tissues and muscles.


Wellness is also achieved by using special essential oils. These oils have been used since time immemorial to bring quick and long-lasting relief. The natural oils will penetrate the skin hence loosening any taught muscles. They will open up the skin pores thus improving blood and air circulation. Also, the 100% natural oils help in the healing of sores and wounds. After a session, a client will feel more relaxed, soothed and relieved from aching tissues and muscles.

Learn more about the types of massage services that N8 Touch Massage has to offer. The Bloomington, IL massage center also offers special deals to its clients. Currently, introductory deals for new members include the following:

60 Minute Table Massage

This service is given to any new person who visits the wellness centre for the first time. The customer chooses the kind of massage he/she wants. Table massage is quite intense and will provide relief to regions suffering from high stress. The table therapy comes at an introductory offer of $38.

15 Minute Chair Massage

Individuals visiting N8 Touch Massage in Bloomington for the very first time are also eligible for chair massage that lasts for quarter of an hour. The therapy is applied while the customer is sitting on a chair. It is suited for people who might be in a hurry or where the muscles aren’t so stressed. The introductory price of this massage stands at $8.

Please Note: The 60 minute table therapy comprises of consultation (5 minutes), dressing (5 minutes), and the massage (50 minutes).

For more information on N8 Touch Massage in Bloomington, IL, just visit the website, or contact the massage center at:

N8 Touch Massage
2501 East College Avenue Suite C
Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone: 309-661-2110

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Chiropractor Mik Hamilton of Berkeley for Advanced Chiropractic Care

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Berkeley, Hamilton Chiropractic is your top choice.

For 40 plus years, Dr. Mik Hamilton has been practicing exceptional chiropractic care to the residents of Berkeley and the bay area. Dr. Hamilton has created a truly unique and revolutionary approach to the art and science of chiropractic care, blending the exacting science of chiropractics with a holistic approach.

Dr. Hamilton’s experience and expertise in the bio-mechanics of the spine is evident in his use of multiple services, custom-blended to the individual needs of each patient.

Hamilton Chiropractic utilizes several different methods to tailor treatments to the individual, including the Advanced Pettibon System for chiropractic, laser pain therapy, disc decompression, onsite spinal rehab, onsite X-rays, postural correction and home care programs.

Hamilton Chiropractic is the only facility in the bay area to offer all of these treatments under one roof. This has distinguished Dr. Mik Hamilton as of the top chiropractors in Berkeley and the surrounding bay area.

The Pettibon System for Chiropractic Care

Hamilton Chiropractic uses the Advanced Pettibon System Chiropractic with great success and has also trained several other chiropractors in this system.

The Pettibon system utilizes the role of gravity on the spine and nervous system to correct spinal alignment. It works through the use of head and body weights as well as specific exercises.

Spinal Decompression

Hamilton Chiropractic in Berkeley is the only facility in the east bay to employ the most advanced spinal decompression treatment obtainable, ReHab Spinal System.

This is a non-surgical spinal disc decompression rehabilitation system, that is both pain free and safe. With the use of traction, applied at the correct angle, the vertebral joints are able to unlock and rehydrate the discs.

K-Laser therapy

Class IV K-Laser Therapy is also offered at the Berkeley Chiropractic office of Dr. Mik Hamilton.

Laser therapy delivers a targeted amount of light to the chosen area. It can be a very effective aid in healing of soft tissues and wounds as well as pain relief and nerve regeneration. Nearly any body pain or injury can benefit from laser therapy, it is completely painless, has no side effects and is affordable.

Hamilton Chiropractic is a one-stop-shop facility for all your chiropractic needs, including spinal rehab equipment and an on-site x-ray lab. All housed in a relaxed, comfortable and professional atmosphere in North Berkeley.

Optimal wellness for the whole family

A healthy functioning nervous system is vital to optimal health, all people, regardless of age or activity level can benefit from chiropractic care.

The spinal column contains the nervous system which has the important roll of controlling communications between the body and the brain. Even health complaints that may seem unrelated to the spine or nervous system, can likely be treated in a safe, non-surgical, drug free way, at Hamilton Chiropractic. Using a truly holistic approach, rare to come across in the field of chiropractics.

Over 10,000 patients have made the Hamilton choice when seeking chiropractors in Berkeley and the surrounding bay area. When seeking professional assistance with your health goals, you want someone who has the experience and proven track record to get you back to optimal heath.

Find out what Dr. Mik Hamilton can do for you today by calling to schedule a consultation with no obligation. Visit to learn more. Or visit his Berkeley chiropractic office at:

Hamilton Chiropractic
1313 Gilman St, Ste B
Berkeley, CA 94706

Phone: (510) 526-3362