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Best Web Design Companies in Peoria, IL?

Web DesignWhen trying to find the right web design company in Peoria, IL, there are a number of providers that have earned a solid reputation throughout central Illinois. Investing in a website design company is decision that hinges more on cost. Quality of design, ongoing support, and addition web marketing services are just a few additional considerations worth exploring.

Ultimately, a proficient web design company must offer the specific design services you need and at a price that you can also afford. This review of the best web design companies in Peoria, IL should help make your decision much easier.

Facet Web Tech 

As pioneers in central Illinois' digital community, Facet Technologies, Inc. has been serving the computer and technology needs of the Peoria area for several decades. Just recently, Facet Technologies unveiled it's latest branch: Facet Web Tech, one Peoria's newest and quickly emerging web design companies.
Facet Web Tech Design Peoria IL

In addition to custom website design and development services, Facet Web Tech also offers software development solutions. With mobile and web apps becoming a popular and effective way to engage customers and build brands, the software development services of Facet Web Tech make this company an outstanding option among Peoria web design shops.

Another service that sets Facet Web Tech apart from other web designers their website cleanup service. If you have a website that has been hacked, Facet Web Tech can get you going again and help protect you from hackers in the future.

If you are looking for a web company that can take care of every intricate detail of your business’ needs with a one on one approach, Facet Web Tech is the Peoria Area web design company for you.


Lisa Murphy Web Design

Lisa Murphy Web Design is one of Peoria’s exclusive website design companies. This company does not work at a set hourly rate, but rather bills at a set price for each website design package. Lisa Murphy Web Design believes that every package is one of a kind and needs to be treated as such.

Lisa Murphy Web Design specializes in marketing of personal and small business websites. Additional services that are offered are: full website management services, web design, mobile friendly websites, social media and search engine optimization (SEO).

Lisa Murphy Web Design offers an extremely personal touch to make your website design experience one of a kind. From domain name and web hosting setup to maintenance, Lisa Murphy is right there for every step along the way.

Lisa Murphy Web Design also works with some of Illinois’ best advertising, marketing and graphic design companies to capitalize on every possible avenue of getting your website the best web traffic possible. These include: Valerie Clark of Clark Marketing, Graphic Express graphic design company, Mike Boatman commercial and industrial photography, Squarecrow Creative graphic design company, and Videogenique video production company. If website hosting with a personal touch is what you are looking for, Lisa Murphy Web Design is right for you!


Web Design 309

Web Design 309 is Illinois’ perfect choice for business website design. Their focus is increasing website traffic, and thus business for your business, with a personal touch. At Web Design 309, you get big business attitude with a boutique feel. They are headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, but have multiple offices around the country, Web Design 309 promises to “meet you where you are” to lessen the stress in the website design process.

Web Design 309 Peoria ILOther than website design services, Web Design 309 offers a multitude of other services. They specialize in eCommerce Development, Google Adwords Services, Search Engine Optimization and Mobile Applications.

Every website design by Web Design 309 is custom made just for your business. They do not believe in cookie cutter templates for any website. But web services is not all that Web Design 309 offers. It can also provide for you proven marketing strategies to drive more business to your business.

If you are looking for a suave website design with the best SEO, all while being user friendly, while offering the best in marketing strategies, then Web Design 309 is the choice for you!


Cybernautic Design

Cybernautic Design is kind of the middle of the road of the aforementioned for website design companies. The main focus of business for Cybernautic Design is small to medium sized businesses; however, they do work in coordination with large corporations providing website design, hosting and maintenance services.
Cybernautic Design Web Peoria IL

The CEO of this company, Chad Parker, began this business at age 17, in 1998, in his parents’ basement with a single PC in Bloomington, Illinois. As the company grew, Mr. Parker added employees and moved the company out of his parents’ basement to downtown Bloomington. He continued to add multiple locations throughout Illinois and one in the Philippines to offer around the clock service to his customers.

Mr. Parker’s amazing Board members have the talent and experience to lead your business, big or small, in the direction you see fit. Cybernautic Design has a multitude of services available to get the job done right the first time.

Outside of custom website design, the Peoria company offer the following services: search engine optimization, internet marketing, social media and website promotion strategies, data management and web apps, mobile websites and mobile apps, and web video.

Of the services provided, Cybernautic Design is on the forefront of technology advancement with data management, web apps, mobile websites and apps. We all know that society is more so than ever constantly on the go. Your new website design should be as well. Cybernautic Design allows for your customers to view your website and interact with your company through mobile websites and mobile apps. By offering data management services and web apps, this allows for businesses with constantly changing inventory, such as real estate to stay up to date in the cyber world.

Cybernautic Design believes that attention to detail and appropriate delegation of duties is crucial to a well run web marketing program. For your project you will have separate people working on separate parts of your project. The creative staff will take care of the design work. You will have a programming team to take care of the code. Your marketing and search engine specialist will take care of the SEO.

Your website design will truly be custom fit just for your business in every dimension. With this customized web design protocol, Cybernautic Design guarantees results with a one on one feel. They prefer to call themselves a full service web studio, not a website design company. They believe that anyone can put up a cookie cutter website, but it takes a team to get results.

All of this may sound too good to be true, especially when you find out that their prices are affordable as well. They offer free consultations. Contact them today to begin your new project in website design!



As you can see, there are different ways to attack the website design issue for your personal or business website. You have now been given many options. Please take time to adequately analyze, for yourself, all companies in which you may be interested. Spending time upfront to do so will save you loads of time on the backend, not to mention the financial savings as well. As the old adage says, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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Peoria’s Choice for Lawn Mower Sales & Repair Service

Spring is here and it’s time to start taking care of your lawn and garden. This means that its time to take out your old trusty lawn mower and make sure it’s in good running order. Between checking the oil, cleaning and sharpening the blade, replacing gaskets, your lawn mower will need to be fully serviced to make sure it will last you through this season and the seasons to come.
Lawn Mower Repair Peoria IL

It could also be time to replace your lawn mower or maybe time to buy your first one. Lawn mowers are small engine tools that have one job; they need to cut the grass evenly and precisely if you are going to keep your lawn in good condition. They come in a variety styles: riding lawn mowers, push mowers, electric lawn mowers, gasoline mowers. Some of them are simple, just a drum of blades that are powered by nothing more than you pushing it. Others can be complicated and require an instruction manual for safe use.

We have compiled a list of the three best lawn mower repair providers in the Peoria area. Whether you are looking to purchase a new lawn mower or need lawn mower repair services by a professional, the following three companies can serve any of your lawn care needs.

German-Bliss Equipment

German-Bliss Equipment has been a specialized dealer of lawn mowers and related farming and landscaping equipment for over 70 years. With extensive knowledge in all kinds and levels of landscaping equipment, German-Bliss has become the preferred provider by professional landscaping companies for their excellent service and inventory of professional grade equipment.

German-Bliss is a full-service company that also operates a complete parts department and online store. They specialize in understanding their inventory intimately so that they provide excellent repair service and know how quickly replace parts to get you back up and running ASAP. They are also some of the most experienced and well-versed professionals for lawn mower repair in East Peoria, IL.

German-Bliss Equipment
215 Fairlane Dr,
East Peoria, IL 61611
Phone: (309) 694-3700

Wieland’s Lawn Mower Hospital

Wieland’s Lawn Mower Hospital is also a full-service lawn equipment company; they sell and repair all of their equipment in their inventory at good prices. Established in 1984, Wieland’s Lawn Mower Hospital has a history of service and the reputation as the largest outdoor power equipment deal in Peoria. Wieland’s Lawn Mower Hospital tailors their repair service to the machine that you bring, so it's important to call ahead and check that they service your lawn mower if you didn’t buy it from them.

Wieland’s Lawn Mower Hospital
7806 N. Pioneer Ln
Peoria, IL 61615
Phone: (309) 691-0656

Midwest Equipment

Midwest Equipment is the largest dealer of Generac Generators in Central Illinois but they also have an excellent inventory and service repairs for most landscaping equipment. When you purchase your lawn mowers from Midwest Equipment they make sure it is professionally assembled and ready for use the moment that you purchase it and they have an extensive service department for everything that they sell.

With their pickup and delivery service for your lawn mower, it is simple to just call them to come pick up your lawn mower to have it serviced and let them take care of getting it from and to your property.

Midwest Equipment
4826 W. Farmington Rd.
Peoria, IL 91604
(309) 265-0774

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

3 Portable Axle Scales That Offer The Best Bang-for-the-Buck

When you are considering an axle scale weighing system, it is important to choose a solution that can handle your weighing and business needs. The axle scale you choose should not only be efficient and easy to use, but also dependable and durable so that you get the best value for your money.
Portable Axle Scales

There are a few things you need to consider when scouting for the best portable axle scales. Various industries like shipping, mining, construction and farming/agriculture use axle scales for their load management needs, yet many of these industries have unique weighing operations and heavy-duty capacities.

Portable axle scales are a big investment and it can be complex and bewildering for an business or professional who has never purchased a truck scale before. To help you navigate the world of truck scales, here are three portable axle scales that offer the best return for your money.

Walz Scale's AXW-95 In-Motion Axle Scale

Walz Scale products have become the benchmark for portable axle scales and they are used everywhere in the world. Walz portable axle scale systems are known for quality, reliability and accuracy.
Walz Scale's AXW-95 In-Motion Axle Scale

Of the most models are the AXW-series of in-motion portable axle scales. In addition to being ruggedly designed for harsh use and conditions, the AXW axle scales are easy to install and use. It can be applied in a variety of industries.

One of the more popular models that's able to withstand weights up to 95 tons is the AXW-95 In-Motion Axle Scale. This scale is made from a single piece of aluminum that's integrated with advanced weighing systems, which makes dynamic (in-motion) as well as static weighing possible. While driving over the weighing pad at slow speeds of 3-5MPH, you can weigh truck loads without having to stop.

CAS RW-X1S Axle Scale
CAS RW-X1S Axle Scale

The RW-X1S Axle Scale by CAS is a cost effective portable axle scale on the market. The scale is constructed with tubular steel technology that makes it suitable for heavy-duty applications.

The CAS RW-X1S Axle Scale can be used on trailers, concentrated loads, dump trucks, axle truck and more. 3 tubular steel technology also consists of leveling feet that make it easy to use the scale on level roads and uneven gravel roads. The unit is easy to assemble and only takes about a few minutes to be ready for operation.

Prime USA’s PS-40KWP2

The PS-40KWP2 axle scale from Prime USA is constructed from aluminum enhanced with rubber. The scale is robust and suitable for use with dump trucks, trailers and other types of truck. The Prime USA’s PS-40kWP2 axle scale has a low profile with factory calibrated axle scale system and a stainless steel indicator.
PS-40KWP2 Axle Scale

The PS-40KWP2 comes with a portable carrying case, which means it can be taken anywhere. The scale’s four ramps have two sets of scales that each has a capacity of 20,000 lbs, so it's a lesser capacity axle scale compared to Walz and other brands.

Any freight, farming, or mining company should consider portable axle scales as they are ideal for use in places where concrete foundations are not possible. Some axle scales, like those from Walz Scale, can handle loads of up to 80,000 lbs and come in a variety of capacities to suit the needs of the users. Portable axle scales can save both time and money for a business in the long run.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

3 Trusted Suppliers of Bank Equipment & Security Systems

It goes without saying that there are multiple companies across the globe that play the role of supplying bank equipment and security systems.

Nonetheless, there are only a few companies that are known to provide quality bank vaults, vault doors, and any other security systems. Hence, many bank executives have to be very careful when choosing a company to supply banking equipment and security systems.

Since banking equipment and security systems are sensitive factors in any bank, it is vital to choose a reputable company that provides quality services. Therefore, this write-up is intended to give a review of three trusted suppliers of banking equipment and related bank security products.

Seico Security 

Bank Security Systems Seico Security is a company that has been providing a variety of banking security equipment and products for various financial institutions. Unlike other companies, Seico Security has the expertise to design as well as engineer a broad range of security systems according to your financial ability and specifications.

This reputable security systems company prides itself on providing custom designed security systems to meet your financial institution’s communication, equipment, and security needs. Furthermore, it is re-known worldwide for providing banking equipment and security systems at an affordable price.

Seico Security is your ultimate source of all your bank equipment and security systems such as; drive-up systems, night safes, video systems, vaults, entrance control systems, and Undercounter cabinetry, just to mention a few. Therefore, if you are looking bank equipment and security systems, then Seico Security is the ultimate destination. For more info about Seico's banking equipment and bank security systems, visit

FireKing Security Group 

Bank Equipment VaultsFireKing Security Group is popular for the manufacture of safety, security, and a variety of asset protection products meant for retail, commercial, and any home office needs across the globe. The company has been in the market for an extended period and has gained more credibility when dealing with bank equipment and security systems.

FireKing Security Group offers a variety of bank equipment and security systems including storage cabinets, impact and fire-resistant cabinets, record safes, depository safes, cash handling safes, data safes, commercial chests, wall safes, floor safes, narcotic lockers, and specialty safes. Furthermore, FireKing Security Group prides itself on offering high-end video security systems such as cameras, digital recorders, and many other accessories.


IoSafe is a famous company known for the manufacture and supply bank vaults, disaster-proof devices, and digital safes, just to mention a few. The company is re-known for providing secure storage and leadingage security equipment that can stand any natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and fire.

As a result, IoSafe is one of the most trusted company offering bank equipment and security systems such as surveillance systems, vaults, and pneumatic tubes among many other financial institution`s requirements. The company has been in the market for a period more than twenty-five years.

IoSafe offers the necessary experience and expertise to offer quality products that will serve all your requirements. Furthermore, the company specializes in safety deposit boxes, under-the-counter safe, and bank vaults. Therefore, if you are in need of top notch bank equipment and security systems, IoSafe is the company for you.

The above review of the three trusted suppliers of bank equipment and security will help you to comprehend and quickly spot the leading companies in the supply of quality products when you intend to make a purchase.

Monday, May 16, 2016

5 Stunning Sleeveless Cycling Jerseys for Women

Pearl Izumi Women's W-Select Sleeveless Cycling JerseyShopping for unique sleeveless cycling jerseys can be difficult with so many options on the market. So to help you find the best jersey that suits your needs and style, here are five of the most stunning sleeveless cycling jerseys for women.

1. Pearl Izumi Women's W-Select Sleeveless Cycling Jersey

Available in a variety of solid colors, this unique cycling jersey is blend of comfort and creativity. The W-Select combines technical fabric with tasteful style thereby creating a stunning all-round sleeveless jersey.

Its Select Transfer Dry fabric with UPF 50+ promotes effective moisture transfer and compression. Women's W-Select sleeveless cycling jersey from Pearl Izumi has full length ventilation zippers allowing you to regulate your core temperature that is, how much airflow you want via the jersey. In addition, it features two integrated back storage pockets and reflective elements for visibility purposes.

2. Balloon Women’s Sleeveless Cycling Jersey

Balloon Women’s Sleeveless Cycling Jersey
This is another unique and stunning cycling jersey for women perfect for those who really love and appreciate an artistic style in their riding gear. The Balloon Women’s sleeveless cycling jersey has a vibrantly colored pattern that you would see on a passenger balloon. It is made of ultra soft euro mesh fabric for maximum comfort and its seamless sleeveless design and breathable fabric makes it ideal for summers.

For venting, the jersey comes with a zipper and 3 rear pockets for storage purposes. It also features a silicon gripper band that keeps rear of jersey in place as you cycle and its fabric gives SPF 30 protection to keep you safe from the sun’s UV rays. What’s more, compared to most other women’s sleeveless cycling jerseys on the market, the Balloon Women’s sleeveless cycling jersey provides a very high value for a low price. Check out this jersey and other great cycling jerseys for women at

3. Louis Garneau Women's Beeze-Vent Sleeveless Cycling Jersey

Designed with a lightweight, mesh fabric, this jersey is sure to keep you dry and comfortable during summer months while training. The Louis Garneau Beeze-Vent sleeveless cycling jersey is made with lightweight Airfit and AirMesh fabric that features moisture wicking properties.
Louis Garneau Women's Beeze-Vent Sleeveless Cycling Jersey

The Beeze-Vent Sleeveless Cycling Jersey from Louis Garneau also features front and back reflective elements for enhanced visibility, 3 back pockets, an invisible front zipper and a separate multimedia pocket for headphones to be channeled inside the jersey. In addition, it has a rounded collar for style and its fabric is sure to give you SPF 50 sun protection from dangerous rays. See this cycling jersey at

4. Moxie Cycling Women's Cadence Sleeveless T-Back II Jersey

Moxie Cycling Women's Cadence Sleeveless T-Back II JerseyFor people looking for a lightweight cycling jersey with a little bit more style, this Moxie Cycling jersey is a perfect deal. Thanks to its sleeveless design and its moisture transport fabric, The Cadence Sleeveless T-Back II Jersey keeps you cool during those sweltering hot rides.

Unique to most women's cycling jerseys, the Cadence Sleeveless T-Back II Jersey offers removable bra cups offer you customizable coverage while its built in bras provides more support and eliminates the need to wear regular bra. It also features 3 front pocket design plus a hidden zippered pouch secure and large enough for storing your belongings such as a jacket or your credit cards. Check it out at

Giordana Women's Sleeveless Arts Jersey5. Giordana Women's Sleeveless Arts Jersey

This is another great jersey for people who want to look stylish on the bike without being encumbered by zippers and sleeves. Arts Jersey from Giordana is constructed with Gi31 material, a soft, wicking and stretchy fabric that is able to draw moisture away from your skin thereby keeping you dry and cool.

The jersey comes with 3 front pockets and reflective tab sewn into the left side for visibility. It also comes in a variety of solid colors and sizes. See this women's sleeveless cycling jersey at

In conclusion, to find the best sleeveless cycling jersey, always ensure you do a thorough research and ensure you buy the jerseys from a trusted brand and online store. This way you can be sure to get value for your money.

Friday, May 13, 2016

5 Formax Pressure Sealer Machines for Faster Mailing

Gone are the days when you had to burst, decollate, fold, insert and then seal an envelope by hand. With a pressure sealer, you eliminate the need for an envelope by providing an efficient, productive and cost-effective way to process and deliver mail. This incredible machine uses special seal paper pressure to quickly fold and create a perfectly sealed piece of mail to be used for mailing outbound postage, such as invoices or confidential information.
 Formax Pressure Sealer Machines
Therefore, in an office mailroom where time and efficiency are of utmost importance, a good pressure sealer machine designed using the latest pressure sealing technology to deliver a guaranteed intact seal is of the essence. Look no further than the widely renowned pressure sealer machines by Formax, which are some of the leader designs on the market. Here is an inside look at their best models:

Formax FD 2054 Pressure Sealer

Formax FD 2054 Pressure Sealer
This masterpiece is designed to process sensitive one piece self-mailers in a professional and fun way. The Formax FD 2054 pressure sealer is easy and efficient to use only requiring the pressing of a few buttons to get it up and running. Some of the great features behind the Formax FD 2054 pressure sealer include:

1. 5 pre –programmed standard folds for panels V, C, Z and centered C and Z folds
2. Flexible speed of 11,000 forms in an hour
3. High-volume duty cycle
4. Automatically detects and adjusts 11, 14 and 17 forms
5. Quiet operation with a hopper capacity of 350 sheets

Formax FD 2200-10 Pressure Sealer

 Formax FD 2200-10 Pressure SealerThe Formax FD 2200-10 Pressure Sealer is a powerful perfectly stand-alone pressure sealer that is designed to produce high outputs of the job with ease and dependability also, handle with ease high-production mailers who wish to use their floor model folders. The Formax FD 2200-10 pressure sealer features:

1. Fully automated settings to provide for fast and easy setups for different jobs
2. Speed of up to 40,000 forms per hour
3. Endowed with a heavy duty construction and two fixed locking and swivel casters
4. Capable of high-production due to precision clutching pressure rollers
5 .Through its installed infrared sensor placed at the infeed of the sealer, it has the ability to detect faults

Formax FD 2094 Pressure Sealer 
Formax FD 2094 Pressure Sealer

The Formax FD 2094 pressure sealer is a fully-functional pressure sealer designed to use a bottom air feed system for continual loading of cut-sheet papers in a mid-volume effective and productive environment. Features of this pressure sealer include:

1. Has a capability of producing at least 400,000 forms a month at a speed of 28,000 forms an hour
2. 6 pre-programmed folds of automated settings
3. Has a fault detection system
4. Fold types are V, C, Z, uneven Z and custom
5. Has a Static eliminator

Formax FD 2084 Pressure Sealer

Formax FD 2084 Pressure Sealer
The Formax FD 2084 pressure sealer utilizes pressure seal technology for folding and sealing continuous pressure seal forms in a row in an efficient and productive environment. It comprises of some of the follow pressure seal mailing capabilities.

1. The flexible speed of up to 28,000 forms per hour
2. Fault detector
3. Has a static eliminator
4. Fold types are C, V, Z, uneven Z and custom
5. 20-inch formability

Formax FD 2200 Series Pressure Sealers

Formax FD 2200 Series Pressure SealersThe Formax FD 2200 Series of pressure sealers is designed in an easy and dependable set up to offer maximum productivity in high-volume jobs. These pressure sealer machines from Formax offer fully-automated settings for an easy and efficient variety of jobs. Some of the primary features behind the Formax FD 2200 Series of pressure sealers.

1. Reliable speed of up to 40,000 forms per hour.
2. Duty cycle production volume
3. Heavy duty embodiment
4. Fold types are half, C, Z, uneven Z and custom
5. Interlocks for fault detection and safety

Consider the most effective model for your business from the above list to ease your mail work and become more productive.