Friday, January 8, 2016

3 Top-Notch Tailgate Salt Spreaders from SnowEx

snowex salt spreader parts
With a long history of innovations, from low maintenance motor/transmission drive systems to corrosion resistant poly hoppers and wireless controlled utility salt spreaders, SnowEx is by far one of the leading salt spreader manufacturers currently in the market.

Here is an objective review of some of the leading SnowEx salt spreaders in the tailgate product portfolio, these include but are not limited to the following:

SnowEx Tailgate Pro SP-1075X Salt Spreader

snowex tailgate spreader partsThe SnowEx Tailgate Pro SP-1075X salt spreader comes with a patented sealed 12 volt electric drive/transmission enclosure that’s safely and securely protected from the elements. The unit also comes with a heavy duty non-combustible automotive style wiring harness. The model offers plenty of versatility and flexibility with its optional pivot, receiver and three point mounting systems. Some of the key features include the spinner motor transmission which is completely electric powered, drawing its electricity from the vehicle.

The SnowEx Tailgate Pro SP-1075X does also have a digital, self diagnosing control that offers variable speed control of the spinner as well as a three (3) inch high flow auger that allows the unit to consistently spread calcium flake and bagged rock salt. Rarely is the case when this rugged model breaks-down, but when repairs are needed, it's easy to find replacement SnowEx spreader parts on the web.

Weighing 141lbs and an overall length and height of 21” and 40” respectively, the SnowEx Tailgate Pro SP-1075X salt spreader is quite sturdy and reliable compared to most of SnowEx salt spreaders.

SnowEx SR-210 Wireless Tailgate Salt Spreader

snowex wireless tailgate spreader parts
This SnowEx salt spreader is specifically designed to handle bagged rock salt. As a plug and play unit, the SnowEx SR-210 Wireless Tailgate Salt Spreader features a vertical high flow auger that’s fitted with a patented spinner motor that gets its electricity from the car, this implies that there is no need to run an electrical harness from the spreader to the cab. All you do is install the unit in 51mm (2 inch) receiver hitch and then connect the seven pin harness and use the wireless key fob to control the spreader.

The receiver mount makes it easy to attach the spreader to a variety of vehicles. The SnowEx SR-210 Wireless Tailgate Salt Spreader does offer two speed settings for ease of operation. The spinner motor is also protected from the elements by a sealed drive enclosure. Weighing 68 lb, the spreader does have an overall length of 22”, an overall height of 32” a hopper length of 22” and a hopper width of 30”. This ensures that the model offers rock solid performance. This also makes it more convenient to fix and replace SnowEx tailgate spreader parts when repairs are needed.

SnowEx Bulk Pro SP-1875 Salt Spreader

snowex bulk pro spreader parts
This SnowEx salt spreader can handle pretty much any type of material, from salt/sand mix to bulk sand and salt. The SnowEx Bulk Pro SP-1875 Salt Spreader features a transverse auger transmission that’s fitted with a 12V electric motor which offers not only a reliable operation but also low maintenance. By simply using heavy duty, variable pitch flighting, the auger does provide very balanced delivery of material to the spinner, allowing the tailgate salt spreaders to distribute the bulk material with accuracy levels that are unmatched. Further to this, it does also have a patented inverted V baffle that allows a consistent flow of bulk materials to the auger.

To maximize the flow, there is a vibrator that’s attached to the inverted baffle. The model does also have dual variable speed digital control units which allow for the independent adjustment of auger and spinner speeds. The unit does come with a variety of mount options, offering plenty of flexibility. To keep large clumps of salt out of the hopper, the unit is fitted with a top screen. The SnowEx Bulk Pro SP-1875 salt spreader weighs 180lbs, has an overall length of 24”, an overall height of 36”, a hopper length of 21” and a hopper width of 47”.


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