Friday, January 22, 2016

3 Affordable Alternatives to Heavy-Duty Weighbridge Scales

Traditionally, a heavy-duty truck weighing system has meant a weighbridge. Weighbridge systems do have some advantages, but there are also plenty of reasons why they may not be right for some companies.

weighbridge scale systemsWeighbridge scale systems not cheap, for a start. They take up a great deal of space. They need a long-winded installation routine. They require constant attention to keep them accurate and in good shape. They can't be moved around, either.

So, if you're looking for an alternative to a traditional weighbridge, what heavy-duty truck weight scales for sale (or for rent)? Here are three types that could well suit your needs better.

1. Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales offer an excellent solution for many businesses, especially those who are looking for a highly cost-effective and reliable method of weighing their payloads. They're often used by farmers and other workers in the agricultural sector to weigh and record their harvest loads, as well as to record associated data. They are available in a range of configurations - most scales can be set up to suit a variety of uses - and are strong, durable, and waterproof.

For those who can't justify the cost of purchasing scales like these outright, it's possible to obtain them on a temporary basis, as there are companies which offer portable truck scales for rent. This can be a very cost-efficient and flexible arrangement for smaller businesses in particular, especially as rental companies are often able to offer very attractive terms, including handling the maintenance and upkeep of the scales where necessary. To find portable truck scales for rent, click here to find the industry's most trusted supplier.

2. Axles Scales

Also known as axle weighing pads, axle scales are another type of truck scale suitable for smaller or faster-moving weighing operations. Axle scales are becoming increasingly popular because of their reliability when recording weights. For example, axle scales for farmers can check that their loads are within the mandated limits and so not have to worry about the possibility of being fined for overloading. Scales of this type strike an excellent balance between portability and strength, allowing them to be moved around for easy use in a number of locations.

Axles scales also have the advantage that their maintenance requirements are low, which keeps running costs to a minimum. Most models are constructed to heavy-duty designs that do away with any need for concrete pads, instead being able to be used straight on a suitable hard surface. Scale readouts are powered by batteries, making portable use straightforward. Many scales come with printers already fitted to the scale readout, giving a quick and easy way to print weight tickets.

3. Load Volume Scanner

load volume scanner truck
The interesting thing about the load volume scanner is that, despite its name, the load scanner is not actually a weigh scale. The load volume scanner is actually specialized type of volumetric laser scanner, which is why they're also known as volumetric load scanner systems. These systems have a number of advantages, in particular - affordability, efficiency, and speed. Load volume scanner systems are quick and easy to install, straightforward to learn how to operate, and offer fast results - all elements vital in today's business environment where every minute counts.

The load volume scanner scans and calculates the volume of the truck load passing under the unit, then instantly converts these volume measurements to weight metrics. This helps users to determine the weight and load distribution of payloads without the need for cumbersome and costly trial and error. As well as being highly efficient, these load volume scanners are much cheaper than traditional weighbridge scales, as well as offering features that the older type can't. They're usually supplied with dedicated software that allows operators to see 3D graphics of truck loads in high definition.


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