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Top 3 Distribution & Logistics Warehouses in Florida

 Logistics Warehouses in Florida
If you're looking for highly-regarded distribution and logistics warehouses in Florida, then this review article is for you. Unlike simple storage warehouses, distribution and logistics warehouses offer more advanced solutions in supply chain management and third-party logistics, such as temperature controlled storage, packaging and kitting, order fulfillment, freight forwarding and shipping services. Below are three leaders in Florida who provide such logistics warehousing solutions.

1. United Facilities, Inc.

United Facilities, Inc. is a reputable logistics company that many companies utilized due to its excellence and experience in supply chain management. When you do choose United Facilities for warehousing in Florida, you can be certain that you would have the intricate storage solutions and workforce that will enable your business to leverage complete supply chain management and logistics management services. The company operates for many companies from retail to food and beverage, thus making them among one of the most highly rated companies to hire when you need distribution and logistics warehouses in Florida.

The company provides a wide range of global supply chain services, which includes transportation management, warehousing, international freight forwarding, customs brokerage, project logistics, global TMS technology and global trade compliance services. You will be able to make a choice of that company you would need especially when making your choice especially when acquiring these available options from the market.

With these integrated logistics and engineering solutions the company provides, you will be certain that you would choose those excellent deals during your choice especially when you need to get our services plastics, chemical, consumer goods and pulp and paper in the automotive industry.

2. The Ruthven Centers, Inc.

distribution warehouse
Ruthven Centers, Inc. is a national company offering logistics solutions especially for packaged goods of manufacturers. They have a wide range of features that makes them specialized in warehousing, auxiliary fulfillment and transportation services. As opposed to other companies, you will always find that they have efficient distribution as opposed to other companies. With the deals that you would have during your purchase, you will definitely be able to get excellent deals during your market purchase.

Ruthven Centers also uses cutting edge technology with safety features to facilitate storage as well as food grade handling even as you get one from the market. They have been among the providers capable of providing distribution, warehousing and transportation services for those who need them. You will definitely be certain that you would enjoy the kind of services even as you do acquire these products.

3. Penser Supply Chain Logistics

Penser Supply Chain Logistics is a reputable company that has unique features when compared to others operating in the Florida. They have been rated as among the top supply company through delivering streamline efficiencies for the customers who need these services.

With Penser Supply Chain Logistics, you will definitely be certain that you would get these services that you would need especially when acquiring the services well. They also offer other services such as packaging, pick and pack, kitting and sequencing combined with a modern transportation solution and bulk material handling.

In conclusion, when you read the above information, you will understand the review of top 3 distribution and logistics warehouses in Florida thus making a choice to hire one.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

5 Warehouse Automation Products from CASI

Automation Products from CASIAs the world embraces technology, competitive businesses are constantly looking for ways to automate their operations. For companies in warehouse, logistics, and distribution, technology can be the make point or break point. This is because warehouse businesses that adopt latest technology stay competitive in their industry.

Businesses have embraced technology by automating most of their functions. Automation is an advantage to any business because it leaves little room for error especially along an assembly line. The business can also meet its set goals easily in terms of production due to automation. This is inevitable the way to go for most of the businesses.

CASI (Cornerstone Automation Systems) is one business which helps other businesses install automated machines into the system. There are quite a number of automated machines which are available for logistics warehouses and distribution centers. Some of them include:

Sortation Systems

CASI offers a full range of sortation systems. They manufacture sortation systems for large parcels, cases, mailers and other items that fall under this category. Applications for the systems include zone routing for pick and pass application, carrier and shipping sortation, sort-to-order, reject systems and many more.
Sortation Systems

The following are some examples of standard conveyor sortation products that are available:
  • Pop up Sortation: 90 degrees sortation systems that work in-line with the ZPA roller conveyor for parcel and case sortation.
  • Overhead sorters: ideal for small items, parcels, flats and cases. Popular for books and media applications
  • Pushers and diverts: they are for exception handling, parcel sortation and other applications
  • High-speed sortation systems: such as shoe sorters
  • Merge conveyors: required when products must be consolidated for shipment

Picking Systems 

The order picking systems are determined by companies based on a few common factors. Some of them include: characteristic of the product being handled, quantity per pick, picks per order, value added processing such as private labeling and many more. Some of the picking systems available include:
    Picking Systems
  • Order picking software
  • Picking systems design
  • Dispensing systems
  • Robotic warehouse solutions

Checkweigher Systems

CASI offers checkweigher systems that can process up to 80 parcels per minute depending on the carton size. The line-up for these include:
  • Advanced checkweigh systems
  • In-motion weighing scales
  • In-line checkweighers
  • Conveyor-based scales

IBOD Automatic Case Openers

CASI's fully-programmed and automatic case opener systems come in two variations: the IBOD Single and the IBOD Double:
  • IBOD Single Automatic Case Opener - which is capable of removing tops from cases at a rate of up to 500 cartons per hour
  • IBOD Double Automatic Case Opener - which is similar as the Single but capable of opening 1000 cartons per hour.
Automatic case openers from CASI are known to be some of the best in the industry.

Cubers & Dimensioners

CASI also manufactures some of the most advanced cubers and dimensioners used to determine package and parcel dimensions for shipping and distribution. They offer one of the industry's most advanced in-motion package dimensioning systems that are an integral part of the turnkey manifest lines. The SolidCube is sold in conjunction with a CASI in-motion scale so that it accurately captures and records package dimensions and weights.

Any warehouse distribuion center looking to automate its process can sure get quite a number of items that can be helpful in the process. CASI has a very wide range of machine, automated systems and software that can be helpful to a business. All this with an aim of making the client stay competitive in its business.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Top 3 Industry-Trusted Bank Vaults for Financial Institutions

bank vaults security
Safeguarding money and other financial assets is the primary role of most banks and financial institutions. The outside security perimeter is not always enough as there have been many cases where massive intrusions have been made. For this reason, the design of bank vaults is a highly intricate and often times secretive task which has been left to only few entities. This is in an effort to maintain ultimate secrecy concerning bank vault design and to avoid exposing how these important mechanisms are made.

There are some models of bank vaults for sale which are truly outstanding and have thus found a special place in the trust of many financial institutions who wish to upgrade their banks vaults, or in some cases, do a complete overhaul.

"Cash Wizard" Bank Vaults from AMSEC

AMSEC or better known as the American Security is one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of bank vaults. The company, established in 1944 by Glen Hall first gained its mark by producing safes for guns and other personal high confidential documents.

One of the most recognizable bank security system vaults from the American Security is the Cash Wizard and the company has been producing over 60,000 bank vaults of this kind on yearly basis. To enhance the security as well as reliability of AMSEC bank vaults, the vaults are fitted with electronic locking options and are made in such a way they are resistant to fire, water and any corrosive agent which they may be exposed.

Sentry Safe Bank Vaults

bank vaults for sale
Sentry Safe was founded in 1930 in New York and is involved in production of safes for jewelry, documents, guns and not forgetting high end vaults for banks. The bank vaults produced are known for their durability thanks to toughness of the materials from which they are made from. The bank vaults are known for the extreme protection they offer when it comes to fires and other aspects like mechanical and electrical locking options are also given high standards.

Sentry Safe is now a global player when it comes to producing bank vaults that meets the high security standards set by the military, banks and other financial institutions. The company has its headquarters in the United States and an additional international branches based in Canada and Japan.

Fort Knox Security Metallic Bank Vaults

Fort Knox Security is also a top bank vault manufacturer and does boasts of many models. Reading from the company’s website their products must be really unique. One aspect which the company discloses is that they allow their clients to customize features like the interior of the bank vaults. Besides the tough metallic coating, the vaults are covered with recycled and highly durable carpet materials and this allows for the vaults to be subjected to heavy use.

Security is always a matter of concern for the manufacturers of bank vaults. For this reason, it is very difficult or close to impossible to come across reviews of the models which are being produced by different manufacturers. The security provided by bank vaults is highly immense and we can therefore understand why information based on bank vaults is usually limited. Banks do put all their trust on bank vaults as it is guaranteed that any money or precious item stored won’t get to be on the wrong hands. If the reverse happens then high chances are that some inside job must have been involved.

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3 Affordable Alternatives to Heavy-Duty Weighbridge Scales

Traditionally, a heavy-duty truck weighing system has meant a weighbridge. Weighbridge systems do have some advantages, but there are also plenty of reasons why they may not be right for some companies.

weighbridge scale systemsWeighbridge scale systems not cheap, for a start. They take up a great deal of space. They need a long-winded installation routine. They require constant attention to keep them accurate and in good shape. They can't be moved around, either.

So, if you're looking for an alternative to a traditional weighbridge, what heavy-duty truck weight scales for sale (or for rent)? Here are three types that could well suit your needs better.

1. Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales offer an excellent solution for many businesses, especially those who are looking for a highly cost-effective and reliable method of weighing their payloads. They're often used by farmers and other workers in the agricultural sector to weigh and record their harvest loads, as well as to record associated data. They are available in a range of configurations - most scales can be set up to suit a variety of uses - and are strong, durable, and waterproof.

For those who can't justify the cost of purchasing scales like these outright, it's possible to obtain them on a temporary basis, as there are companies which offer portable truck scales for rent. This can be a very cost-efficient and flexible arrangement for smaller businesses in particular, especially as rental companies are often able to offer very attractive terms, including handling the maintenance and upkeep of the scales where necessary. To find portable truck scales for rent, click here to find the industry's most trusted supplier.

2. Axles Scales

Also known as axle weighing pads, axle scales are another type of truck scale suitable for smaller or faster-moving weighing operations. Axle scales are becoming increasingly popular because of their reliability when recording weights. For example, axle scales for farmers can check that their loads are within the mandated limits and so not have to worry about the possibility of being fined for overloading. Scales of this type strike an excellent balance between portability and strength, allowing them to be moved around for easy use in a number of locations.

Axles scales also have the advantage that their maintenance requirements are low, which keeps running costs to a minimum. Most models are constructed to heavy-duty designs that do away with any need for concrete pads, instead being able to be used straight on a suitable hard surface. Scale readouts are powered by batteries, making portable use straightforward. Many scales come with printers already fitted to the scale readout, giving a quick and easy way to print weight tickets.

3. Load Volume Scanner

load volume scanner truck
The interesting thing about the load volume scanner is that, despite its name, the load scanner is not actually a weigh scale. The load volume scanner is actually specialized type of volumetric laser scanner, which is why they're also known as volumetric load scanner systems. These systems have a number of advantages, in particular - affordability, efficiency, and speed. Load volume scanner systems are quick and easy to install, straightforward to learn how to operate, and offer fast results - all elements vital in today's business environment where every minute counts.

The load volume scanner scans and calculates the volume of the truck load passing under the unit, then instantly converts these volume measurements to weight metrics. This helps users to determine the weight and load distribution of payloads without the need for cumbersome and costly trial and error. As well as being highly efficient, these load volume scanners are much cheaper than traditional weighbridge scales, as well as offering features that the older type can't. They're usually supplied with dedicated software that allows operators to see 3D graphics of truck loads in high definition.

5 Companies That Specialize in Pediatric Billing Services

Whenever a patient visits a pediatrician and they possess health care coverage of any kind, the pediatrician is required to submit the bill to the insurer for payment. It would be logical to suggest that the health care provider simply send out invoices by themselves to save on the expense.
Pediatric Billing Services

However, insurance companies don’t like paying bills unless they absolutely have to. As a consequence, the companies have set up stringent rules and guidelines for pay outs. This is where pediatric billing services come into play. They have devised specialized software and can easily maneuver the provisions to ensure the doctors get paid as fast as possible.

Electronic billing may not be a forte for a pediatrician or the pediatric clinic staff, thus, it may be wise to seek professional help. For example, claims submitted via invoice may take up to thirty days to process as opposed to ten days via electronic submissions. This when specialized companies that provide pediatric billing services can offer much needed assistance.

Practice Management (

Practice Management boast a highly trained team of specialists to ensure the highest levels of service rendering. The specialists promptly provide unique pediatric billing for a range of pediatric services including hearing screening, laboratory, vision screening, new-born care, behavioral screening among others.

Practice Management tentatively follows up on claims to ensure payments are accelerated and denied claims avoided. As a result, clients experience faster payments, higher revenues, increased cash flow, lower overhead, thus affording more time on patient care.

Medical Billers and Coders (

Medical Billers and Coders (MBC) has assembled certified professional coders who are proficient in using latest complex billing software and advanced coding software to provide expert, competent and satisfactory pediatric billing services.

MBC delivers competent and precise billing service to a variety of pediatric services such as pediatric endocrinology, pediatric diabetes, pediatric cardiology, pediatric nephrology, pediatric pulmonology, behavioral psychology, nutrition services, pediatric diabetes, child life program, among others.

MBC professionals incorporate modifiers in their codes to allay delays, denials, audit checks and re-submission of claims. Subsequently, MBC’s clients enjoy increased revenues, reduced audit risks, a significant reduction in operational costs, faster payments, and efficient and accurate billing practices.

Billing Paradise (

Billing Paradise consolidates complex, error-less medical billing procedures to effect seamless service to its clients.

Billing Paradise promises its clientele of highly specialized professionals with superior knowledge of pediatric codes, pediatric billing guidelines, and the patient persistence to pursue each and every claim.

Billing Paradise cites a number of reasons why they’re the ideal option for pediatricians such as: providing precise and accurate pediatric codes, billing in accordance to the pediatric care provided, providing reduced operational costs (up to 30% less), and the ability to handle online billing software used by the clientele.

5 Star Billing Service (

5 Star Billing Service is a company provides the experience and expertise necessary to tackle the numerous complexities of pediatric billing. 5 Star Billing pride themselves to a gamut of benefits including accelerated payments, 24/7 access to financial info and patient data, transparency, increased revenue, full practice management reporting, excellent customer service, reduced expenses, among others.

5 Star Billing generates precisely coded claims for processing whereby hassle-free payments may be received in as little as ten days.

Capture Billing (

Capture Billing boasts national acclaim for flawless pediatric billing services that eventually translates into higher revenue for pediatrics’ practices.

They provide a free consultation to potential clients and dispense necessary advice on how they can improve the billing service. They also possess a high conversion rate of up to 98% of claims paid the first time submitted.

All in all, it’s important to note that delegating tasks to professionals will work miracles for your practice over the long run. Hence, it’s vital for pediatricians to find a competent billing service company that complements their practice.

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Mailing Machines & Postage Meter Supplies: Walz Label & Mailing Systems for the Win

Walz Label & Mailing SystemsWalz Label & Mailing Systems is a leading supplier of some of the best mailing machines, business mailroom equipment, postage meters supplies and consumables. Walz provides complete support for a wide range of companies from mailing houses and large printers to small organizations and corporations that use their own in-house mailing systems.

The mailing machines and postage meters offered at Walz save customers both money and time by making mailing processes efficient and easy. Their products range from label and envelope printers, postage meters, poly wrapping systems, folding and inserting machines and direct mailing services.

The company provides a comprehensive range of mailing solutions from the top manufacturers in the industry. Walz' support team can also help you pinpoint the right mailing products that are best suited for your needs. The company pride themselves in having a strong customer support department capable of offering bespoke solutions, advice and an after-service follow up.
Mailing Machines & Postage Meter Supplies

All their mailing products are accompanied by an onsite warranty although users have an option to purchase a maintenance package afterwards. Their products can be leased or purchased to fit into your budget.

The company's address printing systems and tabbing machines can save you postage costs as they allow you to take full advantage of shape based pricing postal discounts. Their labeling machines automate the entire process of delivering your messages on a variety of media and affixing addresses.Their postage machines affix standard and permit stamps, leading to higher open rates.

Secap SA-3100 Address PrinterTo give you an idea of some of the leading systems the company offers, below are are some of the top mailing products available at Walz Label & Mailing Systems:

Secap SA-3100 Address Printer 

The Secap SA-3100 address printer is the perfect choice for small to middle volume mailers. It provides high quality printing combined with graphic capability and versatility in a simple to use desktop setting. It offers supper fast printing with superior print qualities.

The address printing system can address up to 10,000 papers an hour. It prints barcodes, logos, graphics and addresses in just a single pass. It is equipped with a unique light mode technology that reduces ink consumption while still providing fast drying times.

Formax FD-314 Folder Machine 
Formax FD-314 Folder Machine

This is a recent folding machine ideal for low volume projects and applications. The Formax FD-314 folding machine has high tech folding settings and state-of-the-art applications that make it perfect for small businesses, churches and schools.

The Formax FD-314 folding machine folds 11 and 14 inch papers at an outstanding speed of 128 papers per minute. It can accommodate both custom and standard applications.

Accufast FT Tabbing Machine

Accufast FT Tabbing Machine
Short dimension feeds through the machine increases its production rates at all speeds. It can tab up to 16,000 papers per hour. The Accufast FT tabbing machine is also known for its simplicity as it has a short paper path without skewing adjustments. It guarantees accuracy as it does not drift papers from right to left. It is highly portable as it weighs only 46 pounds.

Formax FD-342 Folding Machine

The Formax FD-342 folding machine will enhance the efficiency and productivity of your document processing with its leading industry performance. It is fast, easy to use and reliable for almost all folding applications. It has a speed of 15,000 papers per hour and folds 18" and 11" papers.

Accufast FP Labeling Machine

The FB labeling machine from Accufast is a pressure sensitive labeling machine that is equipped with the recent ID technology. For more than 20 years, beverage, food, pharmaceutical and other industries have been relying on this robust labeler for consistent, quality performance on around the clock production environments.

Rena Imager CSIts direct modular design allows for easy products changeover and packaging line integration. Its commitment to engineering and excellent manufacturing has earned it a reputation of being the best in the industry.

Rena Imager CS

The Rena Imager CS is a low cost, high productivity address printer capable of printing photo-quality colors for medium volume, high-impact mailings. With this machine, managers can produce envelops whose mailing costs they can afford. The Rena Imager CS utilizes the unique photosmart software and recent print technology in producing accurate colors. The machine can print envelopes, postcard, documents and flats all in one pass.

Postage Meter Supplies

Walz has a great selection of postage meter supplies that you need to keep your meter running perfectly. The company has a great collection of meter ink and ink cartridges that are ordered directly from trusted manufacturers.
postage meter supplies

The company also offers high quality postage meter tapes from leading manufacturers. These tapes are available in both single and double strips. They stand with all their tapes with a 100% money back guarantee.

You can also get sealing solution compatible with all models of mailing machine from the company. The solution is available online or from their offices in central Illinois. It is available in half gallon, quart and concentrated.

All the above discussed postage meter and mailing machine supplies are available at a competitive price at Walz Label & Mailing Systems. Discounts are available for both retail and wholesale purchases. Contact them now and place your order.

Walz Mailing & Mailing Systems
624 High Point Ln,
East Peoria, IL 61611

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An Inside Look at Beyond Glory the Movie

Beyond Glory is a film that's getting a lot of attention in the indie film scene. Beyond Glory (the movie) is an adaptation of Beyond Glory the book written by Larry Smith. The director and producers (8180 Films) of the film worked their creative film making magic to make sure that the film lived up to the expectations of the book.

The indie film producers at 8180 Films make sure to portray all the characters in the book as accurately as possible on the screen. As a result, Beyond Glory is receiving a wealth of attention that result in some honorable awards.

The Talent Behind the Film Beyond Glory

Stephen Lang, who has been in films such as Avatar, delivers a stellar performance in Beyond Glory the movie. He is also a co-writer the film and he manages to deliver a superb performance. He portrays all the characters in the film from the different ethnicities in superb style.

Although all the characters are so different, Stephen Lang manages to understand the characters and portray them uniquely. They come alive before the audience eyes with each character’s story being told in a unique way.

The 8180 Films' director of Beyond Glory manages to combine the two art forms of theater and film into one. This is one of the best combinations of this two art forms.It manages to make the story even richer and better understood by the viewers. Larry Brand is one of the few directors of indie films who can accomplish such a task so flawlessly.

Beyond Glory's Background Story

The film seeks to tell the story of soldiers who participated in the WWII, The Vietnam War and the Korean War, all of whom were decorated soldiers. However, this film is not another glorification of war. Instead, it seeks to tell the story of human survival. That spirit of purpose and together that binds the soldiers together to accomplish a task.

Beyond Glory the film is an attempt to give viewers a chance to get inspired by the veterans who participated in some of the largest wars in history. It is told in a very simple and straightforward manner. The author of the book, through the course of his work, discovered that these soldiers were from different places but their stories were all similar. At the core, they are all just human beings trying to preserve their dignity.

The Last Word

The film is already been screened in various places around the world. This is simply the story of survival. It tells the tale of soldiers who manage to escape wars wounded but their spirit intact. Most human beings can resonate with the experiences of the soldiers portrayed by Stephen Lang. The film’s overriding theme seems to be cooperating in order to get through tough times.

An Inside Look at Datamax H-Class Barcode Printers

There are several types of barcode printers available on on the market. They play an important role in labeling cartons or boxes before shipment. These barcode printers can either be direct thermal printers or thermal transfer printers. Barcode printers are typically designed for a variety of markets.

H-Class 4212 Barcode Printer
Show here is the H-Class 4212 and 4212X Barcode Printers from Datamax
In most cases, they are used in large warehouses as well as manufacturing industries. These industrial-grade barcode printers are most preferred by users due to the fact that they are long lasting, faster and have large paper capacities. Here is the review of the top five Datamax H-Class barcode printers that would transform your labeling experience.

H-Class 4212 Barcode Printer

H-4212 is one of the best barcode printers that offers the printing solutions regardless the size of the business. Since the gadget is faster it can save you a great deal of time. Apart from being faster, it is versatile, a feature that makes it suitable for different markets. As a result, it is ideal for high-volume label printing in warehouses, high resolution labeling, manufacturing and transportation. If you want to cut down overhead costs, then this is the printer to choose.

Datamax H-Class 4212 support both RFID and UHF configuration to match your daily needs. it also has a wide range of connectivity to match diverse application needs and effortlessly integrate into a network.

H-Class 4212X Barcode Printer

This printer comes with a variety of features to ensure that it meets the diverse needs of the users worldwide. Some of these features include a series of connectivity options: parallel serial, Ethernet as well as USB/SDIO interfaces, which offer users integrated flexibility at the end of the day. In addition, it supports a number of languages, including English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

H-Class 4212X has LCD graphical display that is 9 times larger for easy to read tag set up and configuration. What you would like about this printer is that it has sterling features to meet your current and future needs.

H-Class 8308X Barcode Printer 

Datamax H-Class 8308X Barcode Printer
Shown here is the Datamax H-Class 8308X Barcode Printer
The 8308X is another incredible barcode printer with internal rewinder as well as extra capacity and can produce prints or labels up to 8.52” wide. It has a print speed of 8 ips and quality at 300 dpi.

This printer in the Datamax H-Class is more suitable for high volume printing in a wide range of sectors, including transportation, manufacturing and more. it also comes with a modular construction that boosts up-time for maximum levels of user efficiency. H-Class 8308X barcode printer supports UHF,RFID and HF configurations that make your printer versatile for many years.

H-Class 6210 Barcode Printer

Are you looking for industrial barcode printer products that are faster, reliable and flexible? If yes, then H-Class 6210 is the best option for you. The good news is that the printer complies with EPC-G2 requirements. Additionally, it provides high quality printing solutions, delivers power, and performance. It offers a print width of up to 6.61”, print speed 10 ips and quality at 300dpi. Since the printer is made of aluminum, it is light weight and hence easy to carry around.

H-Class 6212X Barcode Printer

The 6212X is one of the best printers in the H-Class, which delivers high quality printing solutions. It has unique features including, 6.61” print width, 12 ips print speed, 300 dpi print quality, a large enough LCD display and more. It also makes use of DPL, MCL and 123 print. Clients can easily incorporate the printer to available solutions with the help of PL-I and PL-Z printer language emulations.

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Mail Preparation Software: 3 Leading Platforms for Greater Efficiency

There are many businesses that require the use of their own postage and mailing systems. There are many mail preparation software platforms that can help organize your business' mailing needs, helping to automate and streamline otherwise cumbersome processes. Combined with mailing machines and postage meters to help handle the tangible operations of a business mailing system, mail preparation software can be the ultimate solution to take a company to the next level.

mail preparation softwareUsing mail preparation software and mailing machines can significantly reduce the amount you spend on your business mailing procedures. This article gives some information on the three best mail preparation software platforms available on the market today: the A-Qua Mailer from Lorton Data, EasyTrack from Satori, and Anchor mail software. These software systems are designed to ensure your business mailing needs are fulfilled in a timely manner and at a price lower than what you would normally pay at your local post office or other postal agencies.

A-Qua Mailer

The A-Qua Mailer from Lorton Data is a piece of software that boasts many time saving mailing features. It gives you the option to concurrently submit multiple jobs and at the same time request multiple services. It can allow you to make profiles for jobs to be repeated of specifications.

This is an easily-maintained  mail preparation software platform that is unlike most software of this type. You won’t need to worry about your software going obsolete as it automatically updates its directory and installs new and available versions. A-Qua Mailer can in turn free up resources that may be valuable to you and your mailing needs.


The EasyTrack from Satori is software that does the same basic job but with minor differences in the features it offers and the processes in which it operates. As the name suggest this software is designed with tracking your mail as top priority. This software can create and provide graphical reports about your mail and tracking information.

The USPS Confirm/IMb Tracking system is used by the program to display in maps, charts and reports, your mailing information. With EasyTrack software you can more accurately predict the time your mails can reach their destination and also allows you to easily trace and track the process and progress of your mail.


The final software that we can discuss is the Anchor mail preparation software. This software uses also uses the USPS program to ensure the mailers provide quality, deliverability and the lowest possible rates for postage. The highest level of address standardization, portal presorts and other processes can easily be obtained by using this software with mailing machines. It also provides many other solutions certified by USPS. With this software you can accurately and more efficiently prepare and mail all your postages.

You can get the lowest rates for postage by leveraging the USPS CASS, NCOALink and PAVE of the Anchor software for address validation. With this software businesses can have access to lowered mailing cost while keeping in compliance with the requirements of the USPS.

These software can provide the ease of the postage process along with lowering the amount you spend to get your postages mailed. They are perfect software for any business can use to maximize the effect in terms of mailing and postages to and from customers. If you have a business that relies greatly on mailing and postages, these software are perfect to help you achieve your goals.

Friday, January 8, 2016

3 Top-Notch Tailgate Salt Spreaders from SnowEx

snowex salt spreader parts
With a long history of innovations, from low maintenance motor/transmission drive systems to corrosion resistant poly hoppers and wireless controlled utility salt spreaders, SnowEx is by far one of the leading salt spreader manufacturers currently in the market.

Here is an objective review of some of the leading SnowEx salt spreaders in the tailgate product portfolio, these include but are not limited to the following:

SnowEx Tailgate Pro SP-1075X Salt Spreader

snowex tailgate spreader partsThe SnowEx Tailgate Pro SP-1075X salt spreader comes with a patented sealed 12 volt electric drive/transmission enclosure that’s safely and securely protected from the elements. The unit also comes with a heavy duty non-combustible automotive style wiring harness. The model offers plenty of versatility and flexibility with its optional pivot, receiver and three point mounting systems. Some of the key features include the spinner motor transmission which is completely electric powered, drawing its electricity from the vehicle.

The SnowEx Tailgate Pro SP-1075X does also have a digital, self diagnosing control that offers variable speed control of the spinner as well as a three (3) inch high flow auger that allows the unit to consistently spread calcium flake and bagged rock salt. Rarely is the case when this rugged model breaks-down, but when repairs are needed, it's easy to find replacement SnowEx spreader parts on the web.

Weighing 141lbs and an overall length and height of 21” and 40” respectively, the SnowEx Tailgate Pro SP-1075X salt spreader is quite sturdy and reliable compared to most of SnowEx salt spreaders.

SnowEx SR-210 Wireless Tailgate Salt Spreader

snowex wireless tailgate spreader parts
This SnowEx salt spreader is specifically designed to handle bagged rock salt. As a plug and play unit, the SnowEx SR-210 Wireless Tailgate Salt Spreader features a vertical high flow auger that’s fitted with a patented spinner motor that gets its electricity from the car, this implies that there is no need to run an electrical harness from the spreader to the cab. All you do is install the unit in 51mm (2 inch) receiver hitch and then connect the seven pin harness and use the wireless key fob to control the spreader.

The receiver mount makes it easy to attach the spreader to a variety of vehicles. The SnowEx SR-210 Wireless Tailgate Salt Spreader does offer two speed settings for ease of operation. The spinner motor is also protected from the elements by a sealed drive enclosure. Weighing 68 lb, the spreader does have an overall length of 22”, an overall height of 32” a hopper length of 22” and a hopper width of 30”. This ensures that the model offers rock solid performance. This also makes it more convenient to fix and replace SnowEx tailgate spreader parts when repairs are needed.

SnowEx Bulk Pro SP-1875 Salt Spreader

snowex bulk pro spreader parts
This SnowEx salt spreader can handle pretty much any type of material, from salt/sand mix to bulk sand and salt. The SnowEx Bulk Pro SP-1875 Salt Spreader features a transverse auger transmission that’s fitted with a 12V electric motor which offers not only a reliable operation but also low maintenance. By simply using heavy duty, variable pitch flighting, the auger does provide very balanced delivery of material to the spinner, allowing the tailgate salt spreaders to distribute the bulk material with accuracy levels that are unmatched. Further to this, it does also have a patented inverted V baffle that allows a consistent flow of bulk materials to the auger.

To maximize the flow, there is a vibrator that’s attached to the inverted baffle. The model does also have dual variable speed digital control units which allow for the independent adjustment of auger and spinner speeds. The unit does come with a variety of mount options, offering plenty of flexibility. To keep large clumps of salt out of the hopper, the unit is fitted with a top screen. The SnowEx Bulk Pro SP-1875 salt spreader weighs 180lbs, has an overall length of 24”, an overall height of 36”, a hopper length of 21” and a hopper width of 47”.

5 Dependable Weighing Systems for High-Volume Industrial Applications

High-volume industrial applications such as mining, waste management, and farming, require for dependable weighing systems such as the ones that will be detailed below to ensure that the trucks or vehicles aren't overloaded. The following are the five dependable weighing systems for this purpose.
railroad weighing systems

1. Railroad Weighing Systems 

They are usually used to measure the weight of a rail car's weight. In-motion rail car weigh scale have become very popular because they can be used to weight the rail car without the need for it of stopping.

Rail scales have two main advantages. First, they are dependable giving an accurate measure of the rail car's weight. Second, they are portable which means they can be installed and uninstalled in just a few minutes. Any person can install them.

2. Weighbridge Truck Scales

Weighbridges can be used either at surface level or pit mounted. Some of them are made up of steel and others are made up of concrete. Weighbridge truck scales are probably the most durable scales there are in the industry of scale systems.
weighbridge truck scales
Heavy-duty weighbridge scales are very popular in industries such as logistics and agriculture where bulk products needed to be moved. Vehicles need to be weighted with no load first. Then, they are weighted with the load to determine the load's weight.

3. On-board Weighing Systems

On-board weighing systems are very different from the two previous types. They are used on-board which means they are installed on the trucks. On-board weighing systems are placed between the truck's body and its chassis.

 On-board weighing systems from suppliers like Walz Scale of North America can provide a constant measurement of the load and not just a one-time measurement. Their main advantage is that the weight can be measured as soon as they are installed, hence, it's a pretty fast measurement system. The technology behind on-board weighing systems used is that of load cells which provides some pretty accurate measures on the load being carried.

4. Floor Scales

Floor scales can be used in the harshest of environments with little or no damage made unto them. They can be portable or fixed depending on your needs. They are very safe to use since they are strongly attached to the ground and are very solid allowing them to carry all types of heavy-duty equipment and vehicles. They are more durable than on-board weighing systems since they are made to resist the impact and they won't be facing vibration as much as the other ones.

5. Lift Truck Scales

Lift truck scales are perfect for logistics operations. Their main features are that they are movable and they can measure weights of up to 50,000 pounds. They come with safety bolts that won't allow them to break even when it is overloaded. They are highly serviceable. This means parts and other components can be easily replaced and they come with an easy to follow manual in case of maintenance and repairs.

As a result, downtime is reduced to a great extent. Not all truck scales for measuring very heavy weights are made equal. Due to the technological advancement in this era, most of the above mentioned scales can be programmed with a software to provide more accurate measurements and provide better opportunities for managing relevant data.