Tuesday, January 26, 2016

5 Warehouse Automation Products from CASI

Automation Products from CASIAs the world embraces technology, competitive businesses are constantly looking for ways to automate their operations. For companies in warehouse, logistics, and distribution, technology can be the make point or break point. This is because warehouse businesses that adopt latest technology stay competitive in their industry.

Businesses have embraced technology by automating most of their functions. Automation is an advantage to any business because it leaves little room for error especially along an assembly line. The business can also meet its set goals easily in terms of production due to automation. This is inevitable the way to go for most of the businesses.

CASI (Cornerstone Automation Systems) is one business which helps other businesses install automated machines into the system. There are quite a number of automated machines which are available for logistics warehouses and distribution centers. Some of them include:

Sortation Systems

CASI offers a full range of sortation systems. They manufacture sortation systems for large parcels, cases, mailers and other items that fall under this category. Applications for the systems include zone routing for pick and pass application, carrier and shipping sortation, sort-to-order, reject systems and many more.
Sortation Systems

The following are some examples of standard conveyor sortation products that are available:
  • Pop up Sortation: 90 degrees sortation systems that work in-line with the ZPA roller conveyor for parcel and case sortation.
  • Overhead sorters: ideal for small items, parcels, flats and cases. Popular for books and media applications
  • Pushers and diverts: they are for exception handling, parcel sortation and other applications
  • High-speed sortation systems: such as shoe sorters
  • Merge conveyors: required when products must be consolidated for shipment

Picking Systems 

The order picking systems are determined by companies based on a few common factors. Some of them include: characteristic of the product being handled, quantity per pick, picks per order, value added processing such as private labeling and many more. Some of the picking systems available include:
    Picking Systems
  • Order picking software
  • Picking systems design
  • Dispensing systems
  • Robotic warehouse solutions

Checkweigher Systems

CASI offers checkweigher systems that can process up to 80 parcels per minute depending on the carton size. The line-up for these include:
  • Advanced checkweigh systems
  • In-motion weighing scales
  • In-line checkweighers
  • Conveyor-based scales

IBOD Automatic Case Openers

CASI's fully-programmed and automatic case opener systems come in two variations: the IBOD Single and the IBOD Double:
  • IBOD Single Automatic Case Opener - which is capable of removing tops from cases at a rate of up to 500 cartons per hour
  • IBOD Double Automatic Case Opener - which is similar as the Single but capable of opening 1000 cartons per hour.
Automatic case openers from CASI are known to be some of the best in the industry.

Cubers & Dimensioners

CASI also manufactures some of the most advanced cubers and dimensioners used to determine package and parcel dimensions for shipping and distribution. They offer one of the industry's most advanced in-motion package dimensioning systems that are an integral part of the turnkey manifest lines. The SolidCube is sold in conjunction with a CASI in-motion scale so that it accurately captures and records package dimensions and weights.

Any warehouse distribuion center looking to automate its process can sure get quite a number of items that can be helpful in the process. CASI has a very wide range of machine, automated systems and software that can be helpful to a business. All this with an aim of making the client stay competitive in its business.

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