Friday, January 15, 2016

An Inside Look at Datamax H-Class Barcode Printers

There are several types of barcode printers available on on the market. They play an important role in labeling cartons or boxes before shipment. These barcode printers can either be direct thermal printers or thermal transfer printers. Barcode printers are typically designed for a variety of markets.

H-Class 4212 Barcode Printer
Show here is the H-Class 4212 and 4212X Barcode Printers from Datamax
In most cases, they are used in large warehouses as well as manufacturing industries. These industrial-grade barcode printers are most preferred by users due to the fact that they are long lasting, faster and have large paper capacities. Here is the review of the top five Datamax H-Class barcode printers that would transform your labeling experience.

H-Class 4212 Barcode Printer

H-4212 is one of the best barcode printers that offers the printing solutions regardless the size of the business. Since the gadget is faster it can save you a great deal of time. Apart from being faster, it is versatile, a feature that makes it suitable for different markets. As a result, it is ideal for high-volume label printing in warehouses, high resolution labeling, manufacturing and transportation. If you want to cut down overhead costs, then this is the printer to choose.

Datamax H-Class 4212 support both RFID and UHF configuration to match your daily needs. it also has a wide range of connectivity to match diverse application needs and effortlessly integrate into a network.

H-Class 4212X Barcode Printer

This printer comes with a variety of features to ensure that it meets the diverse needs of the users worldwide. Some of these features include a series of connectivity options: parallel serial, Ethernet as well as USB/SDIO interfaces, which offer users integrated flexibility at the end of the day. In addition, it supports a number of languages, including English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

H-Class 4212X has LCD graphical display that is 9 times larger for easy to read tag set up and configuration. What you would like about this printer is that it has sterling features to meet your current and future needs.

H-Class 8308X Barcode Printer 

Datamax H-Class 8308X Barcode Printer
Shown here is the Datamax H-Class 8308X Barcode Printer
The 8308X is another incredible barcode printer with internal rewinder as well as extra capacity and can produce prints or labels up to 8.52” wide. It has a print speed of 8 ips and quality at 300 dpi.

This printer in the Datamax H-Class is more suitable for high volume printing in a wide range of sectors, including transportation, manufacturing and more. it also comes with a modular construction that boosts up-time for maximum levels of user efficiency. H-Class 8308X barcode printer supports UHF,RFID and HF configurations that make your printer versatile for many years.

H-Class 6210 Barcode Printer

Are you looking for industrial barcode printer products that are faster, reliable and flexible? If yes, then H-Class 6210 is the best option for you. The good news is that the printer complies with EPC-G2 requirements. Additionally, it provides high quality printing solutions, delivers power, and performance. It offers a print width of up to 6.61”, print speed 10 ips and quality at 300dpi. Since the printer is made of aluminum, it is light weight and hence easy to carry around.

H-Class 6212X Barcode Printer

The 6212X is one of the best printers in the H-Class, which delivers high quality printing solutions. It has unique features including, 6.61” print width, 12 ips print speed, 300 dpi print quality, a large enough LCD display and more. It also makes use of DPL, MCL and 123 print. Clients can easily incorporate the printer to available solutions with the help of PL-I and PL-Z printer language emulations.

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