Monday, December 28, 2015

Neopost IM-5000 Postage Meter: A Role Model Among Mailing Machines

Having a postage meter machine that's capable of meeting your expectations and delivering incredible mailroom performance is is one of the greatest ways of taking your business or job to the next level.

In many cases, competitors leave late adopters behind because these reluctant business stick to old technologies when they are on the other side embracing new mailing technologies that offer greater efficiency and productivity. If you own or operate a business that depends on a fully-functional mailing systems, then ensuring your mailroom is equipped with a quality postage meter machine is vital for success.
neopost im-5000

The Neopost IM-5000 postage meter is a role model among mailing machines. This advanced postage meter offers an incredible display of features and capabilities that will ensure your mailing systems is fully optimized and ready for anything you need sent. Below are a few reasons why the IM-5000 postage meter from Neopost USA is a win for most business mailing operations.

Cost Saving & Investment Protection

The Neopost IM-5000 postage meter has an advanced modular design that allows you to make purchases of its components, apps, and your other preferred options, so you do not overspend but instead, protect your investment. Its print head is designed specially to last for as long as your machine lives.

As a result, you do not have top spend more money replacing the print head as is the case with some other systems. Also, its IBI Lite Indicia is highly efficient in ink usage. So do not be worried of wastage or buying of a lot of ink.

Comfortable Ergonomic Operations

With this impressive machine, you do not need special training or a wizard to operate. All you need to do is follow the operation manual, and you'll do whatever you want without any issue or difficulty. Its screen is intuitive and flexible as it moves forward, backward and swivels left and right thus providing the awesome working environment.

As one of the leading postage meter systems on the market today, the IM-5000 is very easy to read as menu prompts and shortcut keys are just wow, and errors are minimal since the Rate Wizard helps eliminate them. Indeed, with this, you'll have an efficient work-space.

Reliable Production

Weighing over 200lbs, this durable and rugged system is a giant one that's perfect for high volume production. For mail processing centers, this is no doubt a perfect solution. Processing speed is also incredible. A processing speed of 300 letters/minute isn't a joke. It's the best for any mail related job.

Whether you want to process non-nest or nested envelopes, this postage meter system does everything with a lot of ease and minimizes the number of starts and stops while operating the system. All you have to do is feed it and rest assured of a well-done job within minutes.

Cost Control & Management of Mailing System

neopost usa im-5000 postage meter
Internet-connected Neopost IM-5000 postage meter makes it possible for Apps to deliver amazing capabilities that are far beyond those of the traditional meter. Reports on usage and trends by each department, postal class and periods are possible with this system. You can also save, confirm and track when processing mail. With all these, you'll save a lot and in fact, control all your costs, so you increase your profit margin.

There is no doubt that Neopost IM-5000 postage meter is a role model for mailing machines. Features and functionality are great, and this is a system that every business and company must have.

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  1. Great overview on the Neopost IM-5000 Postage Meter. Unfortunately, there are only 3 main postage meter vendors serving the industry. The video is a great resource for learning how to search reviews and Compare Postage Meter Vendors, Pitney Bowes Neopost and FP Mailing Systems. Unfortunately Pitney Bowes and Neopost do not allow reviews on Google and you will need to take the time to do your due diligence to reduce your future headaches.