Monday, July 29, 2013

Depicting Samsung's Line-up of Big-Screen HD LED TV's

Reigning among the leading manufacturers of top-quality, big-screen HDTV's in the world, Samsung offers a wide spectrum of full HD LED TV's, many of which are segmented into specific series and models that reflect certain features.

Among the most popular are the F7100 Series, F7500 Series, and F8000 Series of Samsung LED TV's. All these HD models are big screens but also have key differences worth depicting.

Samsung's F7100 Series LED TV's 

A great example of the F7100 series worth mentioning is the Samsung UN75F7100 LED TV. This smart TV has a 75 inch screen and a high-density of 1080 pixels along with micro dimming capability. This ensures that the image displayed is crisp and of high quality.

The refresh rate of the UN75F7100 model is 240Hz (240 cycles per second). A high refresh rate of this range is particularly advantageous for playing video games or watching sports programs, action movies and even general television viewing. This highly sought-after Samsung LED TV also fitted with a voice control system that allows users to interaction on the Internet. The Samsung UN75F7100 has a super thin design and comes with an option of a TV stand.

The TV without a stand measures 66.1 inch wide, 37.8 inch high and 2.2 inch in depth while the TV with a stand measures 66.1 inch wide, 40.8 inch high and 13.9 inch in depth. The smart TV itself weighs about 65.3 pounds but its shipping weight is about 106 pounds. Due to its performance, it is relatively costly Samsung LED TV at about $4,499.99 on For the same price, you can also get a 2-year warranty included on the Samsung UN75F7100

Samsung's F7500 Series LED TV's

Another category in the Samsung LED TV series is the F7500. This series is made up of different models that offer slightly different features.

One such model is the Samsung UN60F7500 which has a screen size 60 inches across the screen. It's well-recognized for being a 3D TV that comes with four pairs of 3D viewing glasses. And just like the Samsung UN75F7100, it also has a screen resolution of 1080 pixels. Micro dimming is also enabled giving it the ability to output the best quality of images. It is also similar to the UN75F7100 in that its refresh rate is 24 times per second (240 Hz) and this is useful for gamers and action movie watchers.

Interaction with the web and streaming of content is enhanced by an inbuilt camera which makes it possible for the smart TV to capture gestures and interpret using the gesture controls in it. This LED TV is thin and designed for a TV with a stand and without a stand. The TV with a stand measures 53.2 inches wide, 34.1 inches high and has a depth of 14.8 inches while the TV without a stand measures 53.2 inches wide, 30.4 inches high and has a depth of 1.4 inches. It is quite lighter than the UN75F7100 since it weighs 48.1 pounds and has a shipping weight of 75 pounds. At, the Samsung UN60F7500 is priced at $2,497.99.

Samsung's F8000 Series LED TV's

A third high-definition category of Samsung LED TV's is the F8000 series. A great product example in this particular series is the Samsung UN75F8000. This smart TV has a lot of similarities to the fore-mentioned UN75F7100 and UN60F7500 models. It is an ultra slim TV whose screen measures 75 inches and just like the two other models, its resolution is 1080 pixels high density with micro dimming for the best quality of images. It is also optimized for video gaming, movie watching, sports and excellent general viewing by the high refresh rate of 240 Hz.

The UN60F7500 TV contains gesture controls and a camera which is inbuilt just like the UN60F7500 for capturing movements and interacting with the web and stream content. Its size and weight is however relatively higher than the other two models. A thin LED design with a stand measures 65.8 inches wide, 39.2 inches high and 16.1 inches in depth while a design without a stand measures 65.8 inches wide, 37.6 inches high and 1.6 inches in depth. The weight of this LED ultra slim TV is 94.1 pounds and on its shipping weight is 137 pounds. Of the three models described, it is the most expensive. It's priced at $6,997.99 at Amazon, but you can get the Samsung UN75F8000 with a 2-year warranty at the

Samsung products are known to be credible and of high quality too. The above described models are space-efficient and are of high performance (with respect to HD and modern 3D viewing technology.) In addition to, we've found some great deals for Samsung LED TV's at The High Definition Store, a reputable ecommmerce store for Samsung TV's and home entertainment products.