Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos: The Choice for True Music Makers

In the last 20 years, digital pianos and keyboards have experienced significant developments, evolving from simple oscillator technology to advanced music production tools that they are today.

Digital pianos have resulted in a remarkably high demand since they were born because maintenance is almost never a concern, as there are very few moving parts and nothing ever needs to be tuned. The convenience of volume control and the ability to integrate components like amplifiers make digital pianos and electronic keyboards a favorite among professional musicians and piano enthusiasts alike. The market is rich with many fine models, and below, we highlight three examples of masterfully crafted digital pianos for savvy consumers who are passionate in music making.

Details About Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos

Digital pianos were invented to act as budget-friendly and low maintenance alternatives to traditional pianos, and as a result have established a very large loyalty base since their creation. The Yamaha Clavinova series has been built upon this demand by creating a digital piano that looks, feels and plays just like the real thing, but is without all of the maintenance a real piano requires.

Yamaha Clavinova digital pianos have realistic “Tone Sampling,” which is a library of digitally processed recordings from a real 9' Yamaha grand piano. These digital pianos are somewhat smaller and much lighter than most other options, making transportation less of a worry. Also a key benefit is that they will never need to be tuned, as digital pianos will always play notes that are pitch perfect. In short, Yamaha Clavinova digital pianos can produce a wide range of sounds from an extensive library of hundreds of preset tunes to choose from.

Yamaha Clavinova digital pianos have a headphone jack that can be used for headphones and some include amplifiers. They feature several unique effects that enhance their overall realism, and they also appear and feel authentic (and are sometimes mistaken for real pianos)

The "Yamaha Clavinova: CLP Series" provides a perfect piano sound and is a great choice for any home, studio or stage. The ingenious "Advanced Wave Memory" tone generation uses a combination of sampled recordings from an actual Yamaha grand piano to create perfect notes. Additionally, the revolutionary "Graded Hammer" weighs down each piano key with a natural-feeling resistance, resulting in the bass keys having more of a weighty feel and requiring a bit more of a push.

The Graded Hammer and Natural Wood Keyboard combined with the built-in Damper Sensor render a concert-quality grand piano interpretation that is almost impossible to distinguish from real pianos. The Yamaha CLP series of digital pianos are designed specifically to be the most realistic electronic pianos available.

The Yamaha Clavinova CVP and CGP Series allows musicians to play with a variety of preset instrumental recordings, including computer-controlled duets in genres such as Jazz, Pop, Swing and Rock. it is even possible to record performances and play them back later. The sheer amount of customization and controls available on the CLP means that it can be used in an infinite number of ways.

Relive the Classic Days of Fashion with Pocket Tank Tops

Fashion enthusiasts are always on the look-out for new trends. It's a dynamic and fast paced industry that has its senses set to the future. But often times, fashion trends are nothing more than cycles where the clothing and styles of the past are revived.

If there’s one thing that can describe the common styles of today, it is a fusion of many eras in fashion history. Trends are being recycled and the old motifs are becoming the new vogue. One of the classic pieces from the past that is quickly creeping its way into the present days are pocket tank tops.

These tank tops have a pocket (hence, the name) usually placed on the left side of the chest and have a contrasting color. They were hugely popular in the 80s, worn by men and women notably during the summer season. It was everywhere back in those days. People loved it because of its laid back, comfortable, loose and casual look. And just like a lot of things in the 80s, pocket tank tops are an item that is a growing sight nowadays.

But pocket tank tops are not just exclusively worn by beach-goers, vacation groups, and people who love the whole summer season. It is also becoming more popular among high school and university students. If there are varsity jackets, there are pocket tank top counterparts as well. You even see sororities and fraternities sporting their own group’s custom tank top with pride. Undoubtedly, the versatility and simplicity of this piece are two of the major reasons why people are bringing it back.

Designers of pocket tank tops today have even put a modern touch to it by using other fabrics besides cotton. Some have even made sheer tops for women for a more feminine look. Aside from that, some tank tops have pockets that do not only have a contrasting color but a different pattern or style to it as well. So you can have a top with a plain or bland color but with pockets that have crazy and vibrant patterns. Either that design or choose illustrations as another option.

Customized Pocket Tank Tops on the Rise

Perhaps the best thing about these modern tank tops is that a lot of makers and designers allow customized designs from their buyers. With custom tanks, individuals are given the total freedom of choosing the top’s color and the pocket’s design. A common design of custom pocket tank tops is using neon colors to create a bright and vibrant tank top that's customized just the way customers like it.

In the case of groups, you can have your group name or logo placed on the pockets depending on where you wish to place it. So if you are a group or a team and have been meaning to have something similar that all of you can proudly wear, pocket tank tops are the perfect choices whether you are with a vacation group or a club in your school or whatever cluster of people you have.

These tops are a small step away from the mainstream, and it won’t take long for them to reach that place. Because clearly, this piece has never lost its charm, proving to us that its style will always be timeless.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Discount Samsonite Aspire Luggage: Versatile, Functinoal, Stylish & On Sale Now!

Samsonite has a rich and trusted tradition of bringing the most durable, quality luggage to travelers. Samsonite luggage is one of the most trusted brands in the world that brings you inventive and trendy luggage again and again.

Samsonite's collection of luggage sets and travel bags include a variety of options that include a multitude of expandable luggage, wheeled luggage, and carrying bags. The materials used by Samsonite range from durable polycarbonate to fine leather, and offer something for every traveler.

Below we review of three discount luggage bags on sale from the Samsonite Aspire collection. These efficient options can be found at a nice bang for the buck at LexingtonLuggage.com.

Samsonite Aspire Sport 21" Spinner Luggage


This Samsonite luggage bag is elegant and stylish. The Samsonite Aspire Sport 21" spinner luggage is a bold mixture of durability and lightweight design. It features a multifunctional interior that includes mesh pockets and wetpak. Convenient cases expand so that you can add more items for your journey. The Samsonite Aspire Sport 21" Spinner Luggage comes in black, red and black, and volt and black.


A mid-sized design allows you to carry this premiere luggage onto the aircraft, avoiding costly bag check fees. It features effortless mobility through smooth rolling wheels. These smooth rollers are built with steel suspensions that provide shock absorption as it maneuvers through rocky terrain. The Soft Spin wheels cloak these suspensions to create a smooth, discreet and gliding experience.


The top carry handle allows you to lift the luggage with comfort or roll it with ease. 2 inches or more carrying space is added to the interior of the luggage through discreet pockets. The Aspire Sport is also made out of high strength nylon that can withstand the harsh elements of travel. The Samsonite Aspire Sport 21" spinner luggage weighs 13.7 lbs and its dimensions are 29.5" x 19.0" x 10.5".


Get the Samsonite Aspire Sport 21" Spinner Luggage at huge discount for $125.99. With a MSRP of $280.00, that's a savings of $154.01!

The Samsonite Aspire Sport Boarding Bag


The Samsonite Aspire Sport Boarding Bag is a lightweight boarding bag created for the on the go traveler. It is compact and easy to handle and is a heavy duty companion that keeps all of your most important items with you. Multiple pockets align the front, side and interior of the Samsonite Aspire Sporting Bag. It is simply perfect for all of your important accessories like iPods, Kindles, and cell phones. The bag has a U shaped opening for convenient access.


The Samsonite Aspire Sport Boarding Bag is a lightweight companion that is constructed of a hardy polyester fabric. It's super easy to move around, making long walks in the terminal much easier.


This durable luxury bag features a black strap that lets you slide it over a convenient pull up handle. A convenient back strap allows you to slide this case over your pull up handle. The boarding bag features a zippered compartment that gives you easy access to your most important objects. The front of the case has a zippered compartment for easy access. The Samsonite Aspire Sport Boarding Bag offers a 10 year warranty. It weighs 1.8 lbs and its dimensions are 12" x 16.5" x 10".


You can find the Samsonite Aspire Sport Boarding Bag at fine discount at Lexington Luggage for $53.99 (MSRP $120.00).

Samsonite Aspire Sport 17” Business Upright


This luggage set provides the best deal for a bold fusion of durability and functionality. Compression straps keep your clothes neat and organized so you can arrive to your destination in style. The Samsonite Aspire Sport 17” is made from 1680 Denier Nylon, a high strength material designed for maximum wear.


This luggage option is equipped with smooth rolling wheels that provide excellent mobility. This carrier’s mid-size design can function as a carry-on item, saving you costly baggage check fees.


A padded computer compartment fits a laptop or notebook with a 15.4” screen or less. A padded top carrying handle, allows for smooth transportation while travelling. The lightweight Samsonite Aspire Sport 17” upright is only 8.2 lbs and offers compact dimensions of 17.75" x 13.0" x 8.0".


The sale price for this Samsonite Aspire Sport Business Upright is low $89.99, far lower than the MSRP of $200.00!

When travelling near or far, Samsonite provides superior luggage for wherever you go. New age designs, exclusive comfort, and functionality is the driving force for Samsonite. You deserve to travel in style and security. Travel with Samsonite luggage - you won't be disappointed.