Friday, January 8, 2016

5 Dependable Weighing Systems for High-Volume Industrial Applications

High-volume industrial applications such as mining, waste management, and farming, require for dependable weighing systems such as the ones that will be detailed below to ensure that the trucks or vehicles aren't overloaded. The following are the five dependable weighing systems for this purpose.
railroad weighing systems

1. Railroad Weighing Systems 

They are usually used to measure the weight of a rail car's weight. In-motion rail car weigh scale have become very popular because they can be used to weight the rail car without the need for it of stopping.

Rail scales have two main advantages. First, they are dependable giving an accurate measure of the rail car's weight. Second, they are portable which means they can be installed and uninstalled in just a few minutes. Any person can install them.

2. Weighbridge Truck Scales

Weighbridges can be used either at surface level or pit mounted. Some of them are made up of steel and others are made up of concrete. Weighbridge truck scales are probably the most durable scales there are in the industry of scale systems.
weighbridge truck scales
Heavy-duty weighbridge scales are very popular in industries such as logistics and agriculture where bulk products needed to be moved. Vehicles need to be weighted with no load first. Then, they are weighted with the load to determine the load's weight.

3. On-board Weighing Systems

On-board weighing systems are very different from the two previous types. They are used on-board which means they are installed on the trucks. On-board weighing systems are placed between the truck's body and its chassis.

 On-board weighing systems from suppliers like Walz Scale of North America can provide a constant measurement of the load and not just a one-time measurement. Their main advantage is that the weight can be measured as soon as they are installed, hence, it's a pretty fast measurement system. The technology behind on-board weighing systems used is that of load cells which provides some pretty accurate measures on the load being carried.

4. Floor Scales

Floor scales can be used in the harshest of environments with little or no damage made unto them. They can be portable or fixed depending on your needs. They are very safe to use since they are strongly attached to the ground and are very solid allowing them to carry all types of heavy-duty equipment and vehicles. They are more durable than on-board weighing systems since they are made to resist the impact and they won't be facing vibration as much as the other ones.

5. Lift Truck Scales

Lift truck scales are perfect for logistics operations. Their main features are that they are movable and they can measure weights of up to 50,000 pounds. They come with safety bolts that won't allow them to break even when it is overloaded. They are highly serviceable. This means parts and other components can be easily replaced and they come with an easy to follow manual in case of maintenance and repairs.

As a result, downtime is reduced to a great extent. Not all truck scales for measuring very heavy weights are made equal. Due to the technological advancement in this era, most of the above mentioned scales can be programmed with a software to provide more accurate measurements and provide better opportunities for managing relevant data.


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