Monday, January 25, 2016

Top 3 Industry-Trusted Bank Vaults for Financial Institutions

bank vaults security
Safeguarding money and other financial assets is the primary role of most banks and financial institutions. The outside security perimeter is not always enough as there have been many cases where massive intrusions have been made. For this reason, the design of bank vaults is a highly intricate and often times secretive task which has been left to only few entities. This is in an effort to maintain ultimate secrecy concerning bank vault design and to avoid exposing how these important mechanisms are made.

There are some models of bank vaults for sale which are truly outstanding and have thus found a special place in the trust of many financial institutions who wish to upgrade their banks vaults, or in some cases, do a complete overhaul.

"Cash Wizard" Bank Vaults from AMSEC

AMSEC or better known as the American Security is one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of bank vaults. The company, established in 1944 by Glen Hall first gained its mark by producing safes for guns and other personal high confidential documents.

One of the most recognizable bank security system vaults from the American Security is the Cash Wizard and the company has been producing over 60,000 bank vaults of this kind on yearly basis. To enhance the security as well as reliability of AMSEC bank vaults, the vaults are fitted with electronic locking options and are made in such a way they are resistant to fire, water and any corrosive agent which they may be exposed.

Sentry Safe Bank Vaults

bank vaults for sale
Sentry Safe was founded in 1930 in New York and is involved in production of safes for jewelry, documents, guns and not forgetting high end vaults for banks. The bank vaults produced are known for their durability thanks to toughness of the materials from which they are made from. The bank vaults are known for the extreme protection they offer when it comes to fires and other aspects like mechanical and electrical locking options are also given high standards.

Sentry Safe is now a global player when it comes to producing bank vaults that meets the high security standards set by the military, banks and other financial institutions. The company has its headquarters in the United States and an additional international branches based in Canada and Japan.

Fort Knox Security Metallic Bank Vaults

Fort Knox Security is also a top bank vault manufacturer and does boasts of many models. Reading from the company’s website their products must be really unique. One aspect which the company discloses is that they allow their clients to customize features like the interior of the bank vaults. Besides the tough metallic coating, the vaults are covered with recycled and highly durable carpet materials and this allows for the vaults to be subjected to heavy use.

Security is always a matter of concern for the manufacturers of bank vaults. For this reason, it is very difficult or close to impossible to come across reviews of the models which are being produced by different manufacturers. The security provided by bank vaults is highly immense and we can therefore understand why information based on bank vaults is usually limited. Banks do put all their trust on bank vaults as it is guaranteed that any money or precious item stored won’t get to be on the wrong hands. If the reverse happens then high chances are that some inside job must have been involved.


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