Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Walz Scale Introduces Cubing Systems & Dimensional Weighing Equipment

Walz Scale Dimensioning Cubing Systems
Walz Scale, the leading manufacturer of cutting-edge truck scales and weighing systems, has launched a new line of dimensional weighing, scanning and cubing systems. These cubing systems and dimensioning products provide real-time, effective, and efficient automated handling of shipping and manifest systems.

These systems enable reliable and accurate capture of production and shipment data (which includes parcel or cargo weight,dimensions and identity). The automated cubing systems and dimensional weighing equipment by Walz Scale are built to handle virtually every aspect of package dimensioning, and therefore significantly reduce the overhead costs of the users.

Each system is designed to facilitate both turn-key cubing and a simplified scanning procedure which will provide efficiency and cost-savings for customers. Three primary systems among the line-up of dimensional weighing equipment by Walz comprises of the Static Package Scanner, In-motion Package Scanner, and the Large Freight & Pallet Dimensioning System.

Static Package Scanner
Static Package Scanner Walz Cube

The static package scanner system, formally known as the Walz Cube is made with the advanced engineering and the latest static cubing technology. The Walz Cube provides a reliable, accurate, and cost-effective weighing and scanning solution for warehouses, shipping/receiving operations, and point-of-sale desk applications.

The scanner utilizes industrial-grade sensors to give extremely accurate measurements of packages, and the system as a whole is immensely robust and can be used in busy shipping stations and harsh conditions.

The Walz Cube is a cutting-edge cubing system that offers a radically innovative and effective method of managing the weighing and dimensional scanning of shipments. It comes in two models-the Walz Cube (which weighs 62 pounds, and is 27 x 27 x 45 inches) and the larger Walz Cube XL (weighing 75 pounds with dimensions of 35 x 35 x 45 inches).

As turn-key unit, the static package dimensional scanning system can be easily integrated with personal computer software and also applications run by package companies like UPS and TNT. Users can also use internet to transfer the weight data which can be saved in popular file formats such as csv.

In-motion Package Scanner

This is an advanced, dynamic scanner that gives instantaneous in-motion dimensioning and cubing solutions. It is especially suited for conveyor belt systems due to its high technology that renders it easily integrable with shipping and logistics operations which utilize such systems. The system uses state-of-the-art laser technology to generate exceptionally accurate dimension data while the conveyor belts are still in high speed motion.
In-motion Package Scanner

The in-motion package scanner system is in compliance with the weight standards applied by prominent package firms such as USPS, UPS, FedEx and TNT. It can be incorporated in other conveyor belt systems or used as stand-alone.For organizations focusing on efficient, optimal and cost-effective operations, this system provides turn-key systems that guarantee total automation of all shipping and manifest systems.

Large Freight & Pallet Dimensioning System

This is an ultra-modern dimensional weighing and scanning systems that utilizes scanners to generate exceedingly accurate dimension data. It is suitable for palletized cargo and large packages that are in a moving conveyor system. The scanner provides dimensional weighing data even while the pallet is in motion.

The scanners can be operated in both indoor and outdoor locations. The system includes a data management capability that makes it effectively integrable with a variety of warehouse management applications and systems. The scanners give quick and accurate measurements even when operated under rugged conditions.
Large Freight & Pallet Dimensioning System

These dimensioning and cubing systems developed by Walz can be effective solutions for all shipping and warehousing activities of both organizations and individuals. They are highly advanced systems that are save time and money for users. They feature intuitive interfaces and are flexible enough to integrate with many warehousing and supply chain management systems. They are easily calibrated and have low maintenance costs.They also come with remote access support.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Illinois' Source for Industrial-Grade Barcode Printers & Scanners

The world is getting more and more digitized every day. The manufacturing world is trying to keep up with this digitization and using barcode technology is an essential component to survival in this sector.

As a supply chain or inventory manager, one of your main targets is to make sure that you are reducing human errors as much as you can in your warehouse and afterwards. Research showed that barcodes can reduce human error by 85%. Scanning a barcode doesn’t take more than a second; it is fast and reliable at the same time. This is the reason that more and more companies are going for machines like industrial grade barcode printers and scanners.

If your business is based in Illinois and you are looking for products and equipment like barcode printers or barcode scanners in Illinois, then a good option to look into is Walz Label & Mailing Systems. Walz offers all of the products and systems that a manufacturer needs in different phases of production and they offer good value with these machines.

If you are looking for barcode printers or scanners that are exceptional quality, industrial-grade products, then Walz is your place. They are the biggest seller of industrial grade manufacturing, labeling, and business automation systems in Illinois.

For some who ar not familiar with barcode technology, you have to understand that barcode readers and barcode scanners are the same thing and these are powerful machines unlike a mobile scanner which will take time to show results. There are different types of barcode scanners available in places like Walz.

The initial system that came into market was the handheld barcode scanner which is still the most common type of scanners that are found in manufacturing companies. These are easy to operate as you simply point the scanner to the code and the system shows you everything about the product.

There is another type of scanner for more robust applications known as the industrial barcode reader. This is a better option if you want to do quality control of your warehouse. These barcode scanners are not pretty to look at but they perform brilliantly in every condition. These readers can read all types of codes which makes the quality control process easier.

Apart from these, there are other types of barcode scanners and you can choose your desired one checking the benefits of each type.

When you are dealing with barcodes, you will also need a barcode printer and labeler to make your end packaging look brilliant. Fortunately, Walz Label & Mailing Systems have these machines too. The place has basically two types of machines. One type is sophisticated and for careful usage, the other type is for rugged usage in manufacturing area.

Make sure that you check the power of motor, printer, scanner and everything related before you buy barcode scanners, printers or other manufacturing machines from anywhere.

Monday, October 26, 2015

3 Trusted Online Dealers for Land Pride Parts & Mower Blades

Are you looking for the best online dealers that sell Land Pride parts and replacement blades for mowers and rotary cutters? If so, then this Consumer Savvy Reviews post is for you.

Land Pride is a popular manufacturer of turf equipment that range from grooming mowers, rotary tillers, rotary cutters, landscape rakes, zero turn mowers and rotary blowers among others. The popularity of Land Pride's products make the brand a must stock for most online dealers that offer replacement parts and lawn mower blades.

Unfortunately when it comes to equipment parts, most online stores have a tedious ordering processes while others take eons to ship your order. This makes buying the right Land Pride parts for your model a challenge for most buyers. Luckily, there are some trusted online dealers for Land Pride parts and mower blades that take pride in customer satisfaction.

German-Bliss Equipment

German-Bliss Equipment is a premier online dealer of replacement components and parts for a wide range of equipment that includes excavators, lawn mowers, rotary cutters, skid steers and utility vehicles, among other equipment. The online store parts is renowned for affordable prices and timely delivery. The other unique feature about German Bliss' online store is the short period it takes to buy a replacement part or component that is out of stock. The site also offers an easy to navigate online Land Pride parts lookup page that makes finding the exact part you need a breeze.

While it may take weeks for an out of stock to be delivered from most online stores, German-Bliss Equipment usually takes about one business day to request most missing parts and components. In addition to fast shipping and affordable prices, the store also helps buyers take advantage of factory financing offers to help support their needs.

German-Bliss Equipment also has a vibrant customer care support service that ensures all your enquiries are answered within the shortest time possible. The store also provides safe and secure web-based ordering, which is essential for every online buyer.

Tractor Parts Central

Tractor Parts Central has grown over the years from 2 car garage in 1999 to a popular fully stocked 14,000 square foot warehouse in North Central Texas. The central location of the store ensures that orders are quickly shipped to all over the US. Most orders usually take 1 to 3 days, but addresses at the edges of the US may take a bit longer. The major highlight of this store is quick shipping of orders. Orders placed before 2pm central time are shipped the same day.

The other highlight of this store is that a buyer will not be charged restocking fees for a return that can be put directly back on the shelf for resale and is returned within 30 days of purchase. However, if the return cannot be put directly back to the shelf, you will be charged a 10 percent restocking fee.


Messicks store has a long history that dates back to 1952. Since then, the store has witnessed tremendous growth to a remarkable 40,000 sq/ft shop that allows it to serve multiple large equipment. The company deals with over 250 brands of equipment in lawn and garden, construction and agricultural. The major highlight of Messicks spare parts and components store is the expedited shipping.

Orders placed before 2PM EST are shipped the same day while orders placed after 2pm are shipped the following day. If the part is not in the store, it may take up to 5 days before it can be shipped. Furthermore, the store does not charge restock fee for stocked parts and components, but special order parts will be subject to a 20 percent restock charge if they are returned within 90 days.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Leading Banks in Peoria, IL for Mortgage & Home Equity Loans

One of the most common forms of lending by most local and national banks are mortgages and home loans. Although a mortgage loan is a common type of loan that most individuals seek in their life, there can be a lot of gray areas and questionable lending practices that can result in people borrowing from less than ideal lenders.

Often times working with local banks and mortgage lenders (for both mortgages and home equity loans) offers level of trust and professionalism borrowers. Fortunately, the Peoria area hosts several quality banks that specialize in mortgage loans and lending. Below we profile three of these financial institutions and what makes them trusted sources in Illinois for mortgages and home equity loans.

Morton Community Bank

The first bank on our list is the reputable Morton Community Bank. Morton Community Bank offers some of the most rewarding programs right now for a number of different credit programs, new checking accounts, as well as personalized lending services. The bank is very popular among residents and businesses of central Illinois with more than 30 branches in the area.

Also known as Hometown Community Banks (which is a division of Morton Community Bank), many new homeowners trust this local lender for various types of loans, particularly mortgages. The bank offers several different mortgage options for different individuals, and they can offer you a pre-qualification letter which will allow you to buy a house with borrowed money you need to purchase the home.

The interest rates for mortgage loans are competitive and the mortgage specialists of Morton Community Bank are always eager to guide you throughout all the steps that you need to take to have your own home. They also have a special loan program which will allow you to buy a home in rural community. This is a good option as you don’t have to pay down payment to get a home in rural community. Learn more about the this Peoria Area mortgage loan lender for more information.

Illinois National Bank

The second bank that we will discuss is Illinois National Bank which is one of the oldest and most popular banks in Illinois. This government run bank has a wealth of experience in dealing with mortgage and home equity loans which makes them a good choice for residents throughout the state.

This bank firmly stands by their mission of helping individuals and families find and afford a sweet home and they are happy to help you in this process. Their website has a financial calculator which will help you to finalize your decision. There are different mortgage loan rates depending on the time you apply.

All the information is easy to find in the Illinois National Bank website and you will definitely have a satisfied loan if you go with this bank. You can go to their website and apply immediately. The bank authority will contact you to guide throughout the whole process.

Brimfield Bank

The last bank that you can rely on is Brimfield Bank. The bank started operation back in 1913 and is running successfully till then. The bank is known for great mortgage deals as they do not offer rental restriction. Getting a loan is comparatively easier with this bank than others.

Brimfield Bank has a dedicated office for mortgage purposes and the office is located in West Lake Street. They also offer great add-ons including pre-approval within 15 minutes, bridge loans, VA loans, FHA loans and many more. If you are looking for an easy solution, this is one great bank that you can try for home mortgage loan.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

5 Professional Address Printers for Businesses & Postage

Running a business is not an easy job. It requires a lot of hard work, zest, dedication and in a majority of cases, the proper manpower and technology. Nowadays, with the advancement of intelligence and technology, a lot of tasks that were previously performed by man have now been taken over by machine.

In the cases of mailing and address printers, a single piece of equipment can perform many tasks that would have otherwise been done manually. Address printers run endlessly day in and day out to execute mailing business operations smoothly and efficiently. In doing so, a business not only progresses but it can also expand to new dimensions using less manpower and more machine power.

There are several high-quality address printers out on the market, however, there are a number of address printer products are worth mentioning. Below are some of the leading address printers as acclaimed by many mailing divisions.

Secap SA-3100

The Secap SA-3100 personalizes your day-to-day mail by generating envelopes and other mail pieces that hold appeal visually by utilizing graphics and personally tailored messages maximizing the chances of you're visually appealing mail actually unsealed and read.

The best part about this address printer is that it is extremely user-friendly and comes with a secure connection and setup options such as USB or Ethernet connection for faster processing, downloads, and trouble-free connection. The body of the Secap SA-3100 address printer is state-of-the-art while light mode functions (printing) calibrate proper resolution while saving ink and speedier drying time.

Rena Mach 5

If your business is on the outlook for a smart and cost-efficient printing equipment, then Rena Mach 5 is just that. It has five ink tanks and each hold 250 mL of ink for extended print jobs runs and low cost per piece. The Rena Mach 5 digital color printer incorporates the innovative inkjet technology from Memjet®.

Rena Imager 1.5

The Rena Imager 1.5 is ornamented by many new improvements in the address printer series. This little printer can bring on the challenge with some serious productivity. While offering in the exact time all the fantastic features of an address printer. Its professional grade color scheme and smooth control panel give you the impression that this printer means business.

Rena Imager 2.5 

Rena USA has done it again with an upgraded model known as the Imager 2.5. It is a real marvelous piece of equipment while bidding, this production printer starts what as a price tag that befits gives quite a competition that asa feed that encases three ranks of elevated grip rollers which can have any job. The main key of the Rena Imager 2.5 features head alignment that imprints and indicia all in the exact time needed.

Neopost USA AS-710

If you are a mid-size business, then the AS-710 addressing system from Neopost USA is perfect for your organization and will aid in all the mailing communications that will in turn create a long lasting impression on your customers. The Neopost USA AS-710 is a high speed and high capacity printer that will complete your mail processing operations faster, thereby decreasing your turnaround time.