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On-board Forklift Scales for Warehousing & Distribution Operations

On-board forklift scales are a highly valuable piece of technology for warehousing and distribution companies who need to calculate the weight of the loads that are distributed on freight trucks. This type of on-board scale technology is designed to monitor pallet or load weight in the most efficient and accurate way, eliminating the need for an external floor scale or any other additional steps within the weighing process.

What makes on-board forklift scales one of the best possible weighing solutions for more efficient warehousing and distribution operations? Let’s take a look into the functionality of these on-board weigh scales and the advantageous features that they have to offer.

Providing Businesses with Accurate Production Data

Most types of On-board forklift scales are able to produce very accurate measurements. They have an integral weighing system, so that the specific production data can be tracked and recorded. Also, the system includes test weights, which can be used to make calibrations on the on-board scale systems. By using these test weights you can ensure that you are getting the best possible measurement.

The well-designed backlit LCD screen is very easy to read and can be viewed even in low light conditions. When it is important to record the size of a load accurately, these forklift scales can be relied upon for some of the most advanced warehousing and fulfillment solutions.

Offering Exceptional Durability and Reliability

The sensor technology within on-board forklift scales is very advanced and it offers extreme durability, even for heavy duty use in some of the world’s toughest working environments. A product such as the Walz Scale WK50XDS forklift scale system will perform well for many years without needing recalibration. The need for repairs is also minimal, but when the scales do need maintenance, users can rely on the support of the service team of company's like Walz Scale. A wide network of service offices provides calibrations, installations and onsite support.

Simple to Install

Some on-board forklift scales systems are difficult for most customers to install themselves because the scale unit is complex and often need custom integration. However, the WK50XS forklift scale system from Walz Scale is extremely simple to install, making it ideal for customers who want to put together their systems on their own. The system will be shipped with all of the components that are necessary for installation.

On-board forklift scales, such as the Walz Scale WK50XDS system, offer many advantageous features. When it is necessary for advanced business operations to get an accurate weight reading, this is the type of scale that you can rely on.

Top 5 Compact Tractors & Mowers for Small Farms

Compact tractors are basically the smaller versions of utility or agricultural tractors (oftening appearing and functioning like luxurious lawn mowers.) Compact tractors are mostly designed for landscaping, small-scale excavating, removing snow, and other land work.

Additionally, most compact tractors can be equipped with a wide range of implements and attachments such as box and grader blades, front-end loaders, and rotary tillers. If you are thinking of investing in a compact tractor but you don’t know where to start, this guide will help you to narrow down your choices. Here is a review of the top 5 compact tractors and mowers for small farms. We also suggest checking local tractor rental from dealers to try before you buy.

John Deere X500

Simply put, the John Deere X500 is the best compact tractor on the market. Although it does not come cheap, it is offers the best value in terms of versatility, hill climbing and ground engagement. Is your yard full of rocks, trees, benches and many other obstacles? No problem. With its tight turning radius, precise throttle and great directional control, the X500 makes light work of unkempt jungles.

This luxurious lawn mower meets tractor from John Deere has an air-conditioned motor for adequate cooling, a large handle for easy adjustment of the throttle speed and a PTO style clutch that’s very easy to use. It has many other wonderful features that make it perfect for small farms and yard work.

Simplicity Conquest

The Simplicity Conquest is very similar to the Simplicity Legacy XL and Simplicity Prestige models except that it has lesser power. It is a wonderful mower, with a heavy frame, automotive steering and rubber cushions which ensure the hood dies not rattle.

Each year, the Simplicity Conquest comes out better and more improved so as to increase functionality. Some of the features which have been added recently include automatic traction control, single hand deck removal and power steering. The mower deck can rise and fall automatically which gives it an infinite number of cutting heights.

Kubota Grand L 3940 

Kubotas never disappoints, and the Grand L 3940 does not depart from the norm. This compact tractor is packed with many features for getting the job done effectively and smoothly, such as the E-TVCS diesel engine and a live PTO that is independent and can be easily turned off or on while the tractor is moving.

Whichever task that is ahead of you, the hydrostatic transmission that uses a pedal feel of this Kubota tractor will give you optimum performance. And add a finishing mower attachment to cut large landscapes.

Kioti CS2410

Third on the list is the Kioti CS2410 which boasts of a 24.5 horsepower engine and a ground clearance of 6.4 inches. This gives the owner ample flexibility to use it on a range of surfaces and topography without damaging the components.

The CS2410 from Kioti was designed with productivity and comfort in mind. Features such as power steering, PTO cover, joystick valve and parking brake make this model a joy to have on the farm.

Poulan PRO PBGT2654 

The Poulan PRO PBGT2654 may be the cheapest in this list, but don’t think for a moment that it cannot hold its own in this contest. It has hydrostatic transmission, is highly dependable and will always get the job done. It spots a 54-inch reinforced cutting deck, a Kohler 7000 motor and a 16 inch turning radius. If your yard is vast, has many gopher mounds, mole runs and other unsightly sections, the Poulan PRO PBGT2654 can restore it to its former glory within a short time because it’s an efficient, rugged tractor.

Compact tractors will do a perfect job on the yard and small farms. However, for bigger jobs, consider the big hitters which have more muscle. You can find models like these at your local dealer for tractors and lawn mowers in Peoria IL.

German--Bliss Equipment Inc.
215 Fairlane Dr
East Peoria, IL
(309) 694-3700

Here you can find a huge collection of lawn mowers for sale, as well as other equipment sales and rentals.

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Walz Scale Weighing Solutions for Logistics & Distribution Warehouses

If your company is experiencing a tremendous growth in its logistic operations or you are just seeking to renew your in-house weighing systems, you should pay attention to what Walz Scale has to offer.

Walz Scale is leading logistics industry provider of advanced weigh scales for a wide range of supply chain specific applications. Such weigh scales include products like stainless steel pallet scales, on-board forklift scales, conveyor belt scales, and many others. Let's take a look at some of their main products for logistics and distribution warehouses.

On-board Forklift Scale

Walz Scale's on-board forklift scales have functionalities that allow them to lift pallets and weight them on the fly. You lift them, used the digital readings to know the weight, make proper annotation in your warehouse's system, and then stock them away or load them onto the truck. This on-board weighing system optimizes critical supply chain management processes by taking one step out of the equation.

The company's on-board forklift scale is top of the line making mobile weighing possible with high accuracy. It's engineered with a heavy duty design which enhances its functionality and yields long term product durability. Standard features also include built-in scale indicator with number display readout, overload protection, included pallet jack scales with many attachments, multiple capacities available, and it's functional on most forklifts and lift trucks. For more information about the on-board forklift scale from Walz, click here.

Conveyor Belt Scale

Walz Scale's BW-2 Conveyor Belt Scale is one of the most advanced conveyor belt scales that improves logistics operations that use belts in the supply chain operation. This system speeds up distribution processes, enabling fast container loading, truck loading, and load removal and management.

Standard features include multiple communication protocols, can-bus communications, and an optimum user interface which allows intuitive straight-to-the-point operation. It is a stationary application ideal for all logistics warehouse settings. It also includes field serviceable available for rents and easy field installability through its optimized design.

Pallet Scales

Walz Scale also offers floor scales that are very important for pallets weight measuring. Coupled with your warehouse operations, they allow for easy storage of new products, and the loading/unloading of trucks in a fast, reliable and efficient pace. These are NTEP approved floor scales that are suitable for diverse industrial weighing needs.

Among its many features there are home run cable, junction box included in pallet & floors scales, NTEP certification, structural steel channel frame, heavy duty scale design for long hours of work, construct of mild steel and stainless steel, among many other major benefits. You can learn more about Walz pallet scales here.

These are among many products provided by Walz Scale. Their products are amazing and enhance productivity in various industries beyond logistics and warehousing, such as farming, construction, and mining scenarios. You can also find many scales for rent, as many logistic operations start out by renting scales from Walz Scale at very affordable rates. Then after their companies become profitable that's when they tend to invest in their own logistics weighing solutions to reduce costs and raise profitability.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

3 Top-of-the-Line Skid Steer Loaders from Gehl

Gehl is one of the top manufacturers of skid steer loaders. These skid loaders from Gehl are some of the best when used in agricultural, construction, and mining settings. They accelerate the loading, distribution, and logistic settings. Let's take a look at the top three Gehl skid steer loaders currently on the market.

Gehl Vertical-Lift Skid Loader V270 GEN:2

This Gehl skid loader is a vertical lift. So by being a vertical lifter it is more powerful that the radial lifters which have under 60 hp (horsepower).
  • It packs a monstrous 70.7 hp (52.7 kW).
  • Rated operating capacity of 2,700 lbs (1,225 kg).
  • Height to Hinge Pin while fully raised of 130.3" inches (3,310 mm).
  • Certified for greener emissions for Tier IV engines which couple efficiency and power.
  • Standard equipment level II FOPS.
  • Extra-large side screens for better visibility.
  • Extra space for superior operator comfort.
Use this machine if you want to establish faster operations in your mining logistical efforts. It will allow your operators to manage stockpiles fast, load trucks quickly and be ready for the next. Although this machine is known to last years without needing to be fixed, when repairs are needed, it's easy to find the right Gehl skid steer parts for this model.

Gehl Vertical-Lift Skid Loader V330 GEN:2

This is another powerful Gehl vertical lifter. It has a great hp punch that makes a lot of displacement. It speeds up your mining process, loading trucks fast, one after the other, nonstop.
  • It has a strong 70.7 hp (52.7 kW).
  • Rate Operating Capacity 3,300 lbs (1,497 kg).
  • Height to Hinge Pin while the arm is fully raised of 131.2" inches (3,332 mm).
  • Better control of its lifting loads through self leveling lift action.
  • Strong than other machines in its class with heavy-duty bushings and pins and thick steel plating.
  • Engine control through electronic interface.
  • Easy controls for easy navigation.
This machine will allow your operators to move fast, being able to load trucks much quicker and effective. Will increase your company's profitability, requiring little maintenance, being ready to work around the clock.

Gehl Vertical-Lift Skid Loader V400

This is the third vertical lifter from Gehl. Its appearance speaks more than a thousand words. Its robust, solid and strong. Ready for heavy duty work for as many operators as you can put in it, to work around the clock.
  • The strongest of all with 99 hp (74 kW).
  • Rated Operating Capacity of 4,000 lbs (1,814 kg).
  • Height to Hinge Pin, while the arms are fully raised 144" inches (3,647 mm).
  • Easily climbs mineral mounts to carve and organize the stockpile.
  • Spacious operating cabin that's revested with thick plating.
  • Easy system controls for fast navigation.
  • Customizable user preference enables with LCD display to alert gauges replacement need.
This machine is for you if you are really serious about heavy duty. The strongest in its class, it allows you to increase operator output. Having an army of this, will increase your company's output, increasing market share and profitability.

These three are in the top of the list for those companies that seek to enhance their operations. These machines will enable them to reach new target levels of production, profitability and market share. They will allow your company to grow. Best of all is that these are Gehl certified, easy to fix and find Gehl replacement parts, and top of the industry including state of the art elements implemented through cutting edge technology.

Walz Scale Truck Scales: Revolutionized Weighing Technology

When searching for a reliable weighing system solution, the first thing you should consider in your selection of choices is how effective the systems works. A good weighing system solution should be able to handle all the weighing tasks in your company, organization or industry. Walz Scale weighing systems have been around for many years and many companies have embraced on the benefits of using Walz scale weighing solution.

All weighing systems from Walz Scale have earned a very great reputation from different users all over the world. If your company or business needs a reliable weighing system, consider using weighing system solutions and truck scales for sale from Walz Scale.

In-Motion Portable Truck/Axle Scales

One of the most commonly used weighing scale systems from Walz Scale is the portable axle scale. This weighing scale is very easy to install and use. Many farmers are using portable axle scales to weigh their produce because of they system's versatile capabilities and flexible interface.

Unlike other in-motion truck scales that require professional installation prior use, the in-motion portable axle scales by Walz Scale are easy to set up and can be easily moved from one place to another. Portable axle scales can help to ensure accurate weights before farmers valuate and transport goods and products, all while providing a layer of convenience and throughput optimization.

Walz Scales AXW-series portable axle scales are a great deal for farmers and agricultural producers who don’t want to buy expensive full-farm truck scales. The portable axle scales are very robust and can be used in many various locations of a farm. Axle scales are built with heavy duty metals which makes them to be effective for many years without any repair and maintenance requirements. Their long durability period gives agricultural fa
rmers and producers enough confidence to completely rely on the portable scales.

On-Board Truck Scales 

Walz Scale on-board truck scales are an ideal solution for farmers who want to get accurate weight measurements of their trucks. The extreme reliability and durability of walz scale on-board scales has enabled them to earn a great recognition as the best on-board weigh scale systems. The On-board weighing scales work by capturing accurate weights via a hydraulic pressurized steer loader.

Weight units are displayed on a small digital screen where operators can determine whether the weight is appropriate on inappropriate for the truck. Walz Scale on-board truck scales are easy to install and are mainly designed for simple onsite installation that enables users to perform their own installation. To learn more about the Walz Scale's on-board truck scales, visit

Advanced Loader Scanner

The volume load scanner from Walz Scale provides an inmotion volumetric load scanning solution that is very fast, highly accurate and simple to install. Agricultural producers, farmers, mining industries and large produce business can use the load scanner technology to easily determine the actual weight of loaded trucks.

The load scanner system does not weigh trucks directly like a truck scale. It's weighing technology uses a load scanner system that generates a 3D volume image of a loaded truck. The 3D image generate by the system is calculated to determine the actual weight of the loaded truck. To learn more about the Walz load scanner, visit

With weighing solutions from Walz Scale, various companies and agricultural producers alike can now weigh their loaded trucks in a more convenient and efficient way. Walz Scale has been the leading company that offers reliable weighing scale systems for both large corporate organizations and small scaled businesses. If you are looking for a reputable weighing scale solution, consider using Walz Scale Weighing systems.

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Consulting Company Helps FQHCs Establish Effective Patient Billing Processes

Practicing medicine today is not easy. Practice Management can give a company or collective practice the advantage needed for effective, efficient FQHC billing services. At Practice Management, the goal is clear and concise: provide physician billing services that are unsurpassed in the business.

Practice Management has been serving clients since 1995, offering advice and providing solutions to FQHC medical service providers in an efficient and effective manner. The goal of Practice Management is to obtain resolve all medical billing claims in a timely manner and for the highest return possible. Both physicians and their patients benefit from high quality and comprehensive medical billing services.

The Practice Management Advantage

Practice Management will study and analyze the medical billing and coding strengths of a client’s practice when beginning a service relationship. By identifying the areas in need of improvement, operating efficiency and business practices can be increased. When allowing Practice Management to oversee billing and coding, a medical practice or health care center can expect to see over-head costs lowered and a reduction in payment turnaround intervals.

Practice Management’s clients realize increased cash flow and improved revenue, as well as an increase in patient satisfaction with services rendered. The bottom line, of course, is an increased income stream while having more time to focus on what really matters: the patients a medical practice serves.

Comprehensive Medical Billing & Coding

Practice Management employs the latest technology for medical billing and coding accuracy and efficiency. Practice Management can handle all billing activities, from charge entry at point of service to claim submission, or from payment posting to follow-up.

Through remote access of a client’s current system using a secure web portal, Practice Management can utilize top-of-the-line medical billing software to compile all billing requests, process client data, and manage the accounts receivable for the entire practice. Clients can also access any desired data through remote access to Practice Management.

FQHC Billing Services 

Practice Management provides specialized billing services and medical billing consulting services to Federally Qualified Health Care Centers (FQHCs). With a nationwide client base, Practice Management’s consulting team can analyze the operations practices and medical billing practices of any medical practice. FQHC billing clients receive a thorough analysis of current practice management, including evaluation of medical practice management software configuration.

Included in the FQHC billing services of Practice Management is a thorough assessment, evaluation and individualized recommendations for improvement of client billing practices. Practice Management can take care of such activities as fee schedule analysis, charge capture procedures, and patient billing and collection policies.

Physician Credentialing

Perhaps the most important element of continuing cash flow is physician credentialing. Proper medical credentialing helps avoid many of the standard cash flow difficulties that many medical practices face.

Practice Management offers compete credentialing services for clients needing physician billing services. This includes all payer and physical group, as well as hospital credentialing. The team of credentialing professionals at Practice Management will maintain contact and diligently track the progress of each enrollment, through to completion.

If a medical practice or medical service provider is to survive and prosper in the uncertain arena of medical practice today, it is imperative to have an efficient and productive management team to keep the practice’s billing and medical records component up to date. Practice Management offers the latest in technology, exceptional customer service, and experienced teams to handle the needs of and busy medical practice.

To learn more about Practice Management FQHC billing services, visit