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3 Series of Befco Mowers & Rotary Cutters Making Epic Strides on the Market

Befco mowers rotary cutters
When looking for mowers or rotary cutters, most individuals consider price, features, model, or even the dealer. However, the main factor you should consider is the quality and efficiency of the machine in question. The shape, topography and size of the field will influence which type of mower suits you best.

To make the right choice, you have to narrow your search to guide toward incredible rotary cutter for your needs. With Befo rotary cutters making epic strides on the market, there's a reason why so many are opting for these reliable machines. Below are three series of Befco mowers and rotary cutters that are making a big name in the industry.

Befco Tornado Rotary Cutters

The Tornado Rotary Cutters from Befco are reliable, durable, and solid. They are suitable for parks, farms, sports fields, industrial complexes and other areas. Rotary cutters can handle the toughest assignments, including tall grass, bushes and more. In addition, they are used for chopping sunflowers, potatoes, artichokes, corn stalks, and wheat into a fine product for easy incorporation.

Befco rotary cutter
Under this category, there are three different models available. these models comprise of RSD, which are ideal for tractors from 20 to 60 HP. RSD is one of the standard duty appliances with mowing widths of 72”.60” and 48”. The RMD is another notable model with working widths of 60” and 72”. This model is suitable for tractors with HP range of 40 to 100 at 540 rpm. Finally, RHD is regarded as heavy duty unit appropriate for tractors with 50 to 100 HP.

Befco Tornado Rotary Cutter Features

  • Standard slip clutch
  • Heavy duty gearbox
  • Free swing steel blades
  • Floating top link
  • The tail wheel for adjusting the cutting or mowing height

Befco Hurricane Flail Mowers

If you are looking for a mower that can give you a perfect finish, then Hurricane Flail Mowers can be the ideal option for you. With these flail mowers, you can cut large areas effectively with a small number of workers. This way, you will be able to save on costs as well as time. Made with superior Befco flail mower parts and componentry, these mowers come with quality engineered features, which make them run for several hours without requiring regular repair and maintenance.

Befco flail mowerSome of the models found in this group include H40, H70, and 80. H40 series are available in mowing widths of 48”, 60” and 72”and ideal for tractors with 15 to 40HP at 540 rpm. H70 are perfect match for tractors with 30 to 70 HP. Lastly, H80 works well with tractors featuring 40 to 80 HP and has working widths of 72”, 88”, and 100”.

Befco Hurricane Flail Mower Features

  • Grease fitting extension
  • Two heavy duty enforced belts
  • Adjustable cutting roller
  • Moving blades
  • 3 choices of blades
  • Highly engineered gearbox

Befco Cyclone Finishing Mowers 
Befco finishing mower

Befco Cyclone finishing mowers are some of the best mowing tools designed to provide outstanding mowing service that cannot be matched by other tools. Made with some of the best Befco finishing mower parts, these machines are ideal for keeping lawns and golf courses in good shape. Finishing mowers offer a variety of models to choose from, depending on your needs and budget. These models include C24, C25, C24, C50, C30-CE5 and more.The working width for these models range from 48” and 84” , and are suitable for tractors with 16 to 70 HP.

Befco Cyclone Finishing Mower Features

  • Cutting heights from 1 to 5 inches
  • 4 rubber swivel bearing wheels
  • High blade tip speed
  • Perfect blade overlap
  • Safety kill switch
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  2. You state one of the features of the Befco Cyclone Finish Mower is the ~ “Safety Kill Switch” ~
    Please explain just how this works and where it’s located.
    I have a Cyclone 50 and am at a loss of where this Kill Switch is located on my mower or even how it works.

    1. I think they are referring to the model that has it's own engine rather than being driven from the PTO.