Monday, December 14, 2015

3 Suppliers of Cubing Systems & Dimensional Weighing Equipment

Dimensional weighing systems are essential for distribution and shipping industries. These cubing and dimensioning systems are also known as volumetric weighing scales as they calculate the overall weight of a package, as well as volume and dimensional metrics from its length, width and height.

Today, there are many suppliers of cubing systems and dimensional weighing equipment, and each of them offers its own unique products and capabilities.

1. has a splendid reputation when it comes to dimensional weighing and scanning systems. The company designs and manufactures the most dynamic equipment which come with in-motion cubing technology. This enables operators to obtain real-time information about packages on conveyor belts. Rather than offering pocket friendly cubic weighing systems, ensures that their products have/are:
  • Real-time parcel dimension measurements.
  • Parcel weighing and real-time dimensioning.
  • The capability to integrate into your current shipping system.
  • Compatible with Windows OS.

In-motion Cubing Systems offers an IMPS cubing system which comes with all automation required for advanced shipping and warehousing operations. Unlike other volumetric weighing equipment, this system is capable of operating at high speed operations requiring accurate measurements.

Pallet & Large Freight Dimensioning Systems

These systems are suitable for operators demanding not only precise scanning and weighing measurements for pallets but also for large freight.’s systems are capable of operating under extreme conditions and still deliver accurate measurements.

Package Dimensional Weighing & Scanning

The Static Package Scanner (SPS) is an innovative cubic scanning and weighing equipment ideal for POS desk, warehouse operations, shipping or any industry looking for an affordable yet accurate weighing system. It comes with state of the art sensors for better accuracy in tough industrial operations.

2. Walz Scale 

Walz Scale has dominated the weighing system industry for a long time. The company has recently unveiled its line of cubing and dimensioning technology to penetrate a new market with it's incredible product development capacity. Walz Scale offers a full-line of cubing systems and dimensional systems, notably the:

Walz Static Package Scanner (SPS) 

It’s designed to provide precise weight and dimensional data for packages. In addition, this equipment is very easy to use and affordable for shipping operations and related industrial activities.

Walz Scale boasts PC software-integrated cubing systems and dimensioning technology. Walz Scale produce allows operators to integrate cubing and dimensioning systems to TNT and DHL requirements. This makes it easier for users to monitor and backup collected data online. FedEX and UPS compatibility gives users the pleasure of transferring data with a press of a button hence minimizing any room for errors.

3. is focused at nothing else rather than increasing productivity and efficiency of warehousing, freight and distributing operations. Its equipment generates accurate weighing and volumetric data on any item found in warehouses or shipping industries. The company offers:

In-motion Cubing Systems's in-motion dimensioning systems allow you to weigh and measure parcels as they move at high speed on conveyor lines. They can take measurements of parcels moving at speeds of up to 600 ft per minute. Models available include; Cubiscan 225, Cubiscan 200-TS, Cubiscan 210-SS (Single Sensor) and Cubiscan 210-DS (dual sensor).

Static Dimensioning Systems

These equipment are designed to take measurements of stationary items. They can operate on both small work stations and large pelleting dimensioning systems. has the following static cubing models – 25, 75, 100, 125, 150 and 1200-AKL.

Dimensioning and cubing weighing systems will definitely increase efficiency and productivity of any warehouse, shipping or transport industry. Visit websites for the mentioned suppliers for more information.

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