Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Before You Invest in Portable Scales to Weigh Trucks

Businesses in transport, mining, excavation, construction, and farming might not appear to be related. However, one key area that these types of companies find common ground is need to weigh heavy-duty trucks and their loads.

Whether to ensure a truck doesn't exceed the legal highway limits, or to weigh loads to measure profitability, truck scales are a vital component to many types of businesses. Particularly of interest to these business models are portable scales to weigh trucks.

portable scales to weigh trucksThere are many more benefits of using portable truck scales. Most systems can be set-up, taken-down, and moved from one location to another in a matter of minutes. Some more advanced portable truck scales offer weigh-in-motion capabilities. In short, weigh-in-motion truck scales can measure load and truck axle weight while the vehicle passes over the scale at speeds of about 3-5 MPH.

Advantages of Using Portable Scales to Weigh Trucks

Portable scales to weigh trucks also help in reducing fuel consumption, improving safety, revenues and increased operational savings. All those who’ve installed these scales are already experiencing increased revenues and impressive savings in operational costs.

portable truck scale systemWhen you know your exact weight at the point of loading, its possible to reduce costs. With diesel fuel prices shooting through the roof, operators are now looking for ways to be more efficient. Investing in a on-board portable scale will boost efficiency. Whey leave over loaded or under loaded by several thousand pounds and not collect added revenue?

These scales can also reduce the risk of leaving overloaded and risk the cost of overload fine, or still worse, increasing the chances of accident resulting in grievous injuries or even death. Operating savings aside, avoiding one accident or overload fine justifies the cost of having a portable truck scale fitted on your trailer or truck.

This innovative technology is accurate and reliable and has been proven to save lot of money. Weight is everything in this trucking business. There’s simply no reason, with easy to use, reasonably priced and easy to install, accurate and reliable portable truck weighing scales available today, that this type of scale shouldn’t be a standard equipment for your trailer or truck.

Where to Invest in Portable Truck Scales?

walz portable truck scales
Walz Scale has been a global supplier of high quality precision weighing scales around the world. The company is now offering portable truck scales that are not only accurate but are also reasonably priced. Their portable truck scale systems deliver incredible advantage to wide range of users. Considered a gold standard among portable truck scales, they offer you the following benefits.
  • Steel and aluminum portable scales
  • Choice of various designs
  • Portable truck axle scales
  • Portable wheel weigher units
  • Software-integrated portable truck weigh scales
  • Fully portable weighbridge truck scales

Walz Scale Systems Are Durable & Lightweight

The Walz Scale's portable truck scales are actually extremely durable scales that can be used to weight off-road or over-the-road vehicles. These weighing systems are best for demolition, construction, mining, farming, logging, and numerous other operations that quickly move from one job site to another. Unlike other scales on the market, these scales are factory assembled and are very easy to install or move. Walz Scale also offers portable truck scales for rent, so customers can use these scales on a short-term rental basis.

The fact that it’s easy to use these portable scales anywhere makes them a invaluable and flexible tool for transporters. These scales have improved considerably over time and now it is possible to get highly accurate readings.


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