Tuesday, September 22, 2015

5 Kubota Tractors Leading The Ag Industry

Without a doubt, every good farmer out there will tell you that the to succeed in agriculture demands on the quality of the equipment and tractors that are being used. For more than a century now, Kubota tractors have continued to gain more and more reputation in the ag equipment market as the unconquerable machinery when it comes to agricultural industry. Kubota tractors are not just any ordinary tractors. Every model behind these remarkable machines is specifically targeted to offer nothing less but top most performance and dependability.

Kubota sets out to offer a wider variety of tractors to choose from compared to its competitors in the tractor market. This consumer savvy review is pretty much focused on reviewing five of the best Kubota tractors that will definitely leave you happy with your investment.

L-Series Kubota Tractors

The L-Series Kubota tractors are outstandingly powerful. In real sense, they are utterly ideal for commercial landscaping, estate maintenance and even small farming. The L-Series from Kubota normally comes in four models (i.e. the Grand L60, new L2501, L3301/l3901/l4701 and L3200/l3800/l4600.) Generally, all these models have the same superior power to handle a very wide range of tasks.

When it comes to engine and the horse power, the L-Series does not disappoint. All the four models are fuel efficient and feature the latest EPA tier that ensures conformance to emissions regulations. So what makes the L-Series tractors unique in this field?

The (mechanical synchro shuttle) transmission is one of the reasons why. This transmission features an amazing inline forward and also reverses shifting for quicker and easier directional changes. In addition, it features two range shift speeds and four main shift speeds that ensures you have just the perfect maneuverability. Additionally, the L-Series Kubota tractors are easy to operate pedals, larger capacity fuel tank, comfortable deck and a continuous running PTO among others are additional features that make this track exceptional.

BX-Series Kubota Tractors 

The 4WD BX-Series Kubota tractors are just incredibly strong and versatile. These types of Kubota tractors are ideal for even tight spaces due to their compact size. The engine is perfectly customized to ensure maximum power despite their compact size. And did we forget to mention that the 4WD ensures powerful traction for operating heavy duty front loader works?

Often available in premium Kubota package deals, other features of BX-Series Kubota tractor include an ideal ground clearance of up to 9 inches, an incredible reverse air flow mechanism that prevents the grass from blocking the radiator grill, perfect steering wheel position for maximum comfort, effortless hydraulic power steering and large fuel tank among others.

B-Series Kubota tractors

The B-Series Kubota tractors are absolutely powerful, efficient and comfortable to use. The models under this category include: new B 2650/B3350, new 2301/B2801, new B3350SU and B2320/B2620/B2920. The diesel engine is built perfectly to offer utmost strength, reduce emissions and noise as well as keeping the vibration low.

The unique hydro static transmission system guarantees smooth and effortless shifting in addition to facilitating powerful operations for heavy duty works. This category of B-Series Kubota tractors, offered by many tractor package suppliers, is where you are likely to find telescopic stabilizers, (rear remote) control valves, level guides among other incredible features.

M-Series Kubota Tractors

The class of M-Series Kubota tractors features a wide variety of models all built to exceptionally give you high performance. In fact, the M-Series is considered the ultimate modern and advanced technology that combines all the tractor’s features to give you a perfectly powerful machine.

Whether you are looking for a hydraulic system that increases the pedals responsiveness, an easy to engage gear and shift system, an easy to change reverse and forward direction, less vibration and noise, 4-speed/2-speed shift systems, comfort, ideal maneuverability; I mean just name it all, you will find them all in these type of spectacular trucks. The M-Series is indubitably the “king” of all the agricultural tractors.

TLB-Series Kubota Tractors

When it comes to landscaping, backhoe, trenching and handling materials, no other tractor beats the TLB-Series of Kubota tractors. In fact, these tractors combine power and versatility to offer you exceptional performance. The main models under this category include: L45, 39, M59 and B26.

These tractors literally take productivity and efficiency to the next level. What makes them even more unique is their diesel engine which is capable of tackling the toughest jobs and can even start in very cold weather, ability to engage a 4 wheel drive, spark arrestors for maximum safety, lifting point hitch of up to 1,676 lbs 24", hydraulic independent “PTO” and the incredible FOPS/ROPS protectors that ensures you work under any weather condition.

All in all, Kubota tractors have literally taken agricultural industry to unbelievable heights; in fact this was just a tip on the ice bag. If you are looking for maximum performance and looking for just the perfect machinery for that, then get yourself busy in searching for more information on the internet for concerning these remarkable machinery. At least, you have a good head start.


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