Thursday, December 10, 2015

5 Premier Home Audio Systems Ready to Take 2016 By Storm

When it comes to entertainment, home audio systems play a dominant role in almost all homes. With major advancements in sound engineering, you can easily find many classy and sophisticated home audio systems on the market.

With a huge choice based on acoustics, features, portability and appearance, it can be bit confusing to choose the best one for your entertainment. Let’s have a close look at 5 premier home audio systems for 2016.
Sony Home Audio Systems

Sony BDV-N7100W

The Sony BDV-N7100W s a latest all-in-one system that includes 5.1 channel speakers and 3D-ready Blu-ray receiver with 1000W amplification. It’s a best option for all those who want a home cinema but are daunted by the prospects of shopping for separates, as everything you needs comes in one single box. The BDV-N7100W comes packed with nifty tricks like on-demand internet content, the Bluetooth, and 4K upscaling.

The system comes with a wireless rear speaker kit. The receiver is a nice black box with terminals on its back for surround speakers. You’ll have to plug in the supplied cards into the receiver and the main unit. There is also a horizontal speaker in the package and a passive subwoofer. Both are styled to match other speakers.

There are generous range of sockets, including two HDMI inputs, and an HDMI output that supports ARC, 3D, BRAVIA Sync and 4 K upscaling. You’ll also find analogue and optical digital stereo inputs, FM aerial input a minijack input, and an Ethernet port. On front, there is an USB port for media playback from external HDDs and pen drives.

Monitor Audio R90HT1

The Monitor Audio R90HT1 is a 5.1 speaker package that features an updated version of Monitor Audio Radius 90 compact speakers, a subwoofer and a brand new center speaker. Its USP is a unique mix of audiophile sound quality and stunning looks.
Monitor Home Audio Systems

You can buy speakers separately should you wish to expand your R90HT1 home audio system. Each box feels substantial and solid, which delivers excellent sound quality.

The Radius R90s that are used as the surround and front speakers, sport elegant curved corners and rounded speaker gently mesh those bulges forward from its front surface. Each of them stands 200mm tall and can swiftly perch on a TV stand.

On its back is Monitor Audio’s HiVe II port that makes its Radius debut. Its grooves accelerate the flow of air and also reduce turbulence, which ensures dynamic bass response. All controls that you need to integrate sub with other speakers are on its back, including crossover frequency and volume dials. You can select three bass modes using the switch at the back. There is Movie mode, Impact mode and Music mode.

Sonos Whole Home Audio System

If you’re interested in a home audio system that covers your entire house and plays your music, no matter where it is stored, Sonos Whole Home audio system is the best choice for you. Sonos Whole Home easy and flexible to use and quickly integrates with your current system and works with huge array of content providers and services.
Sonos Home Audio Systems

It’s Sonos Bridge separates wireless mesh network that your music streams over without interfering with home’s Wi-Fi network. You can no stream music through speakers through your local Wi-Fi and no Bridge is necessary.

Sonos also lets you access more content and music and supports all streaming services from MOG to Spotify to Amazon Cloud player to many far less common ones. It also supports wide audio formats, such as AAC, WMA, MP3, FLAC, OGG, AIFF, ALAC, and WAV.

Quad L-ite Plus Home Audio System

It’s a home cinema speaker package that brings together center, satellites, and subwoofer from Quad’s new L-ite Plus range. These stylish sats won’t hog your living room space, as you easily perch them on furniture and shelves.
Quad Home Audio Systems

The box has four identical satellites for the fronts and rears, an all-new 200W subwoofer and a center speaker. For added flexibility, all speakers are available separately, allowing you to add extra satellite to your 7.1 system or even create a 2.1 setup. All these components come in high gloss finishes.

Bose Lifestyle T20 Home Audio System

The Bose Lifestyle T20 home audio system is middle to high end in price and comes with lot of useful features. It’s a 5.1 channel system that includes four satellite speakers and a receiver. Like other home theater systems, it also includes ADATiQ auto speaker calibration and onscreen menu and navigation. It delivers a crystal clear sound with strong bass output. You can easily link to other devices using its 19 connections, including analog audio, HDMI, and composite video.
Bose Home Audio Systems

Bose Lifestyle T20 also allows for analog to HDMI switching for superior quality sound, as well as upscaling movies and easily shows up to 1080 pixels. It is also 3D compatible for all those who want to enjoy 3D movies and games.

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