Monday, October 26, 2015

3 Trusted Online Dealers for Land Pride Parts & Mower Blades

Are you looking for the best online dealers that sell Land Pride parts and replacement blades for mowers and rotary cutters? If so, then this Consumer Savvy Reviews post is for you.

Land Pride is a popular manufacturer of turf equipment that range from grooming mowers, rotary tillers, rotary cutters, landscape rakes, zero turn mowers and rotary blowers among others. The popularity of Land Pride's products make the brand a must stock for most online dealers that offer replacement parts and lawn mower blades.

Unfortunately when it comes to equipment parts, most online stores have a tedious ordering processes while others take eons to ship your order. This makes buying the right Land Pride parts for your model a challenge for most buyers. Luckily, there are some trusted online dealers for Land Pride parts and mower blades that take pride in customer satisfaction.

German-Bliss Equipment

German-Bliss Equipment is a premier online dealer of replacement components and parts for a wide range of equipment that includes excavators, lawn mowers, rotary cutters, skid steers and utility vehicles, among other equipment. The online store parts is renowned for affordable prices and timely delivery. The other unique feature about German Bliss' online store is the short period it takes to buy a replacement part or component that is out of stock. The site also offers an easy to navigate online Land Pride parts lookup page that makes finding the exact part you need a breeze.

While it may take weeks for an out of stock to be delivered from most online stores, German-Bliss Equipment usually takes about one business day to request most missing parts and components. In addition to fast shipping and affordable prices, the store also helps buyers take advantage of factory financing offers to help support their needs.

German-Bliss Equipment also has a vibrant customer care support service that ensures all your enquiries are answered within the shortest time possible. The store also provides safe and secure web-based ordering, which is essential for every online buyer.

Tractor Parts Central

Tractor Parts Central has grown over the years from 2 car garage in 1999 to a popular fully stocked 14,000 square foot warehouse in North Central Texas. The central location of the store ensures that orders are quickly shipped to all over the US. Most orders usually take 1 to 3 days, but addresses at the edges of the US may take a bit longer. The major highlight of this store is quick shipping of orders. Orders placed before 2pm central time are shipped the same day.

The other highlight of this store is that a buyer will not be charged restocking fees for a return that can be put directly back on the shelf for resale and is returned within 30 days of purchase. However, if the return cannot be put directly back to the shelf, you will be charged a 10 percent restocking fee.


Messicks store has a long history that dates back to 1952. Since then, the store has witnessed tremendous growth to a remarkable 40,000 sq/ft shop that allows it to serve multiple large equipment. The company deals with over 250 brands of equipment in lawn and garden, construction and agricultural. The major highlight of Messicks spare parts and components store is the expedited shipping.

Orders placed before 2PM EST are shipped the same day while orders placed after 2pm are shipped the following day. If the part is not in the store, it may take up to 5 days before it can be shipped. Furthermore, the store does not charge restock fee for stocked parts and components, but special order parts will be subject to a 20 percent restock charge if they are returned within 90 days.


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