Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Seico Security: Providing More Than Just Security Systems in Peoria

Since 1972, SEICO Security has been on the front line in provision of security systems products and services in Illinois. They provide the best banking security products in the US and for this, they have garnered lots of customers. Their unique approach in deploying their security systems sets them apart from other security company.

Seico security systemsEach of the systems SEICO Security offers is tailor-made to meet the needs of their customers. Whether yours is a single house with a few rooms or a large bank serving thousands of customers, they offer you the perfect solution. They have a variety of security products as shown below.

Bank Security Systems

SEICO Security bring to the market technologically advanced ATM security systems to outdo the craft of criminals. The bank ATM security systems from SEICO are offered with intrusion and hold-up systems to safeguard the users. Besides, each system has a digital video feature.

bank vault security systemsBanks Safes & Vaults

SEICO allows their customers to customize their bank safes and vaults just the way they need them. A client may opt to have pre-existing facilities upgraded such as installing new locks, replacing safe deposit boxes and changing vaults and cabinet doors to more secure ones.

As a client, you may also choose to have SEICO install new facilities. To this end, SEICO deploys modular pre-formed Hamilton vault. The vault has to be UL fire rated. Their installation costs are affordable.

Audio/Video Systems

To up the security of banks even more, the company offers Data Capture with video to minimize identity theft; license plate capture system with the aim of mitigating drive-up transactions fraud; under-counter cabinetry; mechanical walk or drive-up depositories; audio/video systems and CCTV systems among others.

Fire Alarm Systems

True to their word, SEICO Security is a one-stop shop for all your security products and services. The company has partnered with renowned stand-alone fire alarm systems providers such as Vigilant and EST to bring you integrated fire alarm systems that swiftly work with access control and intrusion to ease operation.

SEICO Security also offers all types of fire alarm systems for all applications. You can check the status of your multiple-unit fire alarm system as long as you have access to the internet and you have a System Link Software. Besides installation services, they offer annual fire alarm inspection services on all brands of fire alarms.

Home Security Systems

home security systemsSEICO Security offers a variety of home security systems including access control systems to protect entrances, 24/7 security monitoring services (for homes and businesses), digital surveillance systems, alarm systems and finally CCTV surveillance systems. A constant worry for most home and business owners is unauthorized persons gaining entry to their homes or businesses with bad intents. SEICO gives you the assurance of security by having someone constantly monitor your business or your home around the clock.

Other Security Systems

Seico security system company Whenever there is a new innovation in the security industry, SEICO is always the first one to bring it to you. They have systems including FLIR thermal cameras to measure temperature, data server security systems, tube diverters and currency drawer organizer for banks among others.

To learn more about Seico Security at:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

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