Monday, April 20, 2015

Walz Scale Weighing Solutions for Logistics & Distribution Warehouses

If your company is experiencing a tremendous growth in its logistic operations or you are just seeking to renew your in-house weighing systems, you should pay attention to what Walz Scale has to offer.

Walz Scale is leading logistics industry provider of advanced weigh scales for a wide range of supply chain specific applications. Such weigh scales include products like stainless steel pallet scales, on-board forklift scales, conveyor belt scales, and many others. Let's take a look at some of their main products for logistics and distribution warehouses.

On-board Forklift Scale

Walz Scale's on-board forklift scales have functionalities that allow them to lift pallets and weight them on the fly. You lift them, used the digital readings to know the weight, make proper annotation in your warehouse's system, and then stock them away or load them onto the truck. This on-board weighing system optimizes critical supply chain management processes by taking one step out of the equation.

The company's on-board forklift scale is top of the line making mobile weighing possible with high accuracy. It's engineered with a heavy duty design which enhances its functionality and yields long term product durability. Standard features also include built-in scale indicator with number display readout, overload protection, included pallet jack scales with many attachments, multiple capacities available, and it's functional on most forklifts and lift trucks. For more information about the on-board forklift scale from Walz, click here.

Conveyor Belt Scale

Walz Scale's BW-2 Conveyor Belt Scale is one of the most advanced conveyor belt scales that improves logistics operations that use belts in the supply chain operation. This system speeds up distribution processes, enabling fast container loading, truck loading, and load removal and management.

Standard features include multiple communication protocols, can-bus communications, and an optimum user interface which allows intuitive straight-to-the-point operation. It is a stationary application ideal for all logistics warehouse settings. It also includes field serviceable available for rents and easy field installability through its optimized design.

Pallet Scales

Walz Scale also offers floor scales that are very important for pallets weight measuring. Coupled with your warehouse operations, they allow for easy storage of new products, and the loading/unloading of trucks in a fast, reliable and efficient pace. These are NTEP approved floor scales that are suitable for diverse industrial weighing needs.

Among its many features there are home run cable, junction box included in pallet & floors scales, NTEP certification, structural steel channel frame, heavy duty scale design for long hours of work, construct of mild steel and stainless steel, among many other major benefits. You can learn more about Walz pallet scales here.

These are among many products provided by Walz Scale. Their products are amazing and enhance productivity in various industries beyond logistics and warehousing, such as farming, construction, and mining scenarios. You can also find many scales for rent, as many logistic operations start out by renting scales from Walz Scale at very affordable rates. Then after their companies become profitable that's when they tend to invest in their own logistics weighing solutions to reduce costs and raise profitability.

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