Wednesday, April 29, 2015

On-board Forklift Scales for Warehousing & Distribution Operations

On-board forklift scales are a highly valuable piece of technology for warehousing and distribution companies who need to calculate the weight of the loads that are distributed on freight trucks. This type of on-board scale technology is designed to monitor pallet or load weight in the most efficient and accurate way, eliminating the need for an external floor scale or any other additional steps within the weighing process.

What makes on-board forklift scales one of the best possible weighing solutions for more efficient warehousing and distribution operations? Let’s take a look into the functionality of these on-board weigh scales and the advantageous features that they have to offer.

Providing Businesses with Accurate Production Data

Most types of On-board forklift scales are able to produce very accurate measurements. They have an integral weighing system, so that the specific production data can be tracked and recorded. Also, the system includes test weights, which can be used to make calibrations on the on-board scale systems. By using these test weights you can ensure that you are getting the best possible measurement.

The well-designed backlit LCD screen is very easy to read and can be viewed even in low light conditions. When it is important to record the size of a load accurately, these forklift scales can be relied upon for some of the most advanced warehousing and fulfillment solutions.

Offering Exceptional Durability and Reliability

The sensor technology within on-board forklift scales is very advanced and it offers extreme durability, even for heavy duty use in some of the world’s toughest working environments. A product such as the Walz Scale WK50XDS forklift scale system will perform well for many years without needing recalibration. The need for repairs is also minimal, but when the scales do need maintenance, users can rely on the support of the service team of company's like Walz Scale. A wide network of service offices provides calibrations, installations and onsite support.

Simple to Install

Some on-board forklift scales systems are difficult for most customers to install themselves because the scale unit is complex and often need custom integration. However, the WK50XS forklift scale system from Walz Scale is extremely simple to install, making it ideal for customers who want to put together their systems on their own. The system will be shipped with all of the components that are necessary for installation.

On-board forklift scales, such as the Walz Scale WK50XDS system, offer many advantageous features. When it is necessary for advanced business operations to get an accurate weight reading, this is the type of scale that you can rely on.


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