Monday, April 13, 2015

Consulting Company Helps FQHCs Establish Effective Patient Billing Processes

Practicing medicine today is not easy. Practice Management can give a company or collective practice the advantage needed for effective, efficient FQHC billing services. At Practice Management, the goal is clear and concise: provide physician billing services that are unsurpassed in the business.

Practice Management has been serving clients since 1995, offering advice and providing solutions to FQHC medical service providers in an efficient and effective manner. The goal of Practice Management is to obtain resolve all medical billing claims in a timely manner and for the highest return possible. Both physicians and their patients benefit from high quality and comprehensive medical billing services.

The Practice Management Advantage

Practice Management will study and analyze the medical billing and coding strengths of a client’s practice when beginning a service relationship. By identifying the areas in need of improvement, operating efficiency and business practices can be increased. When allowing Practice Management to oversee billing and coding, a medical practice or health care center can expect to see over-head costs lowered and a reduction in payment turnaround intervals.

Practice Management’s clients realize increased cash flow and improved revenue, as well as an increase in patient satisfaction with services rendered. The bottom line, of course, is an increased income stream while having more time to focus on what really matters: the patients a medical practice serves.

Comprehensive Medical Billing & Coding

Practice Management employs the latest technology for medical billing and coding accuracy and efficiency. Practice Management can handle all billing activities, from charge entry at point of service to claim submission, or from payment posting to follow-up.

Through remote access of a client’s current system using a secure web portal, Practice Management can utilize top-of-the-line medical billing software to compile all billing requests, process client data, and manage the accounts receivable for the entire practice. Clients can also access any desired data through remote access to Practice Management.

FQHC Billing Services 

Practice Management provides specialized billing services and medical billing consulting services to Federally Qualified Health Care Centers (FQHCs). With a nationwide client base, Practice Management’s consulting team can analyze the operations practices and medical billing practices of any medical practice. FQHC billing clients receive a thorough analysis of current practice management, including evaluation of medical practice management software configuration.

Included in the FQHC billing services of Practice Management is a thorough assessment, evaluation and individualized recommendations for improvement of client billing practices. Practice Management can take care of such activities as fee schedule analysis, charge capture procedures, and patient billing and collection policies.

Physician Credentialing

Perhaps the most important element of continuing cash flow is physician credentialing. Proper medical credentialing helps avoid many of the standard cash flow difficulties that many medical practices face.

Practice Management offers compete credentialing services for clients needing physician billing services. This includes all payer and physical group, as well as hospital credentialing. The team of credentialing professionals at Practice Management will maintain contact and diligently track the progress of each enrollment, through to completion.

If a medical practice or medical service provider is to survive and prosper in the uncertain arena of medical practice today, it is imperative to have an efficient and productive management team to keep the practice’s billing and medical records component up to date. Practice Management offers the latest in technology, exceptional customer service, and experienced teams to handle the needs of and busy medical practice.

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