Sunday, April 19, 2015

3 Top-of-the-Line Skid Steer Loaders from Gehl

Gehl is one of the top manufacturers of skid steer loaders. These skid loaders from Gehl are some of the best when used in agricultural, construction, and mining settings. They accelerate the loading, distribution, and logistic settings. Let's take a look at the top three Gehl skid steer loaders currently on the market.

Gehl Vertical-Lift Skid Loader V270 GEN:2

This Gehl skid loader is a vertical lift. So by being a vertical lifter it is more powerful that the radial lifters which have under 60 hp (horsepower).
  • It packs a monstrous 70.7 hp (52.7 kW).
  • Rated operating capacity of 2,700 lbs (1,225 kg).
  • Height to Hinge Pin while fully raised of 130.3" inches (3,310 mm).
  • Certified for greener emissions for Tier IV engines which couple efficiency and power.
  • Standard equipment level II FOPS.
  • Extra-large side screens for better visibility.
  • Extra space for superior operator comfort.
Use this machine if you want to establish faster operations in your mining logistical efforts. It will allow your operators to manage stockpiles fast, load trucks quickly and be ready for the next. Although this machine is known to last years without needing to be fixed, when repairs are needed, it's easy to find the right Gehl skid steer parts for this model.

Gehl Vertical-Lift Skid Loader V330 GEN:2

This is another powerful Gehl vertical lifter. It has a great hp punch that makes a lot of displacement. It speeds up your mining process, loading trucks fast, one after the other, nonstop.
  • It has a strong 70.7 hp (52.7 kW).
  • Rate Operating Capacity 3,300 lbs (1,497 kg).
  • Height to Hinge Pin while the arm is fully raised of 131.2" inches (3,332 mm).
  • Better control of its lifting loads through self leveling lift action.
  • Strong than other machines in its class with heavy-duty bushings and pins and thick steel plating.
  • Engine control through electronic interface.
  • Easy controls for easy navigation.
This machine will allow your operators to move fast, being able to load trucks much quicker and effective. Will increase your company's profitability, requiring little maintenance, being ready to work around the clock.

Gehl Vertical-Lift Skid Loader V400

This is the third vertical lifter from Gehl. Its appearance speaks more than a thousand words. Its robust, solid and strong. Ready for heavy duty work for as many operators as you can put in it, to work around the clock.
  • The strongest of all with 99 hp (74 kW).
  • Rated Operating Capacity of 4,000 lbs (1,814 kg).
  • Height to Hinge Pin, while the arms are fully raised 144" inches (3,647 mm).
  • Easily climbs mineral mounts to carve and organize the stockpile.
  • Spacious operating cabin that's revested with thick plating.
  • Easy system controls for fast navigation.
  • Customizable user preference enables with LCD display to alert gauges replacement need.
This machine is for you if you are really serious about heavy duty. The strongest in its class, it allows you to increase operator output. Having an army of this, will increase your company's output, increasing market share and profitability.

These three are in the top of the list for those companies that seek to enhance their operations. These machines will enable them to reach new target levels of production, profitability and market share. They will allow your company to grow. Best of all is that these are Gehl certified, easy to fix and find Gehl replacement parts, and top of the industry including state of the art elements implemented through cutting edge technology.

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