Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Top 5 Compact Tractors & Mowers for Small Farms

Compact tractors are basically the smaller versions of utility or agricultural tractors (oftening appearing and functioning like luxurious lawn mowers.) Compact tractors are mostly designed for landscaping, small-scale excavating, removing snow, and other land work.

Additionally, most compact tractors can be equipped with a wide range of implements and attachments such as box and grader blades, front-end loaders, and rotary tillers. If you are thinking of investing in a compact tractor but you don’t know where to start, this guide will help you to narrow down your choices. Here is a review of the top 5 compact tractors and mowers for small farms. We also suggest checking local tractor rental from dealers to try before you buy.

John Deere X500

Simply put, the John Deere X500 is the best compact tractor on the market. Although it does not come cheap, it is offers the best value in terms of versatility, hill climbing and ground engagement. Is your yard full of rocks, trees, benches and many other obstacles? No problem. With its tight turning radius, precise throttle and great directional control, the X500 makes light work of unkempt jungles.

This luxurious lawn mower meets tractor from John Deere has an air-conditioned motor for adequate cooling, a large handle for easy adjustment of the throttle speed and a PTO style clutch that’s very easy to use. It has many other wonderful features that make it perfect for small farms and yard work.

Simplicity Conquest

The Simplicity Conquest is very similar to the Simplicity Legacy XL and Simplicity Prestige models except that it has lesser power. It is a wonderful mower, with a heavy frame, automotive steering and rubber cushions which ensure the hood dies not rattle.

Each year, the Simplicity Conquest comes out better and more improved so as to increase functionality. Some of the features which have been added recently include automatic traction control, single hand deck removal and power steering. The mower deck can rise and fall automatically which gives it an infinite number of cutting heights.

Kubota Grand L 3940 

Kubotas never disappoints, and the Grand L 3940 does not depart from the norm. This compact tractor is packed with many features for getting the job done effectively and smoothly, such as the E-TVCS diesel engine and a live PTO that is independent and can be easily turned off or on while the tractor is moving.

Whichever task that is ahead of you, the hydrostatic transmission that uses a pedal feel of this Kubota tractor will give you optimum performance. And add a finishing mower attachment to cut large landscapes.

Kioti CS2410

Third on the list is the Kioti CS2410 which boasts of a 24.5 horsepower engine and a ground clearance of 6.4 inches. This gives the owner ample flexibility to use it on a range of surfaces and topography without damaging the components.

The CS2410 from Kioti was designed with productivity and comfort in mind. Features such as power steering, PTO cover, joystick valve and parking brake make this model a joy to have on the farm.

Poulan PRO PBGT2654 

The Poulan PRO PBGT2654 may be the cheapest in this list, but don’t think for a moment that it cannot hold its own in this contest. It has hydrostatic transmission, is highly dependable and will always get the job done. It spots a 54-inch reinforced cutting deck, a Kohler 7000 motor and a 16 inch turning radius. If your yard is vast, has many gopher mounds, mole runs and other unsightly sections, the Poulan PRO PBGT2654 can restore it to its former glory within a short time because it’s an efficient, rugged tractor.

Compact tractors will do a perfect job on the yard and small farms. However, for bigger jobs, consider the big hitters which have more muscle. You can find models like these at your local dealer for tractors and lawn mowers in Peoria IL.

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