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Typically, most of the heavy and bulky items are transported via trucks, mostly due to the heaviness. Nevertheless, the government set limits of weights in the load carried. Each state will have its own limits on the load that a truck must carry. Since it might not be easy to find out what the weight of the given load is, a truck scale is used.

The truck scale will determine the overall weight of the truck, when loaded, and the axle weight, which is the weight per axle. Normally, the overloaded trucks will be charged heavy fines by the state. And for that, the truck owners and companies need to have a reliable truck scale.

These truck scales are sophisticated, and they have different designs. They have been constructed to hold heavy weights every day. That implies that they are used each day to weigh heavy trucks, and for that, their composition is very steady. They have special sensors, which gather info from the junction box, and strain gauges.

The strain gauges are basically wires that have been incorporated within the concrete. These wires contain electric current flowing all through. A monitor will be present, which displays the calculated weight of the loaded truck. On average, most of the states limit trucks to have a maximum weight of 34,000 pounds.

Truck Scales Provide Value in More Ways Than One

Due to the tough fines, a truck owner or company needs to have a truck scale for many reasons. Some of the reasons include the following:

  • Weigh High-Volume Loads. Truck scales, whether fixed or portable, are the most efficient solution to weigh large loads, especially when the loads are being transported. In addition to fixed and portable truck scales, such weighing systems can be implement on rail to weigh train car loads.
  • Avoid Hefty Fines. The fines could start from 10 cents for every extra pound found beyond the set limit. Some fines will even cost $500 or every overweight load. This could be very expensive, and for that, a truck scale will help to determine the weight of the given truck.
  • Preserve The Quality/Condition Of The Truck. Normally, the vehicle will wear out due to heavy loads on it. For that, it is recommended that they are not overloaded, and there is always a maximum weight set for a truck. Through the truck scale, the condition of the truck will be preserved.

Cost-Efficient Alternative with Truck Scales for Rent

For a company that deals with heavy commodities transit, it will need to have a truck scale, especially in times of such product that cannot be easily weighed, like salt. In such situations, a reliable portable truck scale could be needed. Normally, portable truck scales for sale can cost up to $5900, depending on the state.

In such cases, then a rental truck scale will come in hand, since most of the situation when the bulky goods are carried will come once in a while. This helps to save money and other resources. The portable truck scales are also easy to move around, unlike the fixed scales, which tends to be expensive as well.

At, you will find a wide range of truck scales rent, ranging from portable truck scale rentals to even rail scale rentals. Most of these truck scale rental programs come at friendly prices, and you will be sure of having a reliable scale that will help you determine the required weight whenever.


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