Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Local SEO for Surgeons: Attract (More) New Patients

The Internet has revolutionized everything from how we shop, manage our bank accounts or even book an appointment with the therapist. It goes without saying that any business venture must achieve web presence if the entrepreneur intends to earn significant proceeds from it.

So, why exactly would a cosmetic surgeon need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) if they already have a website which is up and running? We will help you explore the importance of SEO for surgeons and how it can generate new patients to your door step if used efficiently.

Make the Most of Your Website

Building a great website which outlines your services and invites prospective customers to request for quotes is one thing but driving loads of traffic to it is another. This is where SEO gets into the picture.

In short, SEO for surgeons is a set of techniques and implementations which are aimed at improving your website’s visibility in Google search for keywords related to your surgical niche. For instance, a breast augmentation surgeon in Chicago would try to get his or her website to appear first in Google if someone enters the keyword 'breast implants Chicago’.

Surgeon SEO helps you get quality leads although you need to be careful. Optimizing for the keyword cosmetic surgeon in Chicago makes sure that only those visitors who are interested in related services will get to land on your website. Loads of traffic might have been mentioned before but if you are a cosmetic surgeon, you sure do not want visitors who are looking for a 'rhinoplasty surgeon in Chicago, IL’. This moves us to the next section which describes why almost all surgeons need Local SEO.

What is Local SEO for Surgeons?

Local SEO for surgeons is described as a collection of strategies which are inclined at increasing visibility for businesses interested in ranking high for geographic keywords. For instance, someone who practices cosmetic surgery in Chicago wants to attract only those people who actually live in Chicago since they are more likely to convert.

For local plastic surgeon SEO, you will need to claim a Google Places for business page and complete your profile as required. Afterwards, you will need to link the Google Places Page to a Google+ Local page; make sure that information on both profiles rhyme.

Outsource Surgeon SEO Services, or Try In-house SEO

As a surgeon, it is most likely that you do not have profound skills in web development leave alone SEO. It is a very important part of your overall marketing strategy and while so many would like to handle it themselves, the best option would be outsourcing to an individual or company which offers the services. You would also like to know that SEO for surgeons is time consuming which implies that you would have to compromise on some of your duties if you were do it yourself.

Even SEO companies outsource some related tasks like generating content for guest posts which consumes a lot of time. Note that a good SEO company prepares reports for its clients so that you can easily track your progress to see if the efforts you are making are worthwhile.

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