Tuesday, November 18, 2014

3 Reasons to Opt for Organic Toys Made in the USA

When most people buy toys for children, they often base their purchase on a few common considerations: which toys new or well-liked among kids; which toys look the most appealing; which toys are most engaging or educational.

This holiday season, look at the big picture when you do your toy shopping. Think about how you can have a positive impact not only on the child receiving the gift, but also your local economy and the overall environment. The solution: organic toys made in the USA.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking - another hippie read that's trying to make a push for organic consumerism and environmental sustainability. Well, sort of. But this read is for your own good, and the good of the child receiving the toy.

Below are three quickly-portrayed and positive reasons why opting for organic toys made in the USA are a better choice for your kid compared to conventional alternatives. Additionally, you might learn a thing or two about how buying baby toys organic can help the world in more ways than one.

Organic Toys Pose No Health Risks

In most conventional toys on the market, there are trace amounts of chemicals that are used the in the materials to make the toys during the manufacturing process. Many of these chemicals can be toxic, such as mercury, lead, mercury, phthalates, and arsenic. Additionally, the U.S. government allow toys stores to sell these potential toxic toys.

So if you're shopping for a baby, organic toys are a must. Babies are notorious for putting toys (in addition to just about anything) in their mouths. For this reason alone, it's important for the baby's health to opt for organic toys made in USA, such as natural bamboo or 100% organic cotton toys.

Organic Toys Are Simple Yet Educational

Most parents want their growing children to get the best education they can. However, most parents fail to realize that the educational process starts a day one. So consider this: if you put a plastic, light-flashing and music-playing toy in front of an infant, do you think that infant is going to reap any benefits for their cognitive development?

Unlike many conventional toys that are over-stimulating and often times passive, organic toys are often basic in nature. And yet, their basic, simplistic nature enables growing children to truly tap-into their creativity, ingenuity, and logic. From blocks, puzzles, play kitchens, and dolls, the options for organic toys are simple yet educational.

Organic Toys Promote Organic Farming

Do you support Monsanto? I didn't think so.

So when you buy non-organic stuffed animals or dolls, essentially you're supporting non-organic farming practices that use pesticides and insecticides supported by Monsanto. Sound extreme? You can vote with your dollar. And organic toys are one way to exercise your right to support organic, and not the evil empire.

So please, share your views and questions about organic toys below. We'll be glad that you did.

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