Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Portable Vehicle Weighing Scales for Convenience & Efficiency

Many users of heavy duty weighing systems and truck scales often search for options that offer high level of versatility and convenience. The portable vehicle weighting scales deliver a versatile, sound solution to weight truck loads virtually anywhere.

With portable capabilities and easy-to-use design, you can take this weighing system just about anywhere, and these weighting systems have now become a highly sought-after solution among agricultural producers, farmers, and small and medium scale industries. Let’s have a close look at what makes these portable vehicle weighing systems so high in demand among the rest.

How Portable Vehicle Weighing Scales Work?

Portable truck weighing scales are low profile systems that are designed with perfectly flat surfaces on which trucks can drive onto for weighing. As soon as the truck arrives on its weighing pads, the scale system will display the aggregate weight on the system’s digital terminal.

At the core of these portable vehicle weighing scales is a highly sensitive and sophisticated load cell that’s responsible for measuring the load and instantly transmits the data to the terminal. As load cell is one of the most important component of the portable weighing pad, it is heavily protected by a durable and incredibly strong casing.

These portable vehicle weighting systems also have two ramps on each side. These ramps are designed in way which makes it easier for trucks to drive onto the weight pad for calculation of the load weight. Many portable truck scales are low profile and ramps are not always needed, they’re a good option for use on varying surfaces and terrain that aren’t evenly flat.

Now you might be wondering how these scale systems determine only the load weight (and not the load of the truck). For accurately measuring the gross weight of the load, it’s important to measure truck axles individually before using the scale for load measurement.

The terminal can record the weight of the truck axles and will then provide calibration of the scale for all future measurements. In short, once this weighing system records the empty weight of the truck, it can then easily calculate the gross weight of the entire load being transported.

Benefits of Portable Vehicle Weighing Scales

  • Seamless Set-up-Unlike numerous other portable wheel weigher scales, portable truck weigh pads are very easy to set-up. You can lay the ramps, set-up the scale and install the weighing terminal within minutes.
  • Accurate Measurements-Due to their highly sensitive load cells, these portable scales are very accurate. In fact, these portable vehicle weighing scales have become one of the most popular form of industrial truck weighing scales.
  • Remote Weighing Terminals-The remote weighing terminals of portable truck weighing scales come with LCD display and in-built capabilities to store and print weighing data for later use.
  • Harvest Management-Farmers can use them to accurately determine agricultural production.
  • Versatility and Portability- Portable vehicle weighing scales are easy to move and come with an easy to carry case. They are also well integrated with other forms of weighing equipment, such as portable rail scales and weighbridges
The ideal supplement for these portable vehicle weigh scales is proprietary software system that helps to maintain records and manage truck loads. You can get these scales at competitive rates from many online stores. So, do your research and choose the best one according to your needs.


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