Thursday, September 11, 2014

Redwork Embroidery Designs: 5 Design Ideas for Your Next Project

Redwork embroidery in its simplest form refers to classic embroidery that makes use of red thread to form patterns over a white background. Redwork embroidery designs are unique because they was the first color embroidery that used cotton thread.

Redwork embroidery designs are sometimes also known as "Turkey Work" because the dye used to color the thread was manufactured in country of Turkey. The cotton thread used in redwork embroidery retained its color during washing and did not leach onto the surroundings during line drying.

In the past, only the rich and mighty had the privilege of wearing clothes embroidered with such colored threads. This was because before cotton dying became prevalent, silk was mainly used for colored embroidery. With the invention of redwork embroidery, people with limited means could also embellish their fabrics with colorful embroidery.

5 Creative Redwork Embroidery Designs

Redwork designs are common in all categories, spanning from religious contexts to animal patterns. In fact, redwork is very common in Christian embroidery designs as well as elaborate patterns. Here are five creative redwork embroidery designs for you to adorn your clothes with them:

1. Laurel Wreath with Bird

Laurel is an evergreen with broad leaves which was once given to Olympiad winners in Greece. It still stands as a symbol of achievement, victory and glory. You can embroider the Redwork laurel pattern with a bird on beige or white background in the honor of the next Olympic Games.

2. Paisley Hearts Valentine Pattern Set

A 3-piece free hand embroidery pattern makes a perfect gift for your beloved one on the Valentine’s Day. Each of the designs can have a paisley motif worked in redwork embroidery. This design looks chic when framed or finished as ornaments.

3. The Eiffel Tower Redwork Embroidery Design

There are no two ways about the fact that "The Eiffel Tower" is one of the most iconic landmarks in entire Paris. A simplified version of the tower in redwork embroidery is a good idea. Using this redwork embroidery design on yellow and white kitchen towels will augment the red color of your creation over them and give it a classic French appearance.

4. Redwork Chicken Weathervane Pattern

A Chanticleer or French Rooster Weathervane can be stitched in traditional redwork embroidery by making use of very basic stitches. You need only two basic surface embroidery stitches viz. the French Knots and Stem Stitches to work such a design on a naturally colored evenweave or plain fabric.

5. Lovebirds in Redwork Embroidery

A happy soul finds love in the air irrespective of whether it is summer, winter, spring or fall. Lovebirds made of redwork embroidery are a celebration of true love. You can create lovebirds in three basic embroidery stitches namely detached chain stitch, stem stitch and French Knots. All you would require are a 12" x 12" piece of 30-count cotton fabric, embroidery hoop, scissors and size 10 needles.

If you'd like to find these embroidery designs designs, and more, check out the redwork designs at Windstar Embroidery, an online store that offers a wide selection of downloadable redwork embroidery designs for sewing machines.

Redwork embroidery designs have become popular due to the fact that it needs less thread to produce a visible image on the fabric when compared to other threads. It also takes less time to complete a design and since the quantity of thread required in less, it does not get too heavy on pockets too.

The charm of redwork embroidery on a white field refuses to subside with time. As a matter of fact, a number of people have a hobby of collecting pieces of redwork embroidery.


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