Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Samsung's OLED TV: A Big Hit for TV Sales in 2014

If you're TV guru, then the Samsung TV technology that's taking storm will definitely spark your interests. Samsung is redefining TV sales with its new OLED TV. In 2014, the Samsung OLED TV sales are expected to skyrocket. The question is - are you going to be one of the savvy consumers making a purchase?

About the Samsung OLED TV

Digital trend sites and technology news publishers have been raving about the Samsung OLED TV. Since the brand received exclusive rights to describe this new model as a bendable OLED TV, stores offering Samsung TV sales have been wanting to get their hands on this model ever since.

The new innovative allows for real bending (yes, flexible bending) of the Samsung TV via remote control. This is allow TV viewers to capture a better view angle. Additionally, Samsung's new OLED TV will also include advanced software capabilities allowing users to modify the image to best ensure that there's no distortion due to the bending.

Samsung's OLED TV is said to integrate plastic substrates in its body's design and a spacious back panel to better deform the display. This Samsung TV is said to offer much wider angles in contrast with current Samsung TV's on sale which are only slightly curved.

When to Expect This Samsung TV 

Samsung has already announced that it plans to unveil the OLED TV prototype early next year at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. While specific details were uncertain about technical specifications and cost of this Samsung TV sale, its display size is anticipated to be huge.

Although Samsung has over the past been relatively successful in keeping its trade secrets hidden, a lot is already known about the Samsung OLED TV. It is possible that Samsung will only reveal the prototype in closed-door meetings.

The coming year for Samsung TV sales will primarily center on Smart TV technology - however the new OLED TV is said to redefine viewing and home entertainment.

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