Thursday, December 12, 2013

3 Luxury Luggage Sets That Make Travelling Stylish & Stress-free

There are a lot that luxury luggage sets bring to the table for frequent travelers. For one, they add style to travelling, but more importantly they help in making travelling more practical and streamlined. In essence, travelling with luxury luggage sets is that they allow travelers to be more organized and stress free during their venture.

Furthermore, luxury luggage sets also make it easier for travelers to distinguish their luggage in the baggage claim area. There are various options to choose from when it comes to luxury luggage sets at discount prices. The following are three of the most impressive examples.

Heys Crocodile – Embossed Softside Luggage Set 

Heys USA has a rich history of more than 25 years to draw upon when it comes to catering to high profile travelers. One of its most appreciated products is the Heys Crocodile – Embossed Softside Luggage. This luggage set consists of two large wheeled suitcases, one medium sized wheeled suitcase, and one duffel or carry – on bag.

There are essentially two reasons why this set is so liked by travelers. The first is its unique look which puts it at the forefront of fashion while also making it easier to spot in the baggage claim area. The other is the fact that this set consists of three different sizes of bags making it suitable for a nuclear family. Moreover, segregation of various belongings is also easy as items can be grouped on the basis of priority. More used items can be kept in the carry – on bag and the less used in the big suitcases.

Like all luxury luggage sets, this one has all the bells and whistles as well such as inline skate wheels and an internal push button handle system. Even though the look of this set will preclude rough handling by baggage personnel, it is made up of durable PVC which gives it the ability to handle rough use.

Bric’s Tuscan Luggage Set

Bric’s was established way back in 1952 in Italy. Bric’s is mainly known for creating luxury luggage with Tuscan leather and nylon. One of its bestselling products is known as Bric’s Tuscan Luggage Set. This set comprises one wheeled suitcase which can be large small or medium, one large wheeled carry – on bag which is also wheeled, one medium or large carry – on bag, and one small item akin to a large purse which the manufacturer dubs cosmetics tote.

Each item in this set is made up of cotton flocked PVC with leather trimmings. The material has suede like feel which makes it look elegant and artistic. This set is suitable for an individual fashionista or even a small family out on a short trip.

Focusing on convenience, Bric’s has included sturdy wheels and telescoping handles on the larger items in this set such as the suitcase and the large carry – on bag to make this set easier to handle for one or two people. Another great benefit that this luggage set provides is that if the buyer chooses a medium or large suitcase then he gets a bag that boasts of a separate suiter and shoe pocket.

Lipault Parisian Luggage Set 

Lipault is one of the newer manufacturers of luxury luggage sets. It was set up in 2005 by Fran├žois Lipovetsky, a well-known designer from France. This company is known for creating luggage suitable for the modern traveler with special focus being given comfort and ergonomics.

The Parisian Luggage Set offered by Lipault is extremely useful for the spry modern traveler who expects to change direction at the drop of a hat. Practicality seems to be a criterion for Lipault as each item in this set is collapsible and can be easily stored when not in use. Furthermore, this luggage set is also water resistant because it is made up of 420 denier nylon.

With multiple colors to choose from, this luggage set comprises a weekender with dual pockets, a small wheeled suitcase, a medium sized wheeled suitcase, and a large wheeled suitcase. Designed to offer maximum versatility, this set is ideal for people who are planning an active trip.

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