Wednesday, February 3, 2016

3 Reliable Weighbridge Suppliers for Custom Scales & Weighing Systems

Are you looking for the best weighbridge on the market that offers unique, advanced features with an option of customization?
Weighbridge Suppliers
Trying to find the most reliable, performance oriented weighbridge truck scales that offers customization and advanced features is not easy. This is primarily because there are copious manufacturers in the industry that claim to offer the the most dependable weighbridge systems on the market. When searching for a customizable weighbridge scale, you should also focus on finding a system that's recognized for its accuracy, efficiency and reliability.

While there are many alternatives to weighbridges that might be more efficient for some users, weighbridge truck scales still serve a vital role (especially custom weighbridges) for many industrial applications. You can be confident in your investment by ensuring your weighbridge truck scale is supplied by a trusted and reliable company in the weighing technology industry. Below we feature three of those companies and what features and capabilities their weighbridges have to offer.

Walz Scale 
Walz Scale Weighbridge Supplier

Walz Scale is the leading supplier of truck scales suitable for many different applications that include mining, agriculture, and waste management among other operations. The company also offers a wide range of weighing solutions that range from truck scale software solutions and laser scanning systems to in-motion rail scales, on-board wheel loader scales, conveyor scales, weighbridge scales, and ag and farm scales to meet different individuals and businesses needs.

The weighbridge scales by Walz Scale are highly effective, dependable and performance oriented. They are designed to offer accurate weights and continued service for the modern trucks depending with the needs of the specific business. The scales can also be customized to feature open bottom design or above ground design among other advanced features such as galvanized steel components, heavy duty load cells, and tension suspension among others. Learn more about Walz Scale's weighbridge truck scales by visiting

Avery Weigh-Tronix

Weighbridges by Avery Weigh-Tronix are known for their dependability and accuracy even in the toughest industrial environments. All scales by Avery are designed to last with a rugged design, high quality manufacturing, and robust weight sensors that are backed by incredible warranty options. The weighbridges can also be customized to come in either concrete or steel to meet your business needs. The rugged scales by Avery Weigh-Tronix can also be pit or surface mounted depending on the use and location of the scale.

The fully factory assembled and performance tested scales can also be paired with a range of accessories, software, and indicators to create a complete weighing and data management solution. Depending with the model, the scale can be fitted with extra-long length modules to offer more room for longer trucks on the scale. The steel deck truck scales can also be galvanized for corrosion resistance and maximum surface durability.

Payload Pros 

The Payload Pros' weighbridge truck scale systems feature 30-percent more structural steel than most other weighbridges available on the market. The heavy-duty scales also feature more I-beams, which are longitudinally integrated with the traffic flow to ensure better weighing accuracy and tire support irrespective of the truck’s position.

The heavy-duty scales by Payload Pros also comes with an open bottom design that extends the life and sustainability of the scales as they are susceptible to moisture buildup, which can cause corrosion. The heavy duty scales also come with advanced features such as the self-checking tension mounting, which eliminates the excess movement to offer better accuracy and heavy duty load cell and load sensor technology, which offer reliable performance in the harshest conditions.

To learn about Payload Pros' weighbridge truck scales, visit This company also offers a wide range of heavy-duty truck scales and weighing systems used for mining and other industrial applications. You can even get portable scales for rent at Payload Pros.


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