Thursday, August 20, 2015

Top 3 FQHC Billers In The Medical Billing Profession

Aside from helping to avoid trouble with the legal issues, investing in professional FQHC billing services are the best way for any federally qualified health center (FQHC) to keep overhead costs down and to maximize its revenues. Due to the importance of these services there is now more companies providing this service than ever before.

However, despite their being so many FQHC billing companies, there a few that stand out from the rest due to the quality of their services. To help your health facility get the best services, here are the top three FQHC billers in the medical profession.

1. Practice Management

Practice Management combines years of experience in the sector and professionalism to give services that can be matched by few other companies if at all any. With Practice Management, one needs not to be told just how good they are since their track record speaks for itself. Having helped dozens of health centers sort out their billing issues to improve revenues and payment turn-around, Practice Management has earned its rightful place among the best.

Practice Management provides services for pediatrics, cardiology, family practice, internal medicine and many other areas. To make sure that their customers are always satisfied the company provides experts to help in FQHC billing, essential services like credentialing and helping the clients comply with legal and ethical regulations.

One other advantage that this company has over the others is that it offers bilingual customer service. Practice Management has invested in hiring bilingual customer service professionals to make sure that language will never be a barrier to the company's effectiveness in serving its customers. To learn more visit the FQHC billing page at the official website of Practice Management,

2. Synergy Billing 

Synergy Billing is the number one FQHC biller by collection rate. This fact alone should be enough to convince any facility that they are a god option for their billing services need. Having been in operation for many years now, the company understands how FQHC's work and so they will help maximize the revenues of the health center one dollar at a time.

Besides from helping with revenue maximization the company also offers other valuable services like FQHC staff training. These services are essential for any heath facility because they contribute to making it more self-reliant in the collection of revenues by reducing overdependence on FQHC billing companies.

By hiring Synergy Billing, the health center will also benefit from various informational webinars hosted by the CEO and other top executives. The webinars will not only help to maximize revenues but also provides the FQHC with revenue cycle management solutions.

3. Visualutions 

As the name of this company implies, Visualutions' primary aim is to provide a health facility with cost minimization and revenue maximization solutions. Although Visualutions provides most of the services that any FQHC billing company this company concentrates more in coordinating training for staff.

Years of extensive research by Visualutions have proved that the most efficient way to maximize revenues is through FQHC staff training. Besides from giving FQHC billing and coding solutions the company coordinates different levels of staff training. The training is conducted before the implementation of the billing system and during its application to equip staff at the health center with the required skills.

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