Thursday, August 13, 2015

Is The Cypromus "Intelligent" Home Security System The Future of Security?

Recently, Cypromus, a software start-up in Seattle, announced an exciting Kickstarter campaign to support their Cyp Box, which could be the first “intelligent” home security robot!

A lot of us will have basic security features such as an alarm protecting our home, but these often feel incredibly dated and are fairly restricted in their usefulness of certain burglary scenarios.

But as technology improves so does the potential to enhance every facet of our lives and for Cypromus, safety is one of these. Their research and development has resulted in a prototype home security system, which could play a significant role in the future of home security.

So what does the Cyp Box do exactly?

Well it is described as a home security robot – a virtual bodyguard – that can protect you and your family from harm. It does this by 'checking in' with the people who live in the house on a regular basis and if you don't reply after a certain time then the system will take this as a cue that you need help and will automatically alert the necessary authorities.

This could have serious strength when it comes to aiding elderly people who live alone, families often feel scared of what could happen if their elderly relatives were to have an accident and weren't able to call for help, with Cyp it will activate its integrated security alarm system either if the person doesn't answer from its prompt or if it recognises distress.

This isn't the only feature that makes Cyp Box a practical installation in a lot of homes, but it also is ideal for instances where there may be an intruder and Cyp will recognise the distress and call for help.

What does Cyp look like?

When you read 'robot' you assume that you will have a walking and talking AI in your home, but the Cyp is a lot more discreet and practical. It is in fact pretty reminiscent of a stereo and is even capable of playing your music too.

You might assume that the product that is being heralded as the 'future' of home security systems is going to be very expensive, but you'd be wrong. The Cyp Box isn't as important as its interior, which houses moddable hardware that can also be upgraded. What this means is that there is a wealth of potential in exactly where the product can go and you won't need to replace the box itself when it comes to upgrading.

After all the box has been created by a software company and they are very experienced in developing software and combining it with low cost hardware, the result of this is that you get an innovative home security system feature for your home at a fraction of the price.

Overall the Cyp Box is a tool that can immediately add an initial layer of security to your home over the traditional alarms and also provide aid for people living on their own. Throw in the fully moddable software and it is likely that there could be some serious and exciting advancements in the features that the box could deliver…and all at an affordable price to.

So be sure to check out Cypromus and their Cyp Box on Kickstarter.


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