Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Truck Load Scanner System Makes Efficient Strides for Many Industries

The economic environment in which mining and resource extraction companies operate mandates the need for more improved and efficient methods for measuring loads and optimizing hauling capacity. The heavy duty truck scales of the past are staple resource that barely measure up to the challenges faced by the need to optimize profit and minimize costs.

Mining operations are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency of weighing and payload management operations. For instance, large scale excavation projects and resource extraction operations are always looking for more fluid and cost-efficient load management solutions to make throughput faster and more streamlined.

The volumetric truck load scanner technology developed by Walz Scale provides just the solution, offering a system that provides real time material density and weight calculations that are not only extremely accurate, but easy to measure (compared to most common truck scales of today.)

How The Scanner System Works in Measuring Loads

The truck load scanner system by Walz Scale uses advanced laser technology to accurately scan and measure the load carried in open truck beds. Even though the load scanner technology is an advanced technology, the working components are actually very simple. The load scanner system gathers a 3D volumetric scan as trucks pass under the system at slow speeds. With basic inputs telling the system the type of material and thus its density, the system can then calculate the weight of the load based on the volume metrics.

Not only is alternative weighing solution efficient to operate and easy to install, but unlike truck scales, operators can see high definition 3D images of their loads using a touch screen tablet, mobile device, or basic computer. This can help pinpoint and troubleshoot improper displacement of loads, which can not only impact operational efficiency and throughput, but also the wear and tear on the trucks.

Additionally, all data can be uploaded directly from the tablet to the Walz proprietary software for easy retrieval, analysis, and for customer billing purposes. This software is compatible with nearly all types of computers and mobile devices.

Software Supported Payload Management System

The truck load canner from Walz measures the capacity of an empty truck and stores the data along with the truck identification in the Walz software. Once this data has been stored, the truck can be scanned with a payload as it passes underneath the scanner. The volumetric data are stored instantly and can be retrieved by the operator or by the trucking company management.

The 3D scanning capability of the Walz Load Scanner is a significant profit enhancement tool by providing amazing detail of the load capacity and distribution of every truck. Many benefits result from using this feature; 1) Shovel operator performance can be improved; 2) Truck component life can be improved; 3) Determining truck body fill factors; and 4) Profit improvement through more efficient utilization of the truck. Additionally, the load scanner has a wide range of industry applications, making it one of the most versatile solutions for heavy-duty weighing operations.

Mobile & Versatile Truck Load Scanner

The portable trailer load scanner system can be transported by a truck with nothing more than a trailer hitch device. A technician can be easily trained to set up the portable system which requires very little effort to activate.

This portable load scanning system is designed to function with an adjustable height scanner. Leveling feet are used to set the scanner in a stable position for accurate readings. The data is recorded in a touch tablet or a screen kiosk. This portable system can allow for unmanned or unattended operation at any job location.

Open pit mining operations will benefit from the capability to monitor and analyze the productivity of their truck loading procedures. With this data, mining operations can maximize their productivity. There are more applications for the truck load scanner which can benefit dredging companies and public works departments.

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