Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bush Hog Finishing Mowers for Enhanced Land Clearing Capabilities

When looking to clear large tracks of land in a quick, smooth and flawless manner, there is need to take a look at the best brands in the market that will do the job. It's often impossible to use a basic push lawn mower (or even riding mower) that will either take forever to clear the land or will buckle under pressure from the heavy mowing required for such big pieces of land.

Bush Hog is one of the top brands in the market and has a list of features that will leave a large lawn or land looking well groomed. Bush hog finishing mowers come with a gearbox 5 year warranty, in addition to offering the best options among high-power land clearing capabilities.

Why Opt for Bush Hog Finishing Mowers

Bush Hog finishing mowers are easy to attach to your tractor and offer top notch performance no matter the size of the land. Bush Hog finishing mowers have been tested over the years and their genuine high performance blades, Kevlar reinforced belts, and high grade fabricated decks and a seamless mowing experience like no other.

Because this is a staple application among Bush Hog products, these finishing cutters are tried and tested mowers that will stand the test of time in variable conditions (dry or wet). There are a number of Bush Hog finishing mowers that fit the bill. Below we take a look at three of the most popular options among Bush Hog finishing mowers. And when you need replacements parts for Bush Hog mowers, you can always click here to find a huge assortment of Bush Hog mower parts.

Bush Hog RDTH Finishing Mowers

The impressive line of Bush Hog RDTH finishing mowers comes in a 60 and 84 inch cutting widths. With finishing mowers the bigger the cutting width, the larger the piece of land it can clear at a time, which makes these robust options from Bush Hog very efficient. They offer adjustable cutting height ranging between 1 and 6 inches depending on the length you want the grass to be.

The high speed blade tip of Bush Hog RDTH Finishing Mowers ensures that there is no streaking or tracks of grass left behind during mowing. Each finishing mower comes with rear discharge mechanism that evenly distributes the cut grass. Additionally, these Bush Hog finishing mowers have an easy greasing zerk to keep the lawn mower performing at optimum levels.

See all of the models in the RDTH series by visiting the official site of Bush Hog finishing mowers.

Bush Hog ATH900 Air Tunnel Finishing Mower

The highly advanced Bush Hog ATH900 Air Tunnel Finishing Mower has 3 blades that overlap ensure a professional lawn finish. Like the RDTH, the cutting height of the Bush Hog ATH900 Air Tunnel Finishing Mower can be adjusted by up to 6 inches.

This model has been designed with carefully-crafted tunnel with a narrow center which enables this Bush Hog finishing mower to cut large amounts of grass with great efficacy. It's designed for wet or damp grass which means it does not risk rusting or malfunctioning. Learn everything you need to know about this Bush Hog ATH900 model.

Bush Hog Tri-Deck Finishing Mowers (TD1100, TD1500, and TD1700)

The TD1100 and TD1500 models of Bush Hog Tri-Deck Finishing Mowers run at 30 HP, which not require too much power and offers an added layer of efficiency for less robust land clearing needs. The TD1100 Tri-Deck finishing mower from Bush Hog is 11 feet wide, while the TD1500 model is 15 feet wide. ·When it comes to maintenance, the blade spindles are easy to grease and a 4X4 box wing section offers lift arms for easy access.

The TD1700 Bush Hog Tri-Deck Finishing Mower has features are almost similar to the other two Bush Hog Tri Deck mowers, yet this model offers 17 feet of cutting width along with a more robust 45 HP motor which means more power.

The 1700 Tri-Deck from bush hog provides incredible stability thanks to the large wheels and wide design. High blade speeds prevent streaking during mowing, offering the perfect option for larger tracks of land, like golf courses or large estates. See more at BushHog.com's Tri-Deck page.


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  3. I have a Bush Hog RDTH 72. Does a terrible job. In dry not very high grass it tracks and leaves clumps of grass. Does not evenly distribute grass. A wast of money