Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Relive the Classic Days of Fashion with Pocket Tank Tops

Fashion enthusiasts are always on the look-out for new trends. It's a dynamic and fast paced industry that has its senses set to the future. But often times, fashion trends are nothing more than cycles where the clothing and styles of the past are revived.

If there’s one thing that can describe the common styles of today, it is a fusion of many eras in fashion history. Trends are being recycled and the old motifs are becoming the new vogue. One of the classic pieces from the past that is quickly creeping its way into the present days are pocket tank tops.

These tank tops have a pocket (hence, the name) usually placed on the left side of the chest and have a contrasting color. They were hugely popular in the 80s, worn by men and women notably during the summer season. It was everywhere back in those days. People loved it because of its laid back, comfortable, loose and casual look. And just like a lot of things in the 80s, pocket tank tops are an item that is a growing sight nowadays.

But pocket tank tops are not just exclusively worn by beach-goers, vacation groups, and people who love the whole summer season. It is also becoming more popular among high school and university students. If there are varsity jackets, there are pocket tank top counterparts as well. You even see sororities and fraternities sporting their own group’s custom tank top with pride. Undoubtedly, the versatility and simplicity of this piece are two of the major reasons why people are bringing it back.

Designers of pocket tank tops today have even put a modern touch to it by using other fabrics besides cotton. Some have even made sheer tops for women for a more feminine look. Aside from that, some tank tops have pockets that do not only have a contrasting color but a different pattern or style to it as well. So you can have a top with a plain or bland color but with pockets that have crazy and vibrant patterns. Either that design or choose illustrations as another option.

Customized Pocket Tank Tops on the Rise

Perhaps the best thing about these modern tank tops is that a lot of makers and designers allow customized designs from their buyers. With custom tanks, individuals are given the total freedom of choosing the top’s color and the pocket’s design. A common design of custom pocket tank tops is using neon colors to create a bright and vibrant tank top that's customized just the way customers like it.

In the case of groups, you can have your group name or logo placed on the pockets depending on where you wish to place it. So if you are a group or a team and have been meaning to have something similar that all of you can proudly wear, pocket tank tops are the perfect choices whether you are with a vacation group or a club in your school or whatever cluster of people you have.

These tops are a small step away from the mainstream, and it won’t take long for them to reach that place. Because clearly, this piece has never lost its charm, proving to us that its style will always be timeless.

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