Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Seeking TV's on Sale? Check Out These Tips for Online TV Shopping

We all know it’s so easy to find a TV sale online. Just go to Google, research the major brands and few TV sales, find the best price and make a purchase.

However, sometimes “best price” is not the “best deal”. Whether it’s a large screen Plasma, small LCD TV for the bedroom, a projection TV, or the latest 3D or Internet-enabled "Smart TV," you need to be aware of the fine details of scouting for legit TV sales. Let’s have a close look at few buying tips that are often times overlooked, but are very important when buying a TV online.

Measure the space where your TV is to be placed

It’s amazing to know that many people will buy a TV at TV sales, get it home and then return it just because it doesn't quite fit on the TV stand, in the entertainment center, or on the wall space. Therefore, measure the space required for your TV and then bring those measurements to the store with you. When measuring, you should leave around 1-2 inch leeway on all sides and few inches behind the set to make it easy to install the TV and also allow for adequate ventilation.

Size of room and type of viewing area

Make sure that you have sufficient viewing space between you and the TV. With LCD/Plasma, Projection TV’s, and even video projectors, most of the people are tempted to buy the biggest screen possible. However, you should have proper distance between you and the picture to get the best viewing experience. For a 26-inch LED TV, you should give yourself 3-4 feet to work with, for a 32-inch, 5-6 feet is sufficient and for 42-inch Plasma or LCD you should have at least 8 feet to work with.

Desired TV picture quality

When shopping for TV sales online, you should take your time and take a close look at picture quality of different models. Many high definition TV's may seem attractive online, but until you actual view the TV screen, the sale might not have been worth it.

There are several factors that contribute to the picture quality:

  • Darkness of the Screen Surface - When turned off, check the darkness of the TV screens. The darker the screen the better is the TV’s capability at producing high contrast picture. A TV cannot produce blacks that are blacker than its screen. Therefore, “grayish” or “greenish” looking screens would produce low contrast pictures.
  • Scaling - With rising popularity of HDTV’s, their scaling ability is also a crucial factor when buying a TV. Most of the times, analog TV sources, such as standard cable or VHS don’t look good on a HDTV as they on an analog TV. Scaling is a process where DVD player or a TV tries to eliminate defects in standard resolution video image to make it look better on a HDTV, but not all HDTV’s do this well. Therefore, when considering a HDTV, you should check how TV looks with both standard and high definition content.

TV audio capabilities and connections

When considering various TV sales, you should check that it should have at least one set of audio outputs, and one set of audio/ video inputs.

For audio, Televisions have built-in speakers, but with Plasma and LCD TV’s, there is little interior volume to house high quality speakers. Some TV’s have various audio processing, options, but an external audio system is necessary for a home theater environment. Even if you don’t have all the latest gear to hook up your TV, you should buy a TV with enough input/output flexibility to add future components.

3D Smart TV sales

If you want to find a TV sale with 3D viewing capability, you should check the type of 3D glasses that are available.

If you are considering the purchase of TV that offers 3D viewing capability (all 3D TVs can also be used for normal TV viewing as well), be aware of the two important factors. Passive polarized glasses look and wear like normal sunglasses, and TV’s that need these glasses display 3D images at half resolution of any 3D image. Active shutter glasses are bulky as they have transmitter and batters that sync rapidly with moving shutters.

We hope this TV buying guide will help you in buying the best TV on the market!

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