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Best Web Design Companies in Peoria, IL?

Web DesignWhen trying to find the right web design company in Peoria, IL, there are a number of providers that have earned a solid reputation throughout central Illinois. Investing in a website design company is decision that hinges more on cost. Quality of design, ongoing support, and addition web marketing services are just a few additional considerations worth exploring.

Ultimately, a proficient web design company must offer the specific design services you need and at a price that you can also afford. This review of the best web design companies in Peoria, IL should help make your decision much easier.

Facet Web Tech 

As pioneers in central Illinois' digital community, Facet Technologies, Inc. has been serving the computer and technology needs of the Peoria area for several decades. Just recently, Facet Technologies unveiled it's latest branch: Facet Web Tech, one Peoria's newest and quickly emerging web design companies.
Facet Web Tech Design Peoria IL

In addition to custom website design and development services, Facet Web Tech also offers software development solutions. With mobile and web apps becoming a popular and effective way to engage customers and build brands, the software development services of Facet Web Tech make this company an outstanding option among Peoria web design shops.

Another service that sets Facet Web Tech apart from other web designers their website cleanup service. If you have a website that has been hacked, Facet Web Tech can get you going again and help protect you from hackers in the future.

If you are looking for a web company that can take care of every intricate detail of your business’ needs with a one on one approach, Facet Web Tech is the Peoria Area web design company for you.


Lisa Murphy Web Design

Lisa Murphy Web Design is one of Peoria’s exclusive website design companies. This company does not work at a set hourly rate, but rather bills at a set price for each website design package. Lisa Murphy Web Design believes that every package is one of a kind and needs to be treated as such.

Lisa Murphy Web Design specializes in marketing of personal and small business websites. Additional services that are offered are: full website management services, web design, mobile friendly websites, social media and search engine optimization (SEO).

Lisa Murphy Web Design offers an extremely personal touch to make your website design experience one of a kind. From domain name and web hosting setup to maintenance, Lisa Murphy is right there for every step along the way.

Lisa Murphy Web Design also works with some of Illinois’ best advertising, marketing and graphic design companies to capitalize on every possible avenue of getting your website the best web traffic possible. These include: Valerie Clark of Clark Marketing, Graphic Express graphic design company, Mike Boatman commercial and industrial photography, Squarecrow Creative graphic design company, and Videogenique video production company. If website hosting with a personal touch is what you are looking for, Lisa Murphy Web Design is right for you!


Web Design 309

Web Design 309 is Illinois’ perfect choice for business website design. Their focus is increasing website traffic, and thus business for your business, with a personal touch. At Web Design 309, you get big business attitude with a boutique feel. They are headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, but have multiple offices around the country, Web Design 309 promises to “meet you where you are” to lessen the stress in the website design process.

Web Design 309 Peoria ILOther than website design services, Web Design 309 offers a multitude of other services. They specialize in eCommerce Development, Google Adwords Services, Search Engine Optimization and Mobile Applications.

Every website design by Web Design 309 is custom made just for your business. They do not believe in cookie cutter templates for any website. But web services is not all that Web Design 309 offers. It can also provide for you proven marketing strategies to drive more business to your business.

If you are looking for a suave website design with the best SEO, all while being user friendly, while offering the best in marketing strategies, then Web Design 309 is the choice for you!


Cybernautic Design

Cybernautic Design is kind of the middle of the road of the aforementioned for website design companies. The main focus of business for Cybernautic Design is small to medium sized businesses; however, they do work in coordination with large corporations providing website design, hosting and maintenance services.
Cybernautic Design Web Peoria IL

The CEO of this company, Chad Parker, began this business at age 17, in 1998, in his parents’ basement with a single PC in Bloomington, Illinois. As the company grew, Mr. Parker added employees and moved the company out of his parents’ basement to downtown Bloomington. He continued to add multiple locations throughout Illinois and one in the Philippines to offer around the clock service to his customers.

Mr. Parker’s amazing Board members have the talent and experience to lead your business, big or small, in the direction you see fit. Cybernautic Design has a multitude of services available to get the job done right the first time.

Outside of custom website design, the Peoria company offer the following services: search engine optimization, internet marketing, social media and website promotion strategies, data management and web apps, mobile websites and mobile apps, and web video.

Of the services provided, Cybernautic Design is on the forefront of technology advancement with data management, web apps, mobile websites and apps. We all know that society is more so than ever constantly on the go. Your new website design should be as well. Cybernautic Design allows for your customers to view your website and interact with your company through mobile websites and mobile apps. By offering data management services and web apps, this allows for businesses with constantly changing inventory, such as real estate to stay up to date in the cyber world.

Cybernautic Design believes that attention to detail and appropriate delegation of duties is crucial to a well run web marketing program. For your project you will have separate people working on separate parts of your project. The creative staff will take care of the design work. You will have a programming team to take care of the code. Your marketing and search engine specialist will take care of the SEO.

Your website design will truly be custom fit just for your business in every dimension. With this customized web design protocol, Cybernautic Design guarantees results with a one on one feel. They prefer to call themselves a full service web studio, not a website design company. They believe that anyone can put up a cookie cutter website, but it takes a team to get results.

All of this may sound too good to be true, especially when you find out that their prices are affordable as well. They offer free consultations. Contact them today to begin your new project in website design!



As you can see, there are different ways to attack the website design issue for your personal or business website. You have now been given many options. Please take time to adequately analyze, for yourself, all companies in which you may be interested. Spending time upfront to do so will save you loads of time on the backend, not to mention the financial savings as well. As the old adage says, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


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