Sunday, March 30, 2014

Why Opt for Natural Wooden Toys for Kids?

Although wooden toys for kids are often seen as overly simple and mundane, natural wooden toys can actually help boost your kids overall learning and development. These natural wooden toys are relatively cheap as the plastic toys and promises incredibly amazing health benefits.

Wooden toys for kids work wonders to stimulate the child’s creativity skills, enhances memory power, boosts imaginative abilities and develops overall cognitive potential. In this article, we describe the various types of wooden toys and how each contributes to the development and growth of intelligent youngsters.

Wooden Puzzles

These wooden brain teasers help kids to strengthen and cultivate mental competency and dexterity. They are impressive learning tools that come in myriad of forms and shapes. These captivating wooden puzzles are incredibly diverse and suit kids of different age groups.

These wooden toys for kids are simple yet absolutely natural in their form. It is the simplicity of these toys that invokes creative and inventive play. The simplicity of these natural toys ultimately fascinates kids and engages them in deeper levels of understanding, memory and learning.

Wooden Toys and Figurines

Figurines are yet another variety of wooden toys that helps to stimulate creative development in kids. For example the wooden castle sets helps kids to unleash their innovative skills. Hazelnut Kids offer a truly unique collection of figures like the dragons, horseback knights and members of the royalty. Besides these they also offer an incredible assortment of wooden toys for kids. Besides these you can also explore a variety of other wooden toys available for kids of all age groups.

Miniature Wooden Dollhouses

These kids wooden toys are specially designed to incite the creativity and imaginative skills for girls. They are also available in a multitude of styles, sizes and themes assuring an extensive collection for different interests and age groups.

Among them, the plan toys wooden green dollhouse is an awe-inspiring interactive dollhouse that is designed for both girls and boys over three years of age. Though these toys are available in you can show your support for small businesses that deal exclusively with organic and natural wooden toys for kids, like Hazelnut Kids. Hazelnut Kids offers a huge selection of wooden toys for kids and young children of varying ages. They offer reputable and dependable online store that deals with plentiful of wooden toys, including the plan toys wooden green dollhouse.

Wooden Building Blocks

These are not just meant for boys but suits kids of diversified age groups as well. Contrary to plastic and cardboard toys, wooden toys for kids give a warm and natural feeling. They are also available in a wide array of impressive options to choose from.

The most commonly designed wooden blocks are the building and construction associated ones. Their collection includes block sets of cities, buildings and Jinga-like blocks to inculcate maximum artistic control in kids. There are many options available that carry with them a host of amazing benefits.

If you are planning to buy natural, wooden toys for your kids visit the Hazelnut Kids website and you will be amazed to discover a large collection of organic, natural toys designed and created exclusively by them. You are sure to find the one that perfectly fits your child’s age, taste and preference.

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  1. Wooden toys are adept at engaging children in play and helping them to develop long-term problem solving skills which they will continue to use throughout their life. In addition, wooden toys create a calming, peaceful atmosphere compared with noisy, battery-operated toys.